[interchange-cvs] interchange - heins modified code/UI_Tag/uninstall_feature.tag

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Sun May 22 08:57:10 EDT 2005

User:      heins
Date:      2005-05-22 12:57:10 GMT
Added:     code/UI_Tag uninstall_feature.tag
* Add uninstall convention for Feature.

* Adds one more special extension file in the feature directory,
  *.uninstall. These are ITL files that can perform any uninstall
  functions, and they run with temporary AllowGlobal access to
  allow dropping of tables, unlinking of files, etc.

* Automated uninstall features include removing any files installed
  as a part of the feature -- providing they have not changed. If
  the file was edited and is not identical to the originally installed
  file, then it is left there and a warning issued.

* Creates a file ConfDir/init/<feature>/uninstall file to note the
  uninstall, and which prevents the Init process from happening
  again (assuming Interchange has not been restarted since the
  feature installation).

* The routine is defined in Vend::Config, and called with an
  [uninstall-feature <feature>] tag call.

* WARNING: The catalog user must remove the Feature directive from their
  catalog.cfg *before* running [uninstall-feature FEATURE], otherwise
  the Feature will be re-installed the next time Interchange is

* NOTE: There is a short window where a SQL table, if dropped
  as a part of the uninstall procedure, could be re-instantiated
  based on the existence of the configuration in memory. It
  is recommended that if [uninstall-feature] is called, a
  [reconfig] tag is called shortly thereafter to reduce this
  possiblility to a minimum.

Revision  Changes    Path
1.1                  interchange/code/UI_Tag/uninstall_feature.tag

rev 1.1, prev_rev 1.0
Index: uninstall_feature.tag
UserTag uninstall_feature Order name
UserTag uninstall_feature MapRoutine Vend::Config::uninstall_feature
UserTag uninstall_feature Description <<EOD
This tag uninstalls features which were installed with Feature.

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