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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release Interchange 5.7.2

Alison Smith (16):
      Testing Alison's CVS write access.
      reorg and edit by Alison
      Total rewrite by Alison
      edits by Alison
      edits by Alison
      edits by Alison
      edits by alison
      edits by alison
      no message
      edits by Alison
      edits by Alison
      new help file
      new help page
      new help page
      Blueline by Jim
      brief edits, very brief

Brev Patterson (23):
      On Stock-alert page, only display a thumbnail if it exists.
      Fixed bug #275, found by Barry Flanagan.
      Altered my fix of thumbnail display (based on image availability) on the stock-alert page.
      some more text updates from dadams.  for the preview page.
      The admin user was being created in both the Admin database, and the Customer database.
      Change one of the two United Kingdom listings in the country table
      Fix for Bug 297, create new affiliate button was excluded from it's
      Fix for Bugzilla #313, updating to list of UK County's.
      In the promo component, the thumbnails force was sized to 80.  Fix to a small bug found by Dave Adams.
      Fix for bug #281, see commit notices I just put into 4.8, this is the same.
      Resolution for bug # 319, removed a page that was specific to the now defunct
      Removed mention of "results_either" page from the docs, associated resolution
      Fix for bug #325, logout button now points to logout page.
      A little fix in the stylesheets, so that Netscape 4.X will display
      Adding the category_vert_toggle component, written by Randy Moore and Brendan Crosser.
      Moving CSS varaibles form theme.cfg -> variable.txt
      Finish moving CSS variables from theme.cfg -> variable.txt
      Minor cosmetic changes.
      Fix for bug # 401 - Advanced Search was using a joined search that was not compatible with the results page Buy Now code.  Fixed it.
      minor cosmetics to cart
      Added functionality to the get-url usertag:

Daniel Browning (37):
      Foundation bug fix:  saved_carts.html has a broken delsm.gif image link because of [image] usage within [perl].
      * Fixed: "INTL" showing up without country
      * Updated FedEx URL, reported by Rick Boykin <rick at epitomedesign.com>
      Minor update from last month.
      Entry only needed in stable branch.
      * Quickbooks Extension fixes and enhancements:
      * Fix the quickbooks support recently added.
      * Item name updates (Mike Heins <mike at perusion.com>)
      Quickbooks stuff.
      * [import_fields]: Performance enhancement: use set_slice() to update all
      * Fix 'Quicklinks' URL to point to local catalog.
      * Remove un-sightly spaces from href links.
      * Support for ECHO added. Written, tested, and donated by
      * Docs update: OpenECHO.pm must be downloaded separately.
      Comment out debug statement.
      * Minor correction to *really* enable 'no_count' (per prior commit)
      Apache 2.0.x compatibility fix by Mike Heins.  Fixes the problem described here:
      * Namespacing fix.
      * Fix typo (now works with itl conditionals)
      * Quickbooks updates:
      * Minor data filtering additions
      Succumb to Jon's nit-picking.  :-)
      - Add Card Security Code (AKA CVV2, CVC2, CSC, CID) verification support
      * Quickbooks updates:
      * Fix [query] causes [more] to generate non-unique mv_cache_key.
      * Fix sporadic prefork-safety problem by defining $amount.
      * Add corresponding directive for new ErrorDestination feature Mike added recently.
      * Fix bug that prevented the use of "<filename" to slurp configuration contents
      * Minor Quickbooks docs update, thanks to Curt Hauge <ictech at mnwebdesign.com>
      * [Fixed] Error type unspecified in one logOnce() call in Options
      Map order number and transaction id variables to allow their use without remap.
      Allow default error labels to be set in the Locale.
      Augment shipping.asc with shipping_callout SpecialSub.
      Allow the shipping.asc weight to be modified with weight_callout SpecialSub.
      Correct issue with hi-bit characters in search strings.
      Revert accidental commit for custom invalid quantity error messages.

David Christensen (11):
      Add Vend::Safe abstraction to abstract/fix all known issues with using utf8 in Safe compartments
      Added validation of user-provided MV_HTTP_CHARSET variable, if it exists
      Remove unused $UI::Primitive::DECODE_CHARS variable
      Add encoding/fallback options to Vend::File::readfile/writefile.
      Correct invocation of Vend::CharSet::validate_encoding
      Standardize encoding in dist/standard/products/locale.txt to utf8
      Make the binmode handling of the Server's response filehandle smarter
      Always log route_order errors regardless of errors_to setting
      Add CatRoot to AllowedFileRegex
      Revert "Add CatRoot to AllowedFileRegex"
      Converted untaint regexes which assumed 8-bit characters to unicode-friendly equivalents

David Wingate (7):
      Inserted UI_C_* variables to control color scheme.
      Added UI color variables.
      Changed tallyman.com to akopia.com/tallyman
      Added back office color variables.
      Added color scheme fallback variables.
      Still fiddling with colors.
      Fiddling with colors, polishing HTML.

Davor Ocelic (100):
      While documenting this item, I:
      Fix harmless typo :)
      Removing comments which are now redundant as the tag is documented elsewhere.
      Fix a simple misorder of elements which caused db/table= and column/field=
      Trimmed the license to remove unneccesary text surrounding the code.
      I believe this should satisfy all heading standards we've agreed upon.
      Documented it in xmldocs, fixed header
      Years prior to 2002 copyright Red Hat, Inc.
      Header and quoting fix
      Ok, hopefully the last change to this file.
      - *: Fixed headers
      - Header and license fix
      - added header/license
      - added salt= option
      - header and license fix
      - header/license fix
      - header/license fix
      - header/license fix
      - header/license fix
      - header/license fix
      - fixed quoting, paying attention not to subtly change functionality :-)
      - header/license fix
      - header/license fix
      - header/license fix
      * header/license fix
      * header/license fix
      * header/license fix
      * Add name= alias for nickname= (as most tags use)
      * Add 'align' to the list of recognized html options (to standardize
      * SystemTag/cart.coretag: Header/license fix
      * The new pcode script, comments included in script itself.
      * pcode: The script now checks for element names in the file matching file name.
      * The great filter breakout!
      * Updated MANIFEST with new filter files
      * PIDcheck, HouseKeeping and HammerLock configuration directives now
      * Localized ([L]) "Read more" and "Posted on"
      * Changes related to the makesize= parameter
      * Allow salt to be specified as argument to the
      * Header/license fix
      * Just few replacements of </A> with </a>
      Moved the existing safety check just few lines up where it has access
      * Header/license/version fix
      Header/license fix or Version update+minor formatting fix, or both
      One small typo error
      Header/license fix or Version update+minor formatting fix, or both
      Header/license fix or Version update+minor formatting fix, or both
      * Add Version tagopt
      Lowercase those few <UL><LI> tags and provide closing element (</li>) for <li>s
      * Allow for hide=1 in backup_database
      * Lowercase <a href=""></a> output
      * Recognize XHTML breaks, namely <br\s*/>, in addition to plain <br>
      - XHTML-compliance:
      - XHTML-compliance:
      - XHTML-compliance:
      - XHTML-compliance:
      - XHTML-compliance:
      Move embedded docs to xmldocs
      Remove 2 lines of comment
      Fix the default regex for the CookiePattern directive.
      * Add liven_urls filter
      * Revert the diff for the CookiePattern default value, not to
      * Make ./configure script a no-op, displaying only a message on how to
      * Recognize https:// urls (handled by "http" regexp, not a separate one)
      * Add header and license information
      * Remove note about UserDatabase being undocumented
      * Simple lowercasing of HTML tags (double-checked for correctness)
      * Apply minimalistic patch by Gert.
      - code/Filter/qb_safe.filter: remove 3 lines of comment
      * s/ESLASH/SLASH/ as should have always been
      * Get rid of three unused config directives
      * Add mv_like_field and mv_like_spec to 'varnames' file.
      - Remove two excess ^^ that surfaced after s/foundation/standard/
      * Small updates to top.txt, basically just lowercasing menu entry
      * Small updates to make running text in README* files more fluent
      * Remove -d from cvs diff invocation since diff is recursive by
      * Trivial fix, cosmetically fix one logDebug message
      * Add the usual GPL header to lspace2nbsp
      * Rename [l]space2nbsp to [l]space_to_nbsp
      * Add ability to compress multiple spaces to single space, because
      * Add Email.pm, handling mail functions.
      * Updated version of Email.pm
      * Working Email.pm.
      Small fix,  s/mv_filter/ui_filter/
      * Remove the inline documentation which is now included in xmldocs.
