[docs] Change in CgiTag made by Jack Cushman

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Tue Sep 30 12:26:40 EDT 2003

You can visit the live page at this URL:

--- tmp/gHqZLm2F:	Tue Sep 30 11:26:40 2003
+++ tmp/gHqZLm2F:	Tue Sep 30 11:26:40 2003
@@ -103,3 +103,4 @@
 Any '<' characters will normally be converted into '&lt;' for safety
 reasons. This conversion can be disabled using 'enable_html=1'.
+User note: IC will throw an error if you submit a CGI key without a value, ie index.html?page1 instead of index.html?page=page1. If you want to use the first style, which perl CGI supports, set TolerateGet to Yes (read up on its other effects first). The value comes through as $CGI->{page1} = undef. Since this feature is undocumented, I don't know if it can be relied on to stick around in future versions.

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