[interchange-cvs] Important CVS repository notice

Jon Jensen interchange-cvs@lists.akopia.com
Wed Jul 18 09:57:00 2001

Anyone who is not tracking Interchange development in CVS can safely
ignore this message.

Tonight we switched the stable and development branches of Interchange in
our CVS repository. The development work will now take place on the trunk,
and stable versions of Interchange will branch off as needed.

In brief, this means that those following development on the 4.7.x series
(using the -r DEV_4_7_0 option) should now convert their working copies
like this:

cvs up -Pd -A

The -A option removes all sticky tags and makes the working copy
equivalent to when one does a clean checkout of the main trunk:

cvs co -P interchange

Those who were tracking the stable 4.6.x series, should now convert their
working copies like this:

cvs up -Pd -r STABLE_4_6-branch

Or check out a new working copy similarly:

cvs co -P -r STABLE_4_6-branch interchange

This change should result in a much more natural trunk/branch
relationship, make merges and stable release management easier, and
simplify checkouts for the majority of users who are tracking the
development branch.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with this change.