[docs] Correction needed for docs on [query]

Ethan Rowe ethan at endpoint.com
Fri Oct 21 09:03:36 EDT 2005


The information here on list-prefix is somewhat misleading.  The 
list-prefix can be used with the [on-match], [no-match], [more] subtags, 
and is not simply restricted to replacing the [list]...[/list] tokens.  
When nesting queries, loops, etc., use of the list prefix is in fact the 
only reliable way to get these things interpolated in the proper 
context.  The copy should probably explain this, and the example should 
probably illustrate it as well.

I would go in and make the corrections myself, but am rather pressed for 
time at the moment and still haven't learned the docbook format.  If 
this correction doesn't get in anytime soon, however, I'll be happy to 
make it my first direct offering when things calm down a bit. :)

- Ethan

Ethan Rowe
End Point Corporation
ethan at endpoint.com

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