      * Mention eg/ directory in README
      * Clean up lost_password page by lowercasing HTML and inserting quotes,
      * Page title: s/Shipping/Billing/ Addresses
      * Allow box-based option templates to access VALUE in addition to LABEL,
      * Sage payment gateway module
      * Make sure the path to search using File::Find::find() in
      * Remove the /o ("compile only once") in list_images().
      * digits_dash filter, very similar to digits_dot.
      * Fix for ordercheck 'natural' which prevents 0, negative and
      * Make the existing simple html2text filter to also strip
      * Remove NOT NULL constraint for Postgres userdb table and allow
      - Extend MaxQuantityField config directive to support fields
      * mv_force_coordinate  as discussed on
      * $tagname =~ s/-/_/g
      * Correct .access functionality directly in pages/

Ed LaFrance (52):
      Added [more] paging to UI help topics list.
      Adding [env] usertag - gives easy read access to a greater set of http
      While working on the docs I found that addAttr had been disabled for [order],
      Found that lookup_exclude breaks if it is used for more than one widget in
      Added lib/Vend/RefSearch.pm to the manifest
      Same change as made a few days ago in stable branch: moved [perl] block
      Implementing mv_max_matches as done in stable branch earlier today.
      Oops! Should not have removed that first $s->{matches} assignment, could
      Added handling for mv_max_matches.
      This is the skeleton of a new order summary line called 'credit applied'
      tag to display 'credit applied' on order subtotal lines
      Added [credit] tag to subtotal lines of cart display
      Added column defs for credit balance field
      Added column for credit_balance
      Removing credit.coretag for now...
      Removing / disabling stuff related to credit for now...
      Removing new credit stuff completely per Racke's request.
      Fixed bugs in the code for HIDE_FIELD support which were causing it to fail
      added code so that inactive items *always* show up in the item editor.
      Extraneous inputs removed - new catalogs will not need these. Upgraders
      Added hard-coded 'nh=1' to override HIDE_FIELD setting for any table in UI
      Fixed a few problems on this page: now clearing errors at bottom to eliminate
      Changed line in common order profile so that missing phone # error message
      Removed extraneous [seti] around last [error] tag call on these pages per Jon Jensen's
      Fix to keep Place Order and Recalculate buttons at bottom of checkout.html
      Added separate shipping address display code to customer email copy. Also
      Silly mistake in using $Carts->{main} instead of $Items pointed out by
      Added separate_address field to orderline table defs source text files
      Added recording of separate shipping addresses to orderline table. Added display of same in Admin order view and on ship notices.
      Fixed tag omission which might cause gdbm users to get a 'read-only table'
      Added separate shipping_address display
      Fixed bugaboos which would allow return of 0 items. Also added code so qty of
      Added simple contact form demo to foundation (part 1 of two)
      Added simple contact form demo to foundation (part 2 of 2)
      Link to contact form from this page.
      Updating these files to reflect the work I've done.
      Added table= parameter to [query ...] tags. This fixes a rare problem that
      Added table= parameter to [query ...] tag in these files.
      Added table= parameter to [query ...] tags in these files.
      Found one more file with [query ..] tag needing table=.
      Mods so that key column can have formatting options via mv_metadata just like
      Fixed some escaping errors...
      Handle mime types for attachments better - fixed in Interpolate.pm,
      Updating for work done on mime
      Clarifying mime improvements.
      Mods to these table supply framework for making use of the modulo feature
      Set correct version number for ui-version record
      Adding new tag for real-time USPS rate quotes.
      Added entries in shipping.asc for some USPS shipping methods, and a couple
      Added notes on new usps_query stuff.
      Fixed brain-dead error on my part with [data ..] tag.
      Guess I should have spent a bit more time playing with USPS international.

Eric Zarko (63):
      (This is actually Jon testing Zarko's CVS account.)
      Changed documentation (mostly pod, a couple of comments as well) to reflect
      This was renamed to interchange.PL.  I missed it in the previous commit.
      Missed a reference to bin/minivend
      s/ minivend / interchange /g in $Desc{permtype}
      fixed some minivend/interchange naming issues in documentation
      Changed default non-root installation location from ~/mvend to ~/interchange
      # change internal variable names for user/group
      Okay, Jon said he was going to try to deprecate Tagref.pm, but I am just anal.
      Added BEGIN block around initialization code.
      Added strict;
      Added strict.
      Added declaration for $name
      Minor formatting changes for consistency.
      Minor formatting changes for consistency.
      Minor formatting for consistency.
      Minor reformatting for consistency.
      Minor reformatting for consistency.
      Minor reformatting for consistency.
      Minor reformatting for consistency.
      Removed the [input-filter] information from the list of new features.
      Removed $mv_filter_name and $mv_filter_value.
      Initial attempt to document features that are deprecated.
      Deprecated send_mail LEGACY4.
      Deprecated send_mail LAGACY4.
      Removed rpc_dispatch.
      533: s/new Vend::DbSearch/new Vend::DbSearch()/;
      1251: s/::put_session;/::put_session();/;
      Attempt to track # LEGACY changes.
      Fixed up paragraph tags.
      Change in documentation mechanism.
      added additional documentation
      fixed pod errors
      fixed pod errors
      fixed pod errors
      Removed [search] tag (bugzilla - bug 11)
      changes by barr
      changes by barr
      Changes per Dave.
      fixed coupon bug
      4.6 branded gfx.
      added 'Create new affiliate' submenu item\nbugzilla #30
      removed extraneous admin (thanks Stefan ;)
      help file for new 'create new affiliate' functionality
      added help file for new 'create new affiliate' functionality
      session directory ... test barf otherwise
      QS is junk, deprecated moved to docs (will not be in 4.6 release)
      bumped version to 4.6
      file Mail.pm was initially added on branch REL_4_7_0.
      brought in whitespace fixes from REL_4_7_0, but not other stylistic changes
      applied srm.conf patch from Racke
      applied error message patch from Racke
      Changed text of link from "BACK" to "Return to addresses" in both to

Gert van der Spoel (24):
      fix test for existing sku while entering new item in Admin UI (#17)
      pass  to labeled_list  fixing behaviour of fly-list to be matching other x-list tags (#89)
      update WHATSNEW regarding #89
      patch from march 2006 solving an issue where a new forum post is overwritten by the next post
      add remark regarding forum bug fix
      fixing bug with component cloning via the admin, see user mailinglist September 2005 for more details
      added bugfix for component cloning in UI
      added Steve Graham to contributors list
      reverted change as it causes new pages to not be created anymore
      The error is now not anymore automatically appended to the output of [error] when MV_ERROR_STD_LABEL has a value.
      there is no ::Catalog aparently (anymore?), ::Cat does return the catalog name, this is for the DebugTemplate directive
      Fix validate_charset to return mime charset names only.
      Textual updates regarding mailinglist/translations
      Added additional de_DE text for standard
      added http_x_forwarded_for to @Map
      Put http_x_forwarded_for in correct alphabetic place
      If MINIVEND_DISABLE_UTF8 skip validation of MV_HTTP_CHARSET
      Check/uncheck all in UI for customers/items
      Corrected min/max username length
      Correct update of saved company value for shipping address
      Document various latest fixes and updates
      update core/retired core and contributors
      Upgrading David Christensen to Core
      Added new contributor Justin Otten

Greg Hanson (6):
      * Insure trailing </form> in basket page when not logged in.
      * Fix problem with shipping notice caused by bareword.
      Would not allow access via perl block, changed per Mike.
      Tag to allow for date specific display of text or html in pages.
      Added description of timed display tag to WHATSNEW.
      Make several changes to remove css errors. Mostly replace align with text-align, replace vertical-align:center with vertical-align:middle, in multiple locations and add ending semicolon to 2 lines.

Jason Holt (24):
      Test commit.
      Updated and tweaked the toolbar.
      Updated and organized the links.
      Whitespace adustment
      Updated links and descriptions.
      Typo fix.
      Reworked layout editor
      *** empty log message ***
      Now does everything except modify tables.
      This may or may not be successfully submitting its form data.
      May or may not submit form data correctly.
      Added layout editor.
      See ya...
      Added view order stats link.
      Fixed broken help_name links and renamed the "Users" editor to "Administrators".
      Fix a problem detecting if SQL::Statement is available.
      Fix a bug that suppressed error messages that Vend::Scan::sql_statement
      Fixing typo, s/nullsellect/nullselect/g.
      Rename README.rpm, trying to view files ending with .rpm using less(1) causes
      Oops, missed a spot when changing README.rpm to README.rpm-dist
      Fix bug discovered by Monte <monte at techark.com>, that prevents installation
      Include error message if open("gpg |") fails.
