[ic] New git commit e-mail hook

Daniel Browning db at endpoint.com
Thu Dec 10 09:25:51 UTC 2009

On Sunday 29 November 2009 10:59:57 pm Daniel Browning wrote:
> I finished preparing a replacement for our existing interchange-cvs
> e-mail hook. Before I complete the installation, here is some
> additional information about it.

I completed installation of the new e-mail hook for the interchange-cvs 
mailing list. The subject line has changed. If you filter the e-mails based 
on the subject line, I suggest changing your filter from "[interchange-cvs]" 
to "[interchange". There is no trailing bracket beacuse sometimes the e-mail 
will be "[interchange/STABLE_5_6-branch]". 

That said, I recommend filtering on a different header instead of the 
subject line, so that non-mailing list e-mail (such as replies to the commit 
e-mail) will be filtered correctly. Here are some example headers:

List-Post: <mailto:interchange-cvs at icdevgroup.org>
List-Id: "Log of Interchange Git \(and older CVS\) commits"

Daniel "procmail is your friend" Browning
End Point Corporation

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