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CVS activity by user 'heins':
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      Tag: DEV_4_7_0
Log Message:

  * Significant changes to Order.pm in the area of order routing,
    while still maintaining backward compatibility. (Able to submit
    and monitor order on old construct, simple, and basic with no

  * Routes can be dynamically read from database if master order
    route is set dynamic_routes=1.

  * Routes always interpret __VARIABLE__ from database.

  * Routes can interpret ITL from the database if master order
    route is set expandable=1.

  * If no order route is given from checkout form (always a
    security pitfall anyway) then the default route is read. If you
    want to run more routes from that master route, place in the
    cascade parameter. Can still be set in mv_order_route, but
	the demo now has "FormIgnore mv_order_route".

  * Extended field allows you to stringify a has and set many, many
    parameters. We were running out of column space, and payment
    routes add many settings. This concept will soon be used in

  * Small online-check changes in Signio.

  * Fix failure to test record_exists in tag_data( $table, undef,
    $key, { hash => 1 });