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docs at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> User:      racke
> Date:      2007-12-19 15:52:53 GMT
> Modified:  refs     assign.tag
> Log:
> overrides is a more appropriate term for the task of assigns
> consolidated rounding remarks to subsection of description
> +</para>
> +<refsect2>
> +<title>Rounding</title>
> +<para>
> +Overrides for &tag-shipping; and &tag-handling; are rounded to &glos-locale;-specific
> +number of fractional digits. Overrides for &tag-subtotal; and &tag-salestax; are 
> +used verbatim.
> +</para>
> +</refsect2>
> +<para>
The original text about rounding was incorrect, and the new consolodated
version is also incorrect.

The [assign] tag doesn't round values at all;  It's left up to the
display tags ([subtotal] and [shipping] etc.) to handle things like
rounding and currency formatting.

Next... "You cannot directly assign a "total cost" amount — it will
always be the sum of all assignment keys."  It will not always be so.
if there is no assignment then a calculated value will be used.
The above statement makes it sound as if it is mandatory that you
assign a value to all "assignment keys" or risk not obtaining a complete
total cost.

Next... "This tag does not appear to be affected by, or affect, the
rest of Interchange."  I consider that statement to be false, given
that this tag allows the value of other tags to be effectively
hard-coded for the duration of a session.

Note: Also raised as bug #149.

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