[interchange-docs] [rt.icdevgroup.org #275] Return value for ActionMaps

Ethan Rowe via RT docs at rt.icdevgroup.org
Thu Jul 16 02:22:11 UTC 2009

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On Tue Jun 02 14:16:47 2009, racke wrote:
> It should be clearly stated that a true return value is normally needed
> in ActionMap's. Otherwise users get an ISE without log entry.

There's actually a range of behaviors to consider here:

1. $Vend::RedoAction can be set to true by your actionmap sub, in which case the actionmap portion will be parsed again based on the catalog-relative path in $Vend::FinalPath

2. If you want your actionmap to then be followed by standard page processing, yes, it needs to return a Perly true value

3. If you want your actionmap to generate the response itself directly, and *not* do standard page processing, your actionmap should return Perly false so that do_page will not be called.

- Ethan

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