      Remove trailing whitespace that caused the page to contain
      Attempt to make some kind of sense out of the 'valid database reference' error.

Jeff Barr (8):
      Fix typo (statistics spelled wrong).
      Capitalization changes as requested by Barb.
      Changes as requested by Barb.
      Changes as requested by Barb.
      Naming changes from Barb.
      Naming changes from Barb.
      One more change per Barb.
      Fix bugs 42 and 46.

Jon Jensen (988):
      Added some blank lines to end of file to test CVS.
      Added yet more blank lines.
      Trivial change to test commit logging.
      Another trivial change to check commit logging.
      Yet another delightful trivial change to check commit logging.
      Updated developer site URL, version number, etc.
      Added most recent context-sensitive help files.
      Removed a bunch of CRs, for fun.
      Changed 'home' link from main.html to index.html
      Same images, new location.
      Cleaned up context-sensitive UI help. These are stripped-down HTML fragments
      These go in the new help directory. help_make merges the template with each
      Moved online help to share/akopia/ui/help because the admin UI images are already
      Fixed warn() error.
      Listed Stefan as former maintainer, not current maintainer. Changed "MiniMan" to "Interchange".
      New admin UI graphics by His Majesty Dave Adams.
      A handful of HTML improvements from David Adams.
      Many HTML changes by Dave Adams. Merchandising stuff by Jon in Items, Merchandising.
      Dave Adams' HTML mods.
      Dave Adams HTML mods.
      Some color changes from DA. Added new variables UI_ABOUT_LOGIN_URL, UI_ABOUT_NORMAL_URL.
      Updated the help URL. Quoted "90%" in a table tag to make the world a better place.
      Corrected CPAN URL ftp.cdrom.com -> ftp.freesoftware.com
      Skip pm_to_blib and pod/mvtags.pod, which are created by the installer.
      Overhauled regexes, added CVS .#whatever files.
      Removing old Tallyman file.
      *** empty log message ***
      Added checks for web docroot in /var/www/html, /home/httpd/html, ~/htdocs,
      Made 'construct' the suggested catalog template. Added it to list of subdirs
      Minor improvement to extra Ok/Cancel buttons calculation.
      Fixed typo in %Pretty key for 'interchangegroup'.
      1. Copy share/ to software installation directory.
      1. Export copy_dir (because I use it in makecat.PL).
      Various changes to incorporate sharedir and shareurl questions and copying
      New icons from Dave Adams. I gave icon_item.gif (the yellow duck) a
      Ouch. The things that -w helps you see. Forgot to Use Cwd; so I wasn't chdir'ing
      Numerous 4.5.6 changes.
      Changed /usr/local/interchange references to /usr/lib/interchange to reflect
      A few minor changes.
      Lots of last-minute changes.
      Version 4.5.6 instead of 4.5.x.
      Removed QuickStart.pod from distribution temporarily. (Plain-text version remains.)
      New RPM spec file for 4.5.6.
      Use Cwd::cwd instead of Cwd::getcwd.
      Changed all references to 'simple' and 'barry' to 'construct'.
      Added missing <tr> tag.
      Included Trish's default user information (12 new users).
      Changed user mbear to username test, password test.
      Removed old RPM spec file.
      The usual.
      Renaming this to README.cvs.
      Changed filename README.CVS -> README.cvs
      The usual.
      Added some missing U.S. state codes (Marshall Islands, military, etc.).
      Removed mvrpm.pod temporarily.
      A multitude of updates to make the RPM work.
      Made "interchange" primary default user, __MVC_CATUSER__ secondary, so
      Removed "tools for every man" at Trish's request. Too bad, really. :)
      Commented out debugging commands.
      Added new default tax areas & rates.
      Wording change.
      HTML fixes.
      HTML fixes.
      Changed CSS font-weight to normal instead of bold, per DA's request.
      Centered login box on screen.
      Center main menu box on screen.
      Fixed weird typo.
      Got rid of remaining bold from CSS.
      Fixed HTML and spelling problems.
      Added new orders, changed inventory.
      Changed to version 5.
      Added BETA marking, note about parts of 'construct' requiring SQL.
      Solidified version numbers.
      Added JavaScript comment // before end of HTML comment -->. Thanks to Stefan.
      1. Added target="_new" for Interchange & Akopia links at bottom of little
      Added specfile for new version.
      Version number changed to 4.5.7.
      New version number added.
      Changed version to 4.5.7. Got rid of trailing / on help URL.
      Changed version to 4.5.7.
      Changed /usr/doc handling from manual scripted copying to RPM standard
      Renaming specfiles to represent separate RH 6 and 7 versions.
      Specfile name change.
      Reordered docroot test to check for RH 7 (/var/www) first, then RH 6 (/home/httpd).
      New Red Hat 6 vs. 7 specfiles.
      Redid all sample orders to include orderline info.
      Changed sample order numbers to 5 digits instead of 6 to prevent collision
      Made login box bigger so our default name 'interchange' fits.
      Installer now refuses to install into software source directory (alleviating
      Changed help URL version number to 4.5.8.
      Removed, will re-commit as 4.5.8.
      Specfiles renamed for 4.5.8.
      Version no. changed to 4.5.8.
      Version changed to 4.5.8.
      Trivial directory match improvement. Version changed to 4.5.8.
      Version number changed to 4.5.8.
      Skip additional_help messages for automatic additional_fields (like !whatever).
      Added Oracle makecat logic, cleaned up some PostgreSQL & MySQL details.
      Renamed merchandising field 'start' to 'start_date' to avoid reserved word
      Initial check-in of Oracle table definitions.
      Added __MVC_FIELDMUNGE__ token to size field.
      More MVC_FIELDMUNGE additions.
      Added FIELDMUNGE variable and modified UI_ITEM_FIELDS and UI_ITEM_BREAK
      Renamed default /tmp/mvdebug file to icdebug.
      No comment.
      Hard-coded '_field' suffixes, as variable substitution doesn't seem to work
      Removed duplicate 'my $var' definition which was causing compilation to fail.
      Added UPPERCASE directive to deal with Oracle's (unquoted) column name results.
      Mike's changes to fix UPPERCASE functionality.
      Fixed misnamed userdb primary key 'code' => 'username'. Removed numerous
      Removed version number 4.5.6 from catalog welcome page.
      Fixed placement of UPPERCASE flag.
      Fixed hashref to return lowercase keys as well if UPPERCASE is set on table.
      Added new filter 'html2text' that turns <P> and <BR> into \n (the reverse
      Several minor changes. Got rid of spurious quote (") after order status URL.
      Removed spurious quote (") after order status URL.
      Removed one remaining stray 'basic' demo file.
      Fixed link to Reporting to match menu bar (like rest of links).
      Capitalized 'Internet' at Barbara Reed's request.
      Changed title to be "Login/Logout" since it's doing double duty.
      Changed help file references per Alison's request.
      Two fixes to Administrative Group permissions.
      Documentation fixes. Thanks to Peter Wilkinson <pwilkinson at fastcompany.com>.
      Added context-sensitive help window Preferences variables.
      New help, globalsub.
      Updated help URL. Made help popup window more reasonable width (650).
      Fixed help name knar.html -> knar.main.html.
      Fixed bad help target.
      Added font-family setting to css. Fixed title header in template (was tiny).
      Removed <font face> tags. (They were invalid anyway, as they crossed
      Fixed bug that prevented _postcode from catching bad U.S. Zip and Canadian
      Removed *all* NOT NULL constraints. There are too many that quietly cause
      Affiliate had the wrong primary key listed. Oracle cares. Also missed a
      Removed named PRIMARY KEY constraints. Interchange's table create test
      Fixed table create routine to skip index creation for Oracle tables'
      Farewell to the old mvdocs and mvfaq.
      New Interchange docs. The canonical source remains the SDF files, however.
      New PDF versions of documentation. Canonical source remains SDF files.
      New doc addition, old doc removal.
      Docs changes.
      PDFs added to go in /usr(/share)/doc/interchange-4.5.8.
      New user 'jdoe', a dealer, with 5 orders.
      Table prettifying.
      Version 4.6.0 numbering.
      Version 4.6.0 numbering.
      New RPM specfiles.
      Removed some barry & simple references.
      Fix new customer sample data.
      Added Stefan's readme for Debian packages.
      Minor updates.
      Made a few minor changes to GPL. Just kidding! Removed non-license part,
      Admin order view didn't allow re-sorting by order # -- now allow this.
      Someone messed the new 4.6 graphic up so it shifted quite a bit to the left
      Added eg/ and extensions/ to RPM install. Also added a few missing READMEs:
      Added README.debian.
