[interchange-cvs] CVS notice: activity by heins

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Sat, 14 Apr 2001 04:26 -0500

CVS activity by user 'heins':
interchange/lib/Vend/Table Common.pm,, DBI.pm,, DB_File.pm,, GDBM.pm,, InMemory.pm,, LDAP.pm,, SDBM.pm,,
Update of /anon_cvs/repository/interchange/lib/Vend/Table
In directory www.akopia.com:/tmp/cvs-serv16458/Table

Modified Files:
      Tag: DEV_4_7_0
	Common.pm DBI.pm DB_File.pm GDBM.pm InMemory.pm LDAP.pm 
Log Message:
  * Improve autonumbering support to automatically use sequences or
    autonumber field types. So now you can do:

	Database addr addr.txt dbi:Pg
	Database addr AUTO_SEQUENCE 1
	Database addr COLUMN_DEF    "code=int SERIAL PRIMARY KEY"
	Database addr COLUMN_DEF    "val=varchar(128)"

	and it will pick up the sequence at an insert. It makes calls to
	the known_capability, and does the last_value or last_sequence_id()
	call as appropriate to return the key value.

  * Tested with Postgres and Mysql. Should work for Oracle when the
	template is set -- we should provide some examples for selecting
	from the "dual" table.

  * Fix Vend::Interplate typo found by Bill Dawkins.