[interchange-cvs] interchange - jon modified dist/standard/special_pages/missing.html

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Sat Jun 24 12:07:24 EDT 2006

User:      jon
Date:      2006-06-24 16:07:24 GMT
Modified:  dist/standard/special_pages Tag: STABLE_5_4-branch
Modified:           missing.html
* Fix broken admin 404 error page.
* Remove duplicate, sometimes-bogus MV_PREV_PAGE display.
* Eliminate double-interpolation of page comparison.

(Merged from trunk.)

Revision  Changes    Path
No                   revision

No                   revision +5 -9      interchange/dist/standard/special_pages/missing.html

rev, prev_rev
Index: missing.html
RCS file: /var/cvs/interchange/dist/standard/special_pages/missing.html,v
retrieving revision
retrieving revision
diff -u -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.
--- missing.html	25 Apr 2004 17:07:52 -0000
+++ missing.html	24 Jun 2006 16:07:24 -0000
@@ -1,20 +1,16 @@
-[if type=explicit compare=`q{[subject]} =~ m{^admin/}` ]
-[set ui_failure]<h2>[msg arg.0="[subject]"]Sorry, the page (%s) was not found[/msg]</h2>[/set]
-[include admin/error.html]
+[if type=explicit compare="q{[subject]} =~ m{^admin/}"]
+[seti ui_error]<h2>[msg arg.0="[subject]"]Sorry, the page (%s) was not found[/msg]</h2>[/seti]
+[bounce page=admin/error]
-[tmp page_title]
-[msg arg.0="[subject]"]Sorry, the page (%s) was not found[/msg]
+[tmp page_title][msg arg.0="[subject]"]Sorry, the page (%s) was not found[/msg][/tmp]
-<H1>[scratch page_title]</H1>
+<h1>[scratch page_title]</h1>
-Sorry, the page @@MV_PREV_PAGE@@ was not found.
 [msg arg.0="[subject]" arg.1="[page index]" arg.2="</a>"]The requested page (%s) was not found. You can %sreturn to browsing our catalog%s, if you wish.[/msg]

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