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Thu Feb 17 18:36:59 EST 2005

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Subject:   xmldocs - docelic modified 191 files
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Received:  Thu Feb 17 18:26:03 2005

User:      docelic
Date:      2005-02-17 23:25:53 GMT
Added:     refs     accessories.tag accounting.tag add-gpg-key.tag
Added:              assign.tag assume-identity.tag attr-list.tag
Added:              auto-wizard.tag available_www_shipping.tag
Added:              backup-database.tag backup-file.tag base-url.tag
Added:              breadcrumbs.tag calcn.tag catch.tag charge.tag
Added:              check-upload.tag checked.tag component.tag
Added:              content-editor.tag content-info.tag
Added:              content-modify.tag control-set.tag control.tag
Added:              convert-date.tag counter.tag cp.tag currency.tag
Added:              data.tag db-date.tag db-hash.tag db_columns.tag
Added:              dbinfo.tag debug.tag default.tag deliver.tag
Added:              description.tag diff.tag diffmerge.tag
Added:              directive_value.tag display.tag dump.tag
Added:              dump_session.tag e.tag either.tag error.tag
Added:              export-database.tag export.tag fcounter.tag
Added:              fedex-query.tag field.tag field_label.tag
Added:              file-info.tag file-navigator.tag file.tag
Added:              filter.tag filters.tag flag.tag flex-select.tag
Added:              fly-list.tag fly-tax.tag forum-userlink.tag
Added:              forum.tag get-gpg-keys.tag global-value.tag
Added:              grep-mm.tag handling.tag harness.tag html-table.tag
Added:              if-key-exists.tag if-mm.tag if-sql.tag ifdef.tag
Added:              ifndef.tag image-collate.tag import.tag
Added:              import_fields.tag include.tag index.tag
Added:              input-filter.tag item-list.tag jsquote.tag l.tag
Added:              levies.tag levy-list.tag list-databases.tag
Added:              list-keys.tag list_glob.tag list_pages.tag loc.tag
Added:              log.tag loop.tag mail.tag menu-load.tag menu.tag
Added:              meta-info.tag meta-record.tag mm-value.tag msg.tag
Added:              mvasp.tag newer.tag nitems.tag onfly.tag
Added:              options.tag order.tag output-to.tag page-meta.tag
Added:              page.tag parse_locale.tag pay-cert-redeem.tag
Added:              pay-cert.tag price.tag process.tag profile.tag
Added:              query.tag quick_table.tag read-cookie.tag
Added:              read-shipping.tag read-ui-page.tag
Added:              read-ui-template.tag read_serial.tag
Added:              reconfig-time.tag reconfig-wait.tag reconfig.tag
Added:              record.tag regenerate.tag region.tag
Added:              report-table.tag return_to.tag rotate-table.tag
Added:              rotate_file.tag row-edit.tag row.tag
Added:              run-profile.tag salestax.tag scratch.tag
Added:              scratchd.tag search-region.tag selected.tag
Added:              send-help.tag set-alias.tag set-click.tag
Added:              set-cookie.tag set.tag seti.tag setlocale.tag
Added:              setvar.tag shipping-desc.tag shipping.tag soap.tag
Added:              soap_entity.tag sql.tag strip.tag su.tag
Added:              substitute.tag substitute_file.tag subtotal.tag
Added:              summary.tag tabbed-display.tag table-editor.tag
Added:              table-organize.tag tag.tag time.tag timed-build.tag
Added:              title-bar.tag tmp.tag tmpn.tag total-cost.tag
Added:              traffic-report.tag tree.tag try.tag
Added:              uc-attr-list.tag uneval.tag unlink_file.tag
Added:              unpack.tag update-order-status.tag update.tag
Added:              ups-query.tag userdb.tag usertrack.tag
Added:              usps-query.tag value-extended.tag value.tag
Added:              version.tag warnings.tag weight.tag widget-meta.tag
Added:              widget.tag with.tag write-relative-file.tag
Added:              write-shipping.tag xfer-catalog.tag
Create the placeholders for almost all of the missing tag documentation

The "placeholder" files do actually have some content, namely the
stuff from the "synopsis" section that I generated using some clever
scripts (bin/findtagopts)!

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