[interchange-docs] XSL stylesheets 1.69.1

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Wed Mar 29 16:47:47 EST 2006


As you might know, there's a Debian package for XSL stylesheets 1.68.1, so
that's what we have been using to generate xmldocs.
(stylesheets are written in XSL language and are what transforms xml to
an output format, such as pdf or html).

However, version 1.69.1 is out (for some time), and also there are *extremely*
convenient XSL snapshot packages available for download which work out of the
box and let you use 1.69.1.

We will switch to 1.69.1 soon, because I've just tried it and it works
really nice.

Apart from being generally better, 1.69.1 should have drastically better
manpage support, which is also what we've been waiting for.

If someone is building docs at home, the 1.69.1 snapshot procedure is simply:

  cd xmldocs/
  wget http://docbook.sourceforge.net/snapshot/docbook-xsl-snapshot.zip
  unzip docbook-xsl-snapshot.zip
  cd docbook-xsl-snapshot
  install.sh   (kind of just prints a line to update shell environment)
  cd ..

After that, you can build using 1.69.1 with no changes whatsoever.

To undo the whole thing, run ./uninstall.sh

Have fun!

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