      Missed a silly 4.5.8 version number.
      Another notification test.
      Added Cameron Prince to the credits. Somehow we missed him before.
      Fix bug #66 submitted by <minivend at delionsweb.net>: nosuid option was not
      Fixed stupid error introduced during diff reading. Thanks Stefan!
      Fixed /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc in WARNDEST, thanks to Jeff Barr.
      Notice that changes to files in these directories will be overwritten.
      Version 4.6.1 numbering changes.
      Mention fix for bug #82, typo in Order.pm.
      No comment.
      Removed redundant file -- now covered by README.rpm.
      Moved newly generated PDF and POD files from docs into interchange repository.
      Mention MS Excel capability, removal of duplicate images.
      Changed RPM release number to 2.
      Added a few new notes for Mike's last bugfixes.
      New unified RH6/RH7 RPM specfile.
      No comment.
      Various fixes to unified RPM specfile.
      Minor bugfixes.
      A few bugfixes involving 'interch' user creation and HTML::Entities and
      Removing outdated specfiles.
      Removing obsolete RPM build files (now incorporated into SPECS/interchange.spec).
      Tiny cosmetic change.
      Added notes for Mike's last 2 commits.
      Fixed trivial typo.
      CVS misses having this file, so I put in a stub like the other fake
      Pay this no heed.
      Updates for Mike's latest commits.
      Filled in missing MVC_SQLUDATE tokens on about 10 recently added rows, which
      No comment.
      Comments for the latest cvs updates.
      Changed version numbers to 4.6.2.
      Filter __ADDRESS__ through html2text to convert <br> tag to \n for email.
      Changed RPM erase procedure to remove IC-generated construct files (like
      Fixed logrotate.d file to prevent cascading log rotation like
      Correct field meta name "Cross-sell" to "Up-sell" to resolve bug #111.
      Cosmetic HTML change to fix second horizontal blue bar at top of admin UI
      Added missing mailto: in URL. Thanks to Paul <porl at namee.com.au>.
      More URLs missing mailto:.
      Fix for bug #106, hang at install time if specified user ID doesn't exist.
      Fix to pull left and right arrow buttons from admin directory instead of
      Revert to version 1.5 -- don't want to introduce "NoAbsolute Yes" into the
      Reverted out last reverted out change. Silly me. It was fine before. :)
      Convert '[' characters in value-extended tags to &#91; for security.
      Added some missing change notes before 4.6.2 release.
      More notes.
      Updated documentation from SDF sources, added iccattut.
      Corrected version number 4.0 that ended up in manpage, and copyright date.
      Added notes for some commits I overlooked.
      Adding fix for broken in-stock notification link and stock_message note,
      Fixed a bad bug that kept product options from working right. A bugfix
      Increased version number to 4.6.4.
      Added mod_interchange to the standard Interchange distribution. It is the
      No comment.
      Made Apache API stylistic and C portability improvements suggested by
      Change CVS revision number parsing for 4-part version numbers. (Unimportant.)
      Removed some old unused stuff, updated inline POD docs.
      Add new checks for user login -- disallow group names, usernames with
      Latest changes for 4.6.4.
      Correct symlink from construct catalog directory to
      Credit for order_returns.pgsql correction.
      Boy, do I feel stupid. mod_interchange was never added to the MANIFEST, so
      Fix two admin security holes, bug #167 and a similar security hole in
      List changes for version 4.6.5.
      Bump version number to 4.6.5.
      Fix error displays.
      Add West Virginia. Thanks, pawan at generalogic.com. Also removed some trailing
      Fix bad username error message found by Ed LaFrance.
      Disallow admin UI access by default when there is no 'access' database.
      Move DEV_4_7_0 development branch to repository trunk.
      Upping major version number after trunk/branch switch.
      Remove stable-branch files from main trunk.
      Encode HTML entities for all accessories widgets, including <textarea>s.
      Make address and fname field lengths match between userdb and transactions.
      Prevent double-escaping of [ characters.
      Bump version number to 4.7.7.
      Don't need to run HTML::Entities on an empty string ...
      Make default tax setting work.
      Add 4.7.7 release notes.
      Removing this, as we'll be discussing things to do on a mailing list.
      Add MV_DEMO_MODE variable and MVC_DEMOMODE makecat setting.
      Use UI_HELP_URL for help if it exists; otherwise, fall back to local
      Set UI_HELP_URL to interchange.redhat.com by default. Our online help is
      Make symlink from docroot area into /usr{/share}/doc/interchange-x.x.x.
      Fix page footer: UI_STD_FOOTER. Remove extraneous </blockquote>.
      Cosmetic change.
      Remove UI_HELP_URL from catalog_before, as that would make it impossible
      Check for VISUAL environment variable, and handle editor options there or
      Always push sku/image/thumb data onto stack. Before, image files didn't get
      Fix typo.
      Update RPM documentation to cover interchange-foundation-demo and
      Bump versions to 4.8(.1).
      Release notes for 4.8.1.
      Bump version to 4.8.1.
      Give credit for Swedish UI translation. Minor tweaks.
      Pull over latest changes from SDF.
      Remove '-cl' suffix from help URL.
      Rework pipeline to avoid using -mindepth arg to find.
      Add counties of Ireland, correct two minor UK/EI mistakes.
      Add change notes for the past week.
      Fix typo, reformat a couple of lines.
      Bump version to 4.9.0.
      Remove extra [ from log message.
      Fix bug that caused HTML entities to not be encoded if another filter was
      Correct comment about name of etc/profiles.order.
      Don't try to chown or chgrp if no username was given (as is common when
      Check ref more fussily.
      %Conf needs to be accessible to Makecat.PL (not a lexical), for things
      Skip image rewriting for any full URL protocol specification, not just
      Add option to print ellipsis (...) after truncated [filter] results,
      A couple of trifling changes to bring specfile in alignment with standard
      Adding new chkcat tool, similar to chkconfig(1), for enabling/disabling/
      Add new SysV-style configuration files.
      Keep CVS directory pruning at bay.
      Make it easier to hand chkcat a pile of raw filenames, instead of clean
      Information on setting up and using SysV-style catalog configuration.
      Tolerate full pathnames as services names, strip out non-service names
      Fix bug #277, cosmetic problem of admin menus still showing up after first
      Scrutinize passed-in option parameters more closely.
      Add support for gvim. Somehow I missed the obvious foreground option -f
      Remove extremely bizarre spurious duplicate appearance of a comment
      Change version banner to 4.9.x.
      Have mv_base_directory default to ProductDir setting, not first
      Add new payment help topics.
      Correct help keys. Thanks to John Beima for reporting.
      Prevent corruption of tab-delimited DB exports by filtering tabs to spaces.
      Allow for missing column names when using HANDLE_ONLY with DBI tables.
      Log message if search is denied because of NoSearch directive.
      - Convert wildcards ? and {a,b,c} to regex form.
      Log error when invalid parameters given in [loop list=`...`].
      Remove orphaned bit of code.
      Add 'hide' option to suppress result code output.
      Support unified diff format option, and don't clobber other passed
      Check for Digest::MD5 (which we actually use) instead of deprecated MD5.
      Add new tag that calls GNU diff3 to do merges and detect conflicts of
      Add support for safe_data option.
      Show actual version, not just 4.9.x.
      Clean up logic on NoSearch logging.
      Fix typo.
      Fix bug that caused search results corruption if any fields (not just
      Check for delete permissions before giving option and/or allowing delete
      Cut down the verbosity for 4.9 and later, where ConfigParseComments is
      Make 'ConfigParseComments No' the default for catalog configuration, as
      Merge in MV_DOLLAR_ZERO change from stable branch.
      Fall back to sane ExeName and ConfigFile defaults so that error messages
      Remove duplicate 'set' tag entry in hasEndTag.
      Remove defunct mv_search_over_msg search parameter.
      Change all MV3-era [process-target] tags to [process].
      [process-order] is exactly the same as [process] because attribute
      Fix bug in new row array-handling code that (among other things) kept the
      Fix what I'm pretty sure has to be two syntax errors, although I don't
      Make sure each_nokey always returns an arrayref.
      Make both icmenu searches in header type 'db' -- couldn't it be confusing
      Undo my brain-dead patch. I have no idea what other simultaneous changes
      I finally found it! The bug was only for text searches, so it went away
      Fix flex_select bug that caused column headers not to be passed on to
      Remove my [comment] tags for debugging delete constraint. Thanks, Stefan.
      Display order amount as currency.
      Merge in change to stable branch from September.
      Remove unused variable setting.
