[interchange-cvs] CVS notice: activity by heins

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Mon, 5 Feb 2001 07:19 -0600

CVS activity by user 'heins':
interchange/lib/Vend Config.pm,,
Update of /anon_cvs/repository/interchange/lib/Vend
In directory www.akopia.com:/tmp/cvs-serv27777

Modified Files:
      Tag: DEV_4_7_0
Log Message:

  * Moved AdminSub from Global to non-global.

  * Tolerate GlobalSub name either before or after sub call.

  * Dump Source for GlobalSub.

  * Configurable ConfDir, no longer hardcoded to etc/. Should we
    rename this to RunDir? Maybe. I think we ought to look hard at
    changing the way we do global rundir, too -- it would be nice
    to not have to have *any* writable files in Interchange root.