[interchange-cvs] [interchange] Created tag REL_5_7_4

David Christensen interchange-cvs at icdevgroup.org
Wed Dec 9 23:12:10 UTC 2009

The unsigned tag 'REL_5_7_4' was created.

Tagger: David Christensen <david at endpoint.com>
Date: Wed Dec 9 16:40:47 2009 -0600

    Release Interchange 5.7.4

Changes since the last tag 'REL_5_7_3':

Daniel Browning (2):
      Test new git post-receive hook for sending email.
      Test new git post-receive hook for sending email.

David Christensen (4):
      Remove short-circuit to fully decouple mv_tmp_session and $Vend::Robot
      Make the spider variable in $Vend::Session reflect $Vend::Robot status rather than mv_tmp_session
      Add Vend::CharSet::mime_name for installations which lack proper Encode.pm support
      Update WHATSNEW for 5.7.4 release

Jon Jensen (20):
      Increase version to 5.7.4 and add recent changes
      Remove bogus prefix= specification
      Use calcn where appropriate, and remove some JavaScript debug comments
      Remove use of nonexistent variables for customers & items (RT #321)
      Overhaul syslog support and offer much faster Sys::Syslog mechanism
      Correct log level mapping and bare log level handling (contra facility.level)
      Work around freakish problem with eval + Sys::Syslog
      Remap deprecated syslog levels to modern equivalents
      Add new facility option to SysLog global directive
      Close syslog as late as possible in response cycle
      Change log level 'auth' (which doesn't exist) to 'warning'
      DisplayErrors: Add newline; remove double-log when syslogging catalog errors
      Remove nonfunctional pragma that would break the admin if it did work
      Make [tag pragma name value] work like [pragma name value] does
      Give mv_max_matches (aka mm) some real teeth
      Recognize as a robot LWP::UserAgent in its default configuration
      Add FullUrlIgnorePort directive
      Fix incorrect debugging message
      Add some more user-agents to the robots list
      Minor cleanup of release notes

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (10):
      force raw encoding for file uploads (#268)
      get rid of CVS tag
      eliminated commands with absolute paths in maintainer scripts
      added Spanish translation of Debconf templates
      move parsing of CGI input to Vend::Dispatch::open_cat (#268)
      new changelog entry for upcoming 5.7.4 release
      provide CSS style for mv_contrast class
      check first whether file exists before determing file type
      depend on libdigest-sha1-perl (Debian #557152, RT #332)
      getting ready for 5.7.4 release

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