      Clean up 'no matches' output:
      Revamp advanced search:
      Get rid of some nonfunctional coordinated search relics from the
      Miscellaneous changes in Config.pm. Using a standard Foundation
      Rearrange parse sub calls in closures a bit to improve readability.
      Add server hostname to informational output, especially useful in multi-
      Tweak error message.
      Add note about implicit tag attributes.
      A bugfix and a feature enhancement:
      Switch to &Sys::Hostname::hostname instead of `hostname`.
      Add new logging front-end routine 'logOnce' that ignores
      Don't complain about missing field names unless they are actually
      Minor comment fixes.
      Remove last remnants of mv_raw_searchspec, as per Mike's email of some
      Fix two places in admin where invalid prefix-field names were used.
      Allow fn/mv_field_names option for most list types, as was always
      Check in Kevin Walsh's patch for expiring NFS-based session files.
      Fix [if !advanced report] -> [if-mm !advanced report] in four files.
      Don't double trailing colons or spaces in form validation errors when
      Fix access control for reconfig function.
      Fix bug in permission checking for table export. Better to use UI_STD_HEAD
      Fix typo in regex.
      Localize an error message, put period inside localized part of another one.
      Fix 'entities' typo, clarify newline conversions.
      User-friendliness enhancement:
      Give better error message when a required catalog directive is missing.
      Fix [filter cgi] and [filter value], as per bug #380.
      Use simpler routines suggested by Stefan for filter types value & cgi.
      Add missing Database xxx UPPERCASE 1 settings. Thanks to
      Some modifications to allow RPM building as non-root user. (Still works
      Merge change from
      Simplify is_yes and is_no.
      Make standard Foundation cart properly show onfly item descriptions.
      Tolerate more complex locale names like:
      Put back code to return hostname, which got lost in the Great Tag Breakout.
      Bring back GPG failure error enhancement.
      Bring back typo fix and clarifications on filter descriptions.
      Bring back regex typo fix.
      Make sure on-fly products show description in cart, as well as regular
      Avoid Oracle constraint errors where empty string looks like NULL.
      Fix bug #392, reported by Ron Phipps. Make sure mv_successpage gets passed
      Add hyperlinks for page representation areas.
      Remove some unneeded field name -> number conversion for mv_more_alpha.
      Store number of rows in search result in value mv_search_match_count,
      Fix typo. Thanks to Seth Stone, hhh at springboardgroup.com, for finding.
      * Disable reparse for restrict tag to prevent infinite loops.
      Always set mv_search_match_count, and force it to be numeric to
      Allow output of '0' from [if]...[else]0[/else][/if].
      Remove no_html_parse pragma, for which code has already been deleted.
      Remove SysV-style configuration stuff, not planned for use in 4.9/5.0.
      Remove chkcat.PL from installation script.
      Remove history-scan tag from catalog.cfg; it is now in code/UserTag.
      Fix locale lookup key to match HTTP result code given in header.
      Remove old 'minimate' action that called nonexistent code.
      Remove duplicate message display (e.g. "Bold fields are required").
      Re-add line that got lost in the tag breakout.
      Remove invalid form setting for reconfig that caused server error.
      Commit updated Bank of America module from Mark Johnson.
      Apply patch recommended by Mike Heins and Kevin Walsh.
      Send HTTP headers in SOAP response, since we're using HTTP transport.
      Some fluffy changes:
      DBI patch by Mark Johnson to respect foreign key constraints or NOT NULL
      A couple of changes to order profiles:
      Tweak debug messages, and comment out.
      Convert old [/page] and [/order] to </a> -- avoid misleading people into
      Remove empty meta_header setting in reconfig that didn't do anything.
      Remove last vestiges of implicit 'int' tag attribute.
      Supply missing argument to sendmail, which kept order email from being
      Get rid of weird tax rate popup notice when updating account info, which
      Fix some interesting HTML :)
      Fix bug in profile handling of table editor that kept '$' in profiles from
      Use standard description display, to make sure onfly item descriptions
      Remove some unused stuff.
      Fix postal abbreviation for Nunavut. Thanks to Kari Suomela for reporting.
      Allow anything except numeric-only affiliate names in mv_pc.
      Escape left bracket to avoid eventual IC tag parsing issues.
      Modify 'area' attribute functionality to match that of recent 4.8 patch:
      Allow any parameter names (including \W chars.) in links,
      Clean out old stuff from WHATSNEW -- only list changes from 4.8 branch.
      Output a space before 'CHECKED' as is done for 'SELECTED',
      Sort line items when displaying. Probably breaks order for line items
      Stop dying if there's a problem with FedExexpress lookups, which kept
      Fix broken debug statement.
      Add a couple of experimental things.
      Merge in updates RPM build files from 4.8 branch,
      Bump version number to 4.9.1 for first alpha testing release.
      Merge change from 4.8 branch, update for 4.9.
      Merge startup note change from 4.8 branch.
      Big copyright date update. This will be the last time that Red Hat
      Tolerate empty share directory (nice for RPM build which doesn't need
      Make shipping.asc SQL query method work.
      Remove autogenerated PODs from main interchange repository. They will
      Remove dependencies on POD docs.
      Dynamically look for available UI locales instead of using hardcoded list
      Add option to disable matchlimit entirely, with ml=all or ml=none.
      Minor changes. Move RPM changes together, and at end, as they're the least
      Convert all tabs to spaces, to get more uniform look.
      Don't display table label or anything else when mv_metadata type of
      Don't print error messages twice during startup, and don't print
      Remove spurious nonsense from old makecat.PL problem.
      Don't import config and columns subs from Vend::Table::Common, since we
      Add version option to report server mode(s).
      Remove install wrapper code -- will be offloaded to a single script
      Add relocate.pl script for scripts/ -> bin/ conversion.
      Add entirely new way to run Interchange: inside Apache/mod_perl, with no
      Update Andrew Wilcox's email address at his request.
      Remove second instance of test.
      Remove duplicate test on $http.
      Make set_slice return key, even when generated by autonumber or when
      Allow customization of <A HREF="..."> more links:
      Remove trailing space inadvertently added to Next link in more_list.
      Fix subroutine call mistakes that broke [price] tag.
      Add two new utility functions useful with multiple ProductFiles:
      Correct some old comments remaining from HTML::Parser.
      Add optional count parameter to history_scan, which guarantees that the
      Handle count option more sensibly.
      Fix set_slice bug that removed all values from array after code, if
      Ignore builds from latest scripts additions.
      Added descriptionfields and exists_only options to [image].
      Note recent additions.
      Add temporary corny 4.9 graphic for alpha release, so people don't get
      Remove duplicate of en_US image.
      Three of the variable conversions Mike took out the other day are still
      Bah. Didn't mean to leave the debug active.
      Fix bug in return value, brought up by failure in Perl 5.8.0.
      Update to Interchange Development Group banner.
      Revert a change, at least for 4.9.1 release.
      Remove GDBM files too from foundation-demo.
      Update some notices, URLs, etc.
      Correct URL. Add myself as packager.
      Fix bug in default link template setting, found by Stefan.
      Add 'First' and 'Last' links to more-list, from Mark Johnson.
      Minor corrections.
      Bump version number to 4.9.2, add some WHATSNEW stuff that didn't make
      Move youthful Interchange.pm from perl/ to extensions/.
      Minor correction.
      Do cross-platform chomp on lines (remove Windows CRLF even on Unix).
      Give our payment module contributors 15 minutes of fame. :)
      Edit b_company instead of company with other Bill To information.
      Add new option to su usertag, 'create_user', which allows combined
      Add joiner option to table_organize that allows placement of arbitrary
      Fix incorrect transaction mappings in payment module for Verisign.
      Add some new options:
      Revert indents to tabs instead of spaces.
      Convert Mac line endings to Unix (as well as DOS).
      Fix HTML typo.
      Patch from Mark Johnson, whose explanation I quote:
      Fix bug that, for if-loop-*, prevented regular expressions that contained
      Tolerate following previously unallowed constructs:
      Make sure that the current button being pressed is the only one whose
      Fix bug #387, problem with [bounce] target coming from [history-scan] when
      Make it easy for log tag to send to debug:
      Add On and Off as valid settings for yesno directives.
      Quell warning in later string concatenation.
      Fix misspelling.
      Be more tolerant with zip/postal codes -- don't remove hyphen from
      Fix mistake in inactive debug statement.
      Fix bug that kept only first of stacked CGI variables.
      Remove unused variable.
      Pick minor nits.
      Fix HTML.
      Update some old URLs and Red Hat references.
      Fix problem with PreFork and mod_perl modes where Interchange children
      Remove unused variable.
