[interchange-cvs] interchange - heins modified extra/HTML/Entities.pm

interchange-cvs at icdevgroup.org interchange-cvs at icdevgroup.org
Mon Jan 21 11:26:07 EST 2008

User:      heins
Date:      2008-01-21 16:26:07 GMT
Removed:   extra/HTML Entities.pm
* HTML::Entities distributed with Interchange is faulty, and should not
  be distributed. We should rely on Bundle::Interchange for this, and in
  fact it is doubtful copies have been used for years.

* Problem was if an older installation had been upgrading since 4.8 or so,
  and this module was originally installed in lib/, the select box compares
  would not work because:

  	$opt->{encoded} = encode($opt->{value}, $ENCODE_CHARS);

  modified $opt->{value}. That should not happen unless encode (encode_entities
  in the module) is called in a void context.

  The older HTML::Entities didn't apparently have that distinction.

* In any case, we should get out of the module distribution business.

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