[interchange-cvs] interchange - jon modified code/SystemTag/form_session_id.coretag

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Sat Apr 23 11:47:20 EDT 2005

User:      jon
Date:      2005-04-23 15:47:20 GMT
Added:     code/SystemTag form_session_id.coretag
Add [form-session-id] tag. Can be used in forms to replace:

    <input type="hidden" name="mv_session_id" value="[data session id]">



The difference is that nothing will be output if the user has a session
cookie and $Session->{mv_no_session_id} is set.

Revision  Changes    Path
1.1                  interchange/code/SystemTag/form_session_id.coretag

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: form_session_id.coretag
# Copyright 2005 Interchange Development Group (http://www.icdevgroup.org/)
# Licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See file LICENSE for details.
# $Id: form_session_id.coretag,v 1.1 2005/04/23 15:47:20 jon Exp $

UserTag form-session-id Routine <<EOR
sub {
	return if $Vend::Cookie and $::Scratch->{mv_no_session_id};
	return qq{<input type="hidden" name="mv_session_id" value="$Vend::SessionID"$Vend::Xtrailer>};

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