      Add note about 4.9.3 "releases" and date for 4.9.4.
      Make sure STDERR is selected in case some other mod_perl code uses select.
      Add new global directive TrustProxy, which allows the administrator to
      Change mv_shipmode to VARCHAR(255) from various smaller sizes.
      Avoid persistent storage to make [summary] safe in prefork mode.
      Require Perl 5.6.0 or newer to run Interchange.
      Fix members_only successpage setting. Thanks to Rene Hertell for reporting.
      Add zerofix filter that acts like the zerofix option some tags support:
      Make top-level menu respect superuser-only checkbox.
      Add new database configuration option PREFER_NULL. It accepts a list of
      Note recent commit, put [e] tag removal with other removed tags.
      Allow [PREFIX-more-list] ... [/PREFIX-more-list] for nested loops.
      Update expiration date of formerly valid credit cards from 2002 to 2008.
      Get rid of old Minivend directives, and add safe_data pragma so that
      Oops -- tried to interpolate a variable where that's not enabled.
      Add support for Verisign's PFProAPI.pm Perl module, which implements
      * Support sparsely-populated quantity pricing tables.
      Note Perl 5.6 requirement and update a few copyright notices.
      Handle 'default' option correctly when 'pageonly' option is given.
      A few minor things:
      Correct a minor inaccuracy in the note from my CVS commit.
      Fix typo reported in bug #499 by Fred Dvorak.
      Add COMMENT1 and COMMENT2 to Verisign queries. These map to values
      Fix default zip variable typo.
      Prevent internal server error if quantity pricing row cannot be found for
      Remove extra closing HTML tag '>' character. Thanks to Bill Carr for
      Allow the "Next order" button in the admin order_view to jump over a few
      Update some straggling redhat URLs.
      Remove straggling Red Hat/IC logo, and update foundation logos to match
      Fix some mismatches with the new options/variants table structure --
      Minor updates for latest 4.9 compatibility -- admin images now in
      Don't my $b, which interferes with sort { $a <=> $b } etc.
      Quell POD warning about invalid "=head" when "=head1" etc. expected.
      Send to Authorize.Net customer shipping address information and company
      Map company and b_company for payment use.
      Fix bug in address display.
      Bugfix submitted by Brent Kelly <brent at zeald.com>.
      Sync with latest commits.
      Put back update_locales.
      Correct some outdated usage comments.
      Add new Verisign route parameter, "check_sub", which allows a Sub or
      Little twiddle before release tomorrow.
      The great copyright, email address, URL, and version update.
      Quell unneeded warnings about undef string concatenation.
      Correct POD error.
      Fix NFS locking. Thanks to Bill Carr for reporting.
      Don't cache UPS shipping cost of $0, which is probably an error.
      Remove CCVS payment module, since CCVS is long dead.
      Patches to make new options work with Oracle.
      Two patches for lookup_query in mv_metadata:
      Add display type "labels" that is like "options" except it displays the
      Allow timed_build to autocreate directory path when filename with path
      Don't throw away UseModifier cart modifiers on every cart update.
      Remove dependency on SQL::Statement.
      Add no_set boolean option to [userdb], which prevents userdb row from
      Fix bug that caused arbitrary column to get set to primary key instead of
      Fix bug that prevented [loop-change foo] from working when the range of
      Use instead of localhost for default INET host values to avoid
      Remove duplicate @S_FIELDS initialization.
      Add three new filters:
      Make pgbool and pgbooln also understand "false" in whatever case, as
      Prevent internal server error when $db->row($key) fetches no results.
      Fix syntax error in flex_group.html.
      Search for literal strings in bar_link, rather than treating them as
      Add hide_error option to suppress error message when no shipping methods
      Remove links to page user is currently on.
      Check whether userdb is LARGE, not transactions, for this page.
      Get rid of strange extra loop for billing information that just caused
      Enable [order] tag to specify a variant, not just a base product, when
      Allow for SELECT statements in parentheses or other non-word characters.
      Make sure to pass session ID in form. Thanks to Paul Vinciguerra
      Convert nonstandard != to standard SQL <> (which also avoids a parse
      Add src_only option to return just the image location that normally goes
      Allow comment lines in shipping.asc, with leading # mark.
      Remove dangling else tag.
      Fix header comment to match this program.
      Get rid of old %Safe hash in Vend::Interpolate.
      Update version number to 4.9.9 for eventual release. Soon, I hope!
      Add option for /usr/local/bin/perl to work around threaded vendor perls.
      Add support for Canadian provincial symbol NL.
      Make error message more specific.
      Fix misspelling.
      Remove spurious half-statement.
      Update for release, and begin painful process of documenting dependencies
      Update for release, and minor changes.
      Add expired session/tmp removal script for daily cron job (for RPM
      Remove unneeded escaping of old in-HTML Interchange tags in [value].
      Add filter option to [scratch], the same as with [value] and [cgi].
      Update version number to 5.0.0 for upcoming release.
      Allow symlinks when removing empty directories too.
      Tolerate empty CGI key/value pairs to avoid unfriendly 500 errors. We
      Add new "md5" filter.
      Correct release date to Monday.
      Clear changelog and add Mike's change from yesterday.
      Move $opt empty hashref default up before first use of %$opt.
      Move mv_nextpage fallback before security check.
      Bump version number for development trunk.
      Update copyright year in user-visible places. I think we can update the
      Add already-existing password widget to metadata widget menu.
      Add new UserTag option "attrDefault", which allows default attributes to
      Allow setting scratch mv_no_session which prevents mv_session_id and mv_pc
      Allow filter attribute to var tag, similar to value, cgi, and scratch,
      Add 'reverse' attribute to [item-list], to walk the cart lines in reverse
      Fix rare but nasty bug that causes chained ITL conditional tests to fail
      Optimize no-op [if] checks when test is false.
      Give focus to username box on page load to allow immediate username typing.
      Allow (sensible) relative paths for DebugFile directive.
      Update copyrights. (Red Hat doesn't actually have any copyright on this
      Fix mv_ip setting when using [item-list reverse=1].
      Fix bug preventing custom JavaScript from functioning: The the /g regex
      Make pageonly=1 option work correctly when there's no History saved in
      Pass credit card security code through to Verisign if provided in
      Fix broken HTML table cell.
      Set correct scratch variable so admin missing page error displays correctly.
      Create global variable MV_SUBJECT before interpolating special_page/*
      Use new MV_SUBJECT global variable to check whether error occurred on an
      Add "include" option that is a regex specifying which pages will be
      Add "filter" option to error tag. Especially useful is the "entities"
      Fix broken Glimpse module:
      Add handling for new special CGI parameter mv_force_session, a boolean.
      Bump version numbers to 5.3.0 (especially to get nightly build file names
      Add separate files for each development stage of Interchange.
      Flesh out alternate values spaces functionality Mike added on 2002-11-18.
      Update RPM specfile:
      Correct distorted IC logo display. (Merge from STABLE_5_2-branch.)
      Update copyright date in admin.
      Update ui-version.
      Remove temporary editor files.
      Mention Mike's mod_perl2 addition, and te in RPM.
      Remove good ol' Foundation in favor of Standard.
      Add filter option to scratchd, similar to so many other tags.
      Fix IMO a major problem with thread-safety in PreFork or mod_perl modes:
      Use Tie::ShadowHash instead of copying %$Variable because it's much
      Remove redundant AlwaysSecure check.
      Fixed bug that misinterpreted file as having no data rows when last line
      Allow setting umask, disabling auto_create_dir, or specifying other
      Correct minor inaccuracy in comment.
      Remove bogus hide=1 options to [error] tag which has already caused
      Fixed bug that prevented catalog-level Sub definitions from being
      Don't check for empty price field, which may be numeric and thus cause an
      Remove unneeded sku check, leftover from 4.8 options (when there were
      Don't create tmp/addr_ctr files for visitor IP if RobotLimit isn't being
      Add support for uploaded files in IC-in-mod_perl server mode.
      Update mentions of Foundation to Standard.
      Implement mv_hide_field search parameter and add Glimpse support for it
      Fix bug that caused mv_substring_match never to work. Glimpse only allows
      Document non-obvious reasoning behind recent change Mike made (and
      Fixed a bug that prevented multiple-field searches from working, e.g.
      Don't show any tables that don't exist under "Hidden Admin Tables".
      Removed unneeded code.
      Simplify logic as per Paul Vinciguerra's observation.
      Allow variable and ITL interpolation in the "free" shipping argument.
      Add some common attribute aliases that are also used in tag accessories.
      Correct name of unknown sub in error message.
