[docs] xmldocs - racke modified Makefile

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Thu Nov 4 07:08:13 EST 2004

> > The tail was there to strip out <?xml ...> or something from the top of
> > the file.
> In that case tail is the wrong tool. You should've used sed/grep/perl for
> that.

I wanted to discard first line, and tail +2 did just that.
See it for yourself:

cat /etc/syslog.conf | head
cat /etc/syslog.conf | tail +2 | head

> Now I'll fix your Config.pm breakage.

My bad :( I thought it was straightforward. I'll try seeing how
to *really* make it work ;-)

P.S. Please comment on that mail I sent you to racke-at-linuxia;
just give me the direction I should look in.

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