[docs] Page serving process

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Mon Nov 22 17:25:54 EST 2004

> Please, I need someone's 5 minutes to write relatively short
> description of what really happens in the process of serving a page.
> The general procedure should be precise and detailed where important
> (such as when explaining parse order).

Ah, more info on this one.

For extra bonus, in a separate list please also describe what happens at
IC startup, before catalogs are being served.

Some of this was also written in
http://www.icdevgroup.org/interchange-doc-5.2.0/icprogrammer.html .

See if you can reuse any of that text, but please re-read it to verify
correctness and fill with more details.

This will also help *me* learn something more, so please do take 
your time.

On a relatively offside note,
almost 2 years ago I played with an external IC tracer:

It's pretty interesting, I will get back to it one day, make it more decent
and maybe add some interesting info from it to your text.

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