      Add a new database configuration parameter, POSTEXPORT, which allows
      Corrected and clarified description of RobotLimit directive, as suggested
      Fixed problem in checking for existing user when table key is not
      Show correct phone number field.
      Fixed error display bug reported by Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>. Thanks!
      Optimization to item_price routine:
      Make "Cancel" button return to main site index page, not admin index page.
      Terminate a statement with a semicolon for standard style, even though it's
      Update RPM specfile for Standard demo. Probably needs some more work.
      Add interface to Business::OnlinePayment, contributed by Ivan Kohler. See
      Add 3 new files.
      Update version to 5.3.1 and copyright year to 2005.
      Update copyright year to 2005.
      Update admin ui-version setting to prevent metadata merge request for
      Make test catalog's products2 table work with databases other than MySQL,
      New discount-space functionality by Ethan Rowe <ethan at endpoint.com>.
      New Perl object $Row available in PREFIX-calc blocks for access to the
      Fix program header comment. (This isn't tlink.pl.)
      Add CyberSource ICS payment module by Sonny Cook <sonny at endpoint.com>.
      Remove bogus file entry.
      Make $Session->{ship_message} consistently have a ' ' separator between
      Patch from Ethan Rowe <ethan at endpoint.com>:
      Update provincial code for Newfoundland to NL. Thanks to Michael McInally
      Updates to the Linkpoint payment module from Ron Phipps
      Add Linkpoint payment route to Standard demo, as per Ron Phipps.
      Restore behavior of an empty [link-template][/link-template] block,
      Add new "if" type, "control", with tests.
      Patch from Ethan Rowe <ethan at endpoint.com>, which I've been sitting on
      When using mv_force_session argument, avoid confusing situation for user
      Add support for AVS (with "EV" transaction type).
      Re-order writing of foreign and password fields.
      Patch from Ethan Rowe <ethan at endpoint.com>:
      Correct description of pgbooln, and clarify it and pgbool.
      Add [form-session-id] tag. Can be used in forms to replace:
      *** empty log message ***
      Use PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe.
      Add CVS Id tags.
      Fix recently broken quoting.
      Remove cruft from the end of tlink.pl.
      Add a genuine [comment] tag as a failsafe for any situation where
      Support pass-through of a few more HTML <img> attributes.
      Remove some duplicate glob assignments for subroutines in other modules.
      Change [process-target] to [process] so new developers don't get confused
      Fix rare bug that caused certain pages to display gibberish in the page
      Ignore leading whitespace in boolean directives, by excluding '' from the
      Remove duplicate AdminSub check. The exact same check is done right
      Update file listing.
      Clean up formatting a bit and remove unused named code block.
      Split uc-attr-list into its own file.
      Make code/ directory etc. work when a symlink. This seems to have broken
      Add new pragma: no_default_reparse.
      Switch to using non-qualified sub names where they're imported into this
      Correct debug message; this no longer uses &Vend::Interpolate::do_tag.
      Remove inaccurate comment for this block. :)
      Remove inaccurate comment for this block.
      Removed duplicate test.
      * Add Set::Crontab to list of modules checked (thanks, Davor).
      Solve the problem of fetching column names on databases that don't support
      Revert revision 1.8, which used a pragma that ended up not being created.
      Remove [br] tag.
      Trivialities: Correct indenting, and simplify array creation.
      Remove outdated comment.
      Remove mention of nonexistent Vend::Mail ...
      Prevent spammer abuse of [email] tag via header injection in inputs such
      Move check for MIME::Lite to earliest sensible place.
      Use more generic SQL_NUMERIC instead of SQL_INTEGER to bind numeric
      Make sql filter escape backslashes by default, to cover common cases of
      Add dbi_quote filter, which uses DBI's (or the DBD's, if it overrides)
      Add new quoting mechanism for the [query] tag, from Kevin Walsh.
      Add new filter Mike suggested for truncating a string at the first newline
      Add support for DBI's table_info catalog, schema, name, and type options.
      Add [sql] deprecation notice.
      Add support for XHTML trailing slash.
      Add new $Sub object that allows access to catalog subs and globalsubs
      Remove duplicate settings of $opt->{login}, which is already forced earlier
      Log reason for user account creation failure at checkout.
      Use current payment_* session variables instead of deprecated cybercash_*
      Allow cert_path relative to IC root for PayFlow Pro (akin to other
      Minor optimization ...
      Add new email interception feature. This allows a developer to set a
      Clean up some directive-processing subs: remove unneeded shifts,
      Add new CartTrigger functionality to the core, by Ethan Rowe.
      Addition of "postlogin_action" profile behavior/argument for UserDB by
      From Ethan Rowe <ethan at endpoint.com>:
      From Ethan Rowe <ethan at endpoint.com>:
      A patch from Ethan Rowe <ethan at endpoint.com>:
      Switch MapRoutine to use current package for these routines.
      Big copyright and version number update to prepare for 5.3.2 release.
      Make code more readable, as suggested by Stefan.
      Also truncate at an ASCII NUL, as suggested by Kevin Walsh. This could
      Final 5.3.2 tweaks.
      Treat #include appropriately when writing file for DumpAllCfg.
      Update metadata version.
      Added support for extended columns containing Perl serialized hashes
      Correct comment with package name.
      Bump development version to 5.5.0.
      XHTMLify the <br> output. Kinda silly since the <p> output doesn't close
      Remove antiquated [sql] tag.
      Remove global and catalog directives "ConfigParseComments". Its "no"
      Remove configuration directives that were deprecated and generated a
      Remove compatible_5_2 pragma, which kept table editor error text
      Add always_fail order check from Mark Johnson <mark at endpoint.com>, with
      Remove unused code found by Stefan Hornburg.
      Add latest incompatible changes.
      Add "env" base to conditionals, allowing [if env HTTPS], etc.
      Begin requiring Perl version 5.8.0 or newer.
      Note new Perl version requirement.
      Fix a bug found by Brian Miller <brian at endpoint.com>:
      Remove unused lexical variables.
      Fix bug that allowed code called by DispatchRoutines or CleanupRoutines
      Remove unused SOAP_Host directive.
      Allow using an arbitrary subroutine in any package as a GlobalSub,
      Add new date_change_null filter.
      Improve support for relocating various Interchange-generated files to
      Correct the default behavior of the new catalog RunDir directive. By the
      Fix stupid capitalization error.
      In the date widget, if the date is blank (0000-00-00), treat a time of
      Fix broken HTML by prepending a space to class attribute. Found and fixed
      Sync after removal of fedex_query.tag.
      Remove obsolete files.
      Remove obsolete Business::Fedex module and hooks.
      Added latest incompatible changes to upgrade notice.
      Remove clearly unused ancient GRANT example.
      Remove legacy [/page] and [/order] macros.
      Note incompatible removal of [/page] and [/order] macros.
      Convert [/order] and [/page] to </a>.
      Move page extension assignment back to regex from which it's drawn.
      Correct display of "Are you sure you want to delete $SKU" dialog when
      Fix typo in sub call.
      Remove admin FedEx support, since fedex-query tag is now gone.
      Fix bug in parser that can cause an infinite loop when malformed ITL
      Fix non-interpolating [process] and [form-session-id] tags, remove stray
      Correct payment gateway and sub name in example.
      Get rid of "alpha" moniker, "mike" name, etc. This should've been done
      * Fix broken admin 404 error page.
      Added note about DoS fix, standardized voice, and mentioned UPGRADE
      Clean up HTML and fix broken links.
      Clean up HTML, fix broken links, and don't mention Interchange links not
      Make HTML compatible with XHTML.
      Note recent changes.
      Fix behavior of timed-build for logged-in users, as discussed in this
      Fix bug in order returns for more than one return.
      Allow year_end to be less than year_begin so that years in the date widget
      Make indentation of the BEGIN block consistent. (Whitespace-only change.)
      Make default behavior better for avoiding Perl signals problems.
      Use XHTML-compatible <b> tags.
      Add XHTML self-closing slash if wanted.
      Add a space before XHTML self-closing /, as per some spec somewhere. :)
      Fix indenting.
      Add spec-required content type.
      Fix custom onClick handling for image buttons (for custom confirmation
      Tolerate leading or trailing whitespace in input of usernames, unless
      Add directive to prepend a directory to Perl's @INC path for module loading,
      Add make_absolute_file routine. Kind of important since my commit of
      Fix typo in variable name.
      Fix test when running under en_US locale.
      Stop the [shipping] tag from setting mv_shipmode behind your back,
      Return a proper HTTP 404 error result code for missing pages in the
      Correct Interchange's handling of incoming requests where a form element
      Update copyright year.
