[interchange-docs] RobotLimit and Temporary Sessions

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Sat Sep 6 08:39:13 UTC 2008

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (racke at linuxia.de):
>> Hello,
>> I noticed an interesting problem while researching an issue reported by 
>> Peter with lockout subs.
>> The RobotLimit stuff doesn't appear to apply to temporary sessions.
>> While this is OK for well-behaved robots, it can easily be exploited
>> by bad robots pretending with their UserAgent string to be one of
>> the good guys (or just matching by chance).
>> So my suggestion is to:
>> * check count_ip for temporary sessions as well
>> * document this surprising "feature"
> The worry about robots has always been session proliferatio and the
> corresponding drag on I/O.
> I don't think anyone has ever thought that IC had a strong defense
> against overuntilization, but a couple of rudimentary features that
> stopped the stupidest of the poorly-mannered robots would be reasonable.


That's fair enough, but should be still documented.


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