[interchange-cvs] CVS notice: activity by heins

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Wed, 11 Apr 2001 00:42 -0500

CVS activity by user 'heins':
interchange/lib/Vend/Payment Skipjack.pm,NONE, iTransact.pm,,
Update of /anon_cvs/repository/interchange/lib/Vend/Payment
In directory www.akopia.com:/tmp/cvs-serv19202/Payment

Modified Files:
      Tag: DEV_4_7_0
Added Files:
      Tag: DEV_4_7_0
Log Message:

  * Add Skipjack to supported payment stuff. They have recurring
    charges!!!! Still to add, CVV2 support and AVS munging, but
	looking pretty good.

  * Minor doc cleanups on others.