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User:      jon
Date:      2005-12-24 00:04:08 GMT
Modified:  .        Tag: STABLE_5_4-branch README.rpm-dist
Update versions in RPM doc, though it's neglected at the moment ...

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Index: README.rpm-dist
RCS file: /var/cvs/interchange/README.rpm-dist,v
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retrieving revision
diff -u -u -r1.7.2.1 -r1.7.2.2
--- README.rpm-dist	13 Dec 2005 15:39:20 -0000
+++ README.rpm-dist	24 Dec 2005 00:04:08 -0000
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
 Sessions and temporary files: /var/cache/interchange.
-Documentation: /usr/share/doc/interchange-5.3.3.
+Documentation: /usr/share/doc/interchange-5.4.0.
 On a dedicated production server, it is wise to segregate as many of these
 directories as possible onto their own partitions, to prevent problems if
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
 install them yourself. It's best to locate RPMs for each of the needed
 Perl modules and install them. To get a complete list of dependencies, do:
-rpm -qp --requires interchange-5.3.3-1.i386.rpm
+rpm -qp --requires interchange-5.4.0-1.i386.rpm
 Note that some of the dependencies are not actually necessary. For example,
 the Cybercash modules (CCMck*) are only needed if you use the Cybercash
@@ -82,14 +82,14 @@
-rpm -Uvh interchange-5.3.3-1.i386.rpm
-rpm -Uvh interchange-standard-5.3.3-1.i386.rpm
+rpm -Uvh interchange-5.4.0-1.i386.rpm
+rpm -Uvh interchange-standard-5.4.0-1.i386.rpm
 Your version of RPM may correctly recognize Perl modules even if they
 were not installed via RPM. But it may not. If not, you'll need to install
 the main interchange package without dependency checking:
-rpm -Uvh --nodeps interchange-5.3.3-1.i386.rpm
+rpm -Uvh --nodeps interchange-5.4.0-1.i386.rpm
@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@
-rpm -Uvh interchange-standard-demo-5.3.3-1.i386.rpm
+rpm -Uvh interchange-standard-demo-5.4.0-1.i386.rpm

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