[interchange-bugs] [rt.icdevgroup.org #297] [Comment] removing MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE / MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TABLE ?

Mike Heins via RT interchange-comment at rt.icdevgroup.org
Wed Jul 15 19:45:27 UTC 2009

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On Sun Jul 12 08:49:17 2009, thunder wrote:
> Adding additional tables to search on using the catalog config
> directive ProductFiles does initially appear to not work:
> ProductFiles products products2
> However this is caused by the following lines found in
> interchangd/catalog_before.cgi:
> ## Deprecated, could be removed in IC 5.2 (line added in 2003)
> Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE  products
> Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TABLE products
> * In what way are these Variables deprecated?
> * Should code making use of these Variables be removed from:
> Vend/Config.pm
> Vend/DbSearch.pm
> Vend/Glimpse.pm
> Vend/Scan.pm
> Vend/TextSearch.pm
> Peter suggested on IRC that we could look at removing these variables
> from the tree and add to the upgrade document to suggest the
> alternative settings (such as adding to the directive ProductFiles )
> ...

We can certainly remove them from the demo. With regard to using ProductFiles as a way to set searching, think a little bit. That changes ordering behavior, and it isn't appropriate to think of things that way.

I see no reason to remove the variable from the core unless we are going to a new version of Interchange that is going to remove all the MV_* variables.

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