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Date:      2005-04-22 11:37:04 GMT
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Little fixes, more examples

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Index: example2

Auto-wrapping pages in templates, deciding about a template depending on page path

In this real-life example, we want to automatically attach header and 
footer to every served page. We also have four different templates, and
want to include them depending on the path of the page being served.

Pragma  init_page=wrap_page
Sub <<EOS
sub wrap_page {
  my $pref = shift;
  my $tmpl;

  if ( $Session->{last_url} =~ m#^/www(/|$)# ) {
    $tmpl = "www"
  } elsif ( $Session->{last_url} =~ m#^/plus(/|$)# ) {
    $tmpl = "plus"
  } elsif ( $Session->{last_url} =~ m#^/hp(/|$)# ) {
    $tmpl = "hp"
  } elsif ( $Session->{last_url} =~ m#^/adm(/|$)# ) {
    $tmpl = "adm"

  $Scratch->{subsite} = $tmpl || $Scratch->{subsite} || "plus";

  $$pref = "[include templates/$Scratch->{subsite}-top]" .
    $$pref .
    "[include templates/$Scratch->{subsite}-bottom]";

Note that we explicitly check for supported template types 
(<literal>www</literal>, <literal>plus</literal>, <literal>hp</literal>
or <literal>adm</literal>) to minimize the chance of abuse.
Invalid or unmatched templates default to the previously used template, or
<literal>plus</literal> as a bottom line and
the files <filename>templates/plus-top</filename> and 
<filename>templates/plus-bottom</filename> are included then.
You might wonder in what cases would the code fail to match the template?
Well, obviously, users could simply try to access non-existent pages. 
The other common issue are &glos-form-action;s such as 
<literal>/scan</literal> or <literal>/process</literal>.

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