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User:      jon
Date:      2008-05-13 22:49:28 GMT
Modified:  .        WHATSNEW-5.5
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1.118                interchange/WHATSNEW-5.5

rev 1.118, prev_rev 1.117
Index: WHATSNEW-5.5
RCS file: /var/cvs/interchange/WHATSNEW-5.5,v
retrieving revision 1.117
retrieving revision 1.118
diff -u -u -r1.117 -r1.118
--- WHATSNEW-5.5	13 May 2008 22:33:15 -0000	1.117
+++ WHATSNEW-5.5	13 May 2008 22:49:28 -0000	1.118
@@ -13,7 +13,84 @@
-* Change syntax for option to use custom SQL as a counter.
+* Extended set_slice() to allow control of upsert behavior:
+  Calls to set_slice() have to date been forced to use the upsert model of
+  data manipulation. This can be a highly desirable editing model, but it
+  also has disadvantages, particularly in the context of the 'set' and
+  'autoset' form actions, which imply--but don't enforce--a distinction
+  between insert and update at the data-storage level.
+  The effects on insert can be particularly insidious, where one faces
+  having the assumed behavior on duplicate primary keys thwarted by a
+  surreptitious conversion to a SQL update. In such an instance, instead of
+  existing data being protected by a duplicate primary key error, the
+  extant record is silently replaced by the data from the insert. Detecting
+  this condition, particularly on a large table, is virtually impossible.
+  While the results of an update-to-insert adjustment are more benign, it
+  still presents a nuisance if a strict update is intended. To correct it,
+  one merely needs to delete the newly created, unanticipated row, and such
+  behavior does not destroy existing data.
+  To enforce update or insert, set_slice()'s $key arg can be optionally
+  passed as an array ref, essentially replacing the existing call:
+    set_slice($key, $fary, $vary)
+  with
+    set_slice([$opt, $key], $fary, $vary)
+  where $opt->{dml} is set to the desired value. $opt as a hash ref is
+  used so that any possible future opt-style params can simply be loaded
+  into the existing calling structure.
+  Change details:
+  * Default behavior for set_slice() is 'upsert'. If you do nothing to
+    your code or catalog, the behavior remains unchanged.
+  * $opt->{dml} can be 'insert', 'update', or anything else. If it's
+    anything else, it has no specific behavior currently. It defaults the
+    value 'upsert' just to be somewhat self-documenting and open up the
+    possibility of behaviors based on that value in the future.
+  * Despite the decision to key it off of 'dml', this has no effect on
+    deletes. Deletes have no ambiguous behavior, reflected in the fact that
+    deletes have their own dedicated method.
+  * Change only has core impact when processing requests through
+    Vend::Data::update_data(). However, any direct calls to set_slice() may
+    avail themselves of the new feature simply by overloading the $key arg
+    in the same fashion.
+  * Behavior of Vend::Data::update_data() can be in three modes,
+    controllable by the new 'dml' pragma.
+    + No pragma setting works in historic mode, with upsert behavior.
+    + "Pragma dml=preserve" restricts inserts to insert-only, but allows
+      the fall-through behavior from update to insert. As the name preserve
+      implies, it means no existing data can be clobbered.
+      The advantage to preserve is the easy use of set_slice() as a
+      record-cloning operation. In the table editor, one can clone a
+      record by simply changing the PK. Without this behavior, one must
+      completely re-enter existing data to the new key's name to clone.
+    + "Pragma dml=strict" forces update or insert to only perform the
+      requested action.
+  Removed the option available in some polymorphs of set_slice that allowed
+  key/value pairs to be passed in as a simple array.
+* Fixed bug that caused change of delimiter for all loops on a page.
+* Skip eval in [perl] blocks if there is no code to eval, which speeds up
+  [perl] blocks used only for the side-effect of opening database handles.
+* Changed syntax for option to use custom SQL as a counter.
   This allows something other than a plain database sequence to be used to
   replace counter files, for example to allow character prefixes or suffixes
@@ -28,12 +105,51 @@
   And whatever the custom_counter function returns will be used by Interchange.
+* Made html2text filter also strip <b>, <i>, and <u> start & end tags.
+* Add type_empty parameter to table editor. This allows the selection of a
+  different widget type if the length of the data is zero. Found on the
+  extended page of the meta editor for the field.
+  An example of use would be a "created" field in a table, which is a
+  DATETIME type. If the value of the field is the empty string or NULL,
+  set type_empty to "datetime" to put a date widget in. Make the normal
+  widget type be "value", which allows you to just display the data when
+  the value is already set.
+* Made date widget formatting shorthand apply to time widget as well. User
+  widgets called time* are unaffected if they don't use a non-word character
+  in the callout. Examples:
+  time.ampm    { type => 'time', ampm => 1 }
+  time.blank   { type => 'time', blank => 1 }
+  time.8-23    { type => 'time', start_hour => 8, end_hour => 23 }
+  time.half    { type => 'time', minutes => 'half_hourly' }
+Standard demo
+* Cleaned up spurious meta_header scratch variable set on two pages.
+* Make MySQL do right thing with mod_time by setting to PREFER_NULL and making
+  the widget in the table editor be 'value'.
 * Removed copied CPAN modules in extra/ and associated code. Commonly needed
   CPAN modules are in Bundle::Interchange or Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink.
+* Moved IniConf.pm (used by makecat) into dist/lib. On CPAN it is marked as
+  deprecated, so make sure a copy is available here until we switch to a
+  different module.
 Extra tools
@@ -71,7 +187,7 @@
     -- If set to "yes" or "true" then then return all results in a
        random order (again, previously returned one random result).
     -- If set to a numeric > 0 then return that many random results.
     -- If set to a numeric > the available results then return all
@@ -248,11 +364,11 @@
 * Make explicit the various implicit dependencies between PreFork,
   PreForkSingleFork, and StartServers.
   PreForkSingleFork should only ever affect behavior in conjunction with
   PreFork true, ensuring the prefork code path is entirely controllable by
   the value of PreFork.
   Fixed condition on StartServers where a positive value for that parameter
   when not in PreFork mode spawned a StartServers number of superfluous
   daemons that were never used. Now, StartServers is effectively ignored

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