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Index: SalesTax
__NAME__ purpose
specifies sales tax calculation mode

__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>value</replaceable></arg>

__NAME__ description
This directive configures sales &glos-tax; calculation.
The <replaceable>value</replaceable> can be one of three types:
<tgroup cols="2">
<entry>Enables table-based lookup of tax rates, based upon the value of form values, by default the values used are country and state.</entry>
<row><entry>ITL</entry><entry>If the <replaceable>value</replaceable>
contains a square bracket, it is interpolated as &glos-ITL;. The result is
used as the amount of the salestax.
This could be useful if you want to use a custom UserTag for sales tax
<row><entry><replaceable>name1, name2,
...</replaceable></entry><entry>A comma-separated list of form values in
priority order. Enables look up of the tax rate "salestax.asc" file.</entry></row>

__NAME__ example
SalesTax zip,state

__NAME__ see also

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