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Date:      2008-04-28 16:59:34 GMT
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* OC 'natural' docs

Revision  Changes    Path
1.1                  xmldocs/refs/natural.ordercheck

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: natural.ordercheck
__NAME__ purpose
number is a natural number

__NAME__ see also

__NAME__ description
Verification of the form field value succeeds if
the passed value is a natural number, greater than zero.

__NAME__ notes
Up to ⁣ 5.5.2, there was a problem in implementation of this
&glos-order-check; which allowed negative values and zero to 
pass as valid.

__NAME__ example: Natural number check

__NAME__ example: Natural number check, displaying a custom error message
FORM_FIELD_NAME=__FILENAME__ "Number is not a natural number"

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