[docs] Correction needed for docs on [query]

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Oct 21 12:25:35 EDT 2005

Brian J. Miller [brian at endpoint.com] wrote:
> http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/docs/frames/ictags_91.html
> Section
> The information here on list-prefix is somewhat misleading.  The
> list-prefix can be used with the [on-match], [no-match], [more] subtags,
> and is not simply restricted to replacing the [list]...[/list] tokens.
> When nesting queries, loops, etc., use of the list prefix is in fact the
> only reliable way to get these things interpolated in the proper
> context.  The copy should probably explain this, and the example should
> probably illustrate it as well.
> I would go in and make the corrections myself, but am rather pressed for
> time at the moment and still haven't learned the docbook format.  If
> this correction doesn't get in anytime soon, however, I'll be happy to
> make it my first direct offering when things calm down a bit. :)
The docs on the page you quoted are not generated from the DocBook
XML source;  They are generated from SDF.

The suitation might change in the future but, at the moment, I find
that the DocBook xmldocs are good if you want to see some snippets
of Perl, but the SDF docs are good (mostly) if you want to see some
text.  Presumably the SDF text will be converted into DocBook format
at some point.  I don't know anything about DocBook, otherwise I'd have
gone in there and done it myself by now.  I'll just have to learn, and/or
download some sort of DocBook editor application.

As for the [PREFIX-on-match] etc., you're right.  I believe that the
functionality was introduced in 4.9/5.0, but the docs haven't kept pace
with developments.  I'll update them after the weekend, unless someone
gets in there first.

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