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User:      docelic
Date:      2004-12-24 19:02:51 GMT
Added:     refs     SocketFile
Added:     pending  procmv.pl mvs
- documented SocketFile

- prepared a list of mv_ variables, and a script that breaks it down into
  individual files in refs/*. But bin/stattree doesn't recognize mv_
  variables yet, so this goes in pending/ for now.

Revision  Changes    Path
1.1                  xmldocs/refs/SocketFile

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: SocketFile
__NAME__ purpose
name of the Unix socket file

__NAME__ see also

__NAME__ synopsis
<group choice='req'>
	<arg choice='plain'>filename</arg>

__NAME__ description
The directive specified the filename which &IC; should create to enable
Unix-domain socket communication. The filename must, of course, be writable
by the Interchange daemon.

__NAME__ notes
You would use &conf-SocketFile; in combination with the 
<literal>vlink</literal> &glos-link-program;.

__NAME__ example: Setting SocketFile
SocketFile /var/run/interchange/interchange.sock

1.1                  xmldocs/pending/procmv.pl

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: procmv.pl

use warnings;
use strict;

# Hacked to convert list of mv_ vars and descriptions into files for xmldocs

my @tmpl = <DATA>;
my %argtype = (
	A => " (All)",
	S => " (Search)",
	O => " (Order)",
	C => "",
	XA => " (Causes execution, All)",
	OS => " (Order, Search)",


while (<>) {
	@_ = split /\|/;
	@_ == 4 or die "NOT 4\n";

	$_[4] = lc $_[3];
	$_[5] = $argtype{$_[2]};
	$_[6] = lc $argtype{$_[2]};

	print "IN $_[0]\n";
	( my $txt = join "", @tmpl ) =~ s/(\$_\[\d\])/$1/gee;

	open OUT, "> $_[0].mv" or die "Cant open $_[1] ($!)\n";
	print OUT $txt;
	close OUT;


__NAME__ purpose

__NAME__ variable type

__NAME__ synopsis
<group choice='opt'>
	<arg choice='plain'></arg>

__NAME__ description

1.1                  xmldocs/pending/mvs

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: mvs
mv_all_chars|ac|S|Turns on punctuation matching
mv_arg||A|Parameters for mv_subroutine (mv_arg0,mv_arg1,...)
mv_base_directory|bd|S|Sets base directory for search file names
mv_begin_string|bs|S|Pattern must match beginning of field
mv_case|cs|S|Turns on case sensitivity
mv_cartname||O|Sets the shopping cart name
mv_check||A|Any form, sets multiple user variables after update
mv_click||A|Any form, sets multiple form variables before update
mv_click||XA|Default mv_click routine, click is mv_click_arg
mv_click||XA|Routine for a click I<name>, sends click as arg
mv_click_arg||XA|Argument name in scratch space
mv_coordinate|co|S|Enables field/spec matching coordination
mv_column_op|op|S|Operation for coordinated search
mv_credit_card||O|Discussed in order security (some are read-only)
mv_dict_end|de|S|Upper bound for binary search
mv_dict_fold|df|S|Non-case sensitive binary search
mv_dict_limit|di|S|Sets upper bound based on character position
mv_dict_look|dl|S|Search specification for binary search
mv_dict_order|do|S|Sets dictionary order mode
mv_doit||A|Sets default action
mv_email||O|Reply-to address for orders
mv_exact_match|em|S|Sets word-matching mode
mv_failpage|fp|OS|Sets page to display on failed order check/search
mv_field_file|ff|S|Sets file to find field names for Glimpse
mv_field_names|fn|S|Sets field names for search, starting at 1
mv_first_match|fm|S|Start displaying search at specified match
mv_head_skip|hs|S|Sets skipping of header line(s) in index
mv_index_delim|id|S|Delimiter for search fields (TAB default)
mv_matchlimit|ml|S|Sets match page size
mv_max_matches|mm|S|Sets maximum match return
mv_min_string|ms|S|Sets minimum search spec size
mv_negate|ne|S|Records NOT matching will be found
mv_nextpage|np|A|Sets next page user will go to
mv_numeric|nu|S|Comparison numeric in coordinated search
mv_order_group||O|Allows grouping of master item/sub item
mv_order_item||O|Causes the order of an item
mv_order_number||O|Order number of the last order (read-only)
mv_order_quantity||O|Sets the quantity of an ordered item
mv_order_profile||O|Selects the order check profile
mv_order_receipt||O|Sets the receipt displayed
mv_order_report||O|Sets the order report sent
mv_order_subject||O|Sets the subject line of order email
mv_orsearch|os|S|Selects AND/OR of search words
mv_profile|mp|S|Selects search profile
mv_record_delim|dr|S|Search index record delimiter
mv_return_all|ra|S|Return all lines found (subject to range search)
mv_return_delim|rd|S|Return record delimiter
mv_return_fields|rf|S|Fields to return on a search
mv_return_file_name|rn|S|Set return of file name for searches
mv_return_spec|rs|S|Return the search string as the only result
mv_save_session||C|Set to non-zero to prevent expiration of user session
mv_search_field|sf|S|Sets the fields to be searched
mv_search_file|fi|S|Sets the file(s) to be searched
mv_search_line_return|lr|S|Each line is a return code (loop search)
mv_search_match_count||S|Returns the number of matches found (read-only)
mv_search_page|sp|S|Sets the page for search display
mv_searchspec|se|S|Search specification
mv_searchtype|st|S|Sets search type (text, glimpse, db or sql)
mv_separate_items||O|Sets separate order lines (one per item ordered)
mv_session_id|id|A|Suggests user session id (overridden by cookie)
mv_shipmode||O|Sets shipping mode for custom shipping
mv_sort_field|tf|S|Field(s) to sort on
mv_sort_option|to|S|Options for sort
mv_spelling_errors|er|S|Number of spelling errors for Glimpse
mv_substring_match|su|S|Turns off word-matching mode
mv_successpage||O|Page to display on successful order check
mv_todo||A|Common to all forms, sets form action
mv_todo.map||A|Contains form imagemap
mv_todo.checkout.x||O|Causes checkout action on click of image
mv_todo.return.x||O|Causes return action on click of image
mv_todo.submit.x||O|Causes submit action on click of image
mv_todo.x||A|Set by form imagemap
mv_todo.y||A|Set by form imagemap
mv_unique|un|S|Return unique search results only
mv_value|va|S|Sets value on one-click search (va=var=value)

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