      Remove redundant check, presumably a debugging leftover.
      Add new catalog directives:
      Add new catalog directive UserTrack, defaulting to Yes for backward
      Add new BounceReferrals catalog directive, a boolean option.
      Switch to 301 redirect, which may be better, or may not matter ...
      Sync manifest.
      Convert nonstandard SQL != to <> especially so it works with Vend::SQL_Parser.
      Make currency test more tolerant for locale display differences.
      Add sha1 filter and accompanying test.
      Ignore .git directory, used by Git repository mirror.
      Comment out noisy debug statements in new PreFork code.
      Correct description: allows only ASCII, not ISO-8859-1.
      Correct file description (database, not files), and remove outdated FSF address.
      Get rid of some declarations of unused lexicals.
      Make PreFork handle idle children more intelligently.
      Clean up some things in Vend::Server:
      Put back wrongly-removed comment block, though "serious programming" has
      Reduce noise for those of us who use Git:
      Support auto-cleared mv_credit_card_cvv2 if cvv2 isn't set, and send customer IP.
      Correct output of value-extended after successful file write.
      Fix typo and s/or/default/.
      Improvements to Interchange::Link:
      Add option to use a custom SQL function as a counter.
      A few minor config file tweaks.
      Fix misspelling.
      Allow empty field changes to stick, fixing "(none)" image selections.
      Add new database feature AUTO_NUMBER_FILE.
      Add new synonym [if var ...] = [if variable ...] to match the [var] tag.
      Remove all but one test template, since anyone can copy to make more.
      Note some recent changes.
      Various minor UTF-8 changes.
      Fix overly-tight MIME type matching.
      Add Protx2 payment module, compatible with Protx API 2.22, by Lyn St George (RT #9).
      Code cleanup after audit of Protx2 payment module.
      Sort locale file with C collation, to prepare for adding Croatian & Slovenian translations.
      Add new keys first from Croatian & Slovenian localization (RT #4).
      Add remainder of Croatian and Slovenian localization (RT #4).
      Commit little utility for merging tab-delimited text file tables.
      Remove "Test." message that showed up to some users (RT #126).
      Add new -o option, by Greg Sabino Mullane.
      Fix regexes that use UTF-8 inside a Safe compartment.
      Be more specific in logging for character set handling.
      Add UTF-8 support for GDBM.
      Change UserTrack behavior to better match expectations.
      Note UserTrack default change.
      Add new AutoloadEarliest catalog directive.
      Make global ActionMap input consistent with catalog ActionMaps (RT #48).
      Change AutoloadEarliest directive name to Preload.
      Clean up some whitespace (tabs vs. spaces). Whitespace-only change.
      Add many missing change descriptions, and clean up some whitespace.
      Add a few more change notes, and move UserDB changes under correct version.
      Add eg/check_perl_itl by Greg Sabino Mullane, for syntax-checking ITL [perl] and [calc] blocks.
      Correct comment; thanks, Davor.
      Ok, now check_perl_itl supports both calc and perl.
      Release text changes:
      Update to check_perl_itl from Greg Sabino Mullane to catch alternate Perl error string.
      Switch logic to check for success rather than many possible failures.
      Remove extra/ copied CPAN modules.
      Bump version number to 5.5.3.
      Now actually remove all of extra/ directory.
      Add new iclint tool for checking ITL syntax (roughly).
      Optimize empty [perl] blocks.
      Change syntax for option to use custom SQL as a counter.
      Document all changes since last release, based on commit messages.
      Upgrade note for 5.5.3 so far, and PostgreSQL 8.3.
      Convert some bash-specific syntax to standard Bourne shell (RT #194).
      Standardize indents for commented debug statements.
      Note Vend::Swish change, and upgrade ramifications of removed extra/ modules.
      Update copyright year.
      Fix regression in composite primary key DBI module.
      Prepare for Interchange 5.6.0, first release on new branch.
      Bump version to 5.7.0 and prep for new development.
      Have the makefile builder require Perl 5.8.0 like the rest of IC, and use old compatible numbering.
      Sync manifest.
      Sort customer orders by order date, descending (was arbitrary).
      Add name and id to list of [image] pass-through attributes.
      Allow SQL EXPLAIN and SHOW along with SELECT, for queries.
      Allow paragraph attributes such as <p align="center">.
      Allow explicit manual table exports even when NoExportExternal is enabled.
      Stick with standard /usr/bin/perl in the #! line.
      Start catching RPM building up to the present day.
      Support "secure cookies", which are sent only over SSL connections.
      Allow XML posts by e.g. Google Checkout, which broke in Interchange 5.6.0 (RT #219).
      Quell bogus warnings from Encode::Alias. Resolves RT #224.
      Bump version to 5.7.1, and update some instructions.
      Bump version to 5.7.1 and tone down Perl version note.
      Bump version to 5.7.1.
      Correct logic flaw that applied UTF-8 handling in some cases where it shouldn't have.
      Add lots of missing commit notices and clean up for release.
      Add missing files to manifest.
      Require Perl 5.8.5 or newer, and remove logic for various older versions.
      Sync manifest.
      Remove unnecessary calls to item_subtotal and thus the database.
      Fix two occasionally broken tests.
      Fix default shipmode due to incomplete [either] clause.
      Add new test of [value], $Values, and $Session->{values} equivalency.
      There is no INSTALL file, so mention README instead.
      Close <form action="..."> with missing quote.
      Fix indenting.
      Fix design flaw in the new child-process tag:
      Fixed rare bug that caused requests to / URL with a query string to fail, e.g.:
      Correct debug message.
      BounceReferrals changes:
      Add new SessionCookieSecure boolean catalog directive.
      Work around problem with Vend::CharSet from Safe, when using $Document->send().
      Remove nonexistent @jobs variable from debug message.
      Aesthetic change only. Match previous regex layout, and remove doubt about code after comment.
      Remove long-defunct Vend::Payment::BoA module.
      Remove defunct CyberCash payment module and related help and references.
      Last gasp of changes to deprecated Payflow Pro SDK v2/3 interface.
      Avoid possible problem with read-only variable table by using @@MV_PAGE@@ instead of @_MV_PAGE_ at .
      Add company name to shipping and billing addresses and filter output with evalue.
      Remove 6 .cvsignore files that were absorbed into the main .gitignore
      s/CVS/CSV/ to fix typo.
      Reference file in tree, not cvsweb anymore
      Remove now-useless CVS keyword expansions
      Use a single rm command (wow, high performance!)
      Remove email.tag that is an old version of standard UserTag/email.tag
      Remove more CVS keywords from non-central files
      Strip all remaining HTML (not just b/i/u tags) to output plain text
      Fix omission of media type in <link> output
      Recognize that AskTB is not a robot
      Update UI version to 5.7.1 to avoid metadata merge suggestion
      Sort by primary key for exports to tab-delimited files
      Interchange::Link: Detabify, remove version, clean up formatting a bit
      Remove CVV2/CSC from default credit card encrypted block template
      Add missing space to error message
      Remove superfluous SQLite configuration files (RT #283)
      Ignore MANIFEST.bak and Makefile.old
      Allow Interchange daemon to start with no Catalog declarations
      Unbuffer output as early as possible
      Specifically require Digest::SHA1 module
      Abort daemon startup when required module is missing and clean up error output
      Share objects in a single call to remove an unneeded extra method call
      Interchange::Link - Add NoBlankLines option and clean up error HTML
      Remove some bogus whitespace
      Add strip_html filter, which removes HTML tags
      Add missing WHATSNEW entries going back to last release on Nov. 13, 2008
      Update USPS international rate names and add script that fetches them
      Sync manifest
      Add new commit notes, and be consistent with present tense verbs
      Clear bogus execute bit on Vend::Payment::Getitcard
      Update PaypalExpress module from version 1.0.2 to 1.0.5
      Add GoogleCheckout and SagePay payment modules by Lyn St George
      Update copyright year in Standard demo page footer
      Fix test failing because 12/2008 is now in the past
      Move AllowedFileRegex from catalog into global configuration
      Prevent TemplateDir from circumventing NoAbsolute constraints
      Update PaypalExpress module to version 1.0.6
      Correct error message
      Update SagePay module to version 0.8.8 from Lyn St George
      Update GoogleCheckout payment module to 0.7.3 from Lyn St George
      Add new Worldpay payment module
      Note addition of SagePay, GoogleCheckout, and Worldpay modules
      Set $Vend::Cat as early as possible
      Make sure catalog TemplateDir directives are safe when NoAbsolute is set
      parse_relative_dir: Use standard absolute_or_relative() check
      parse_dir_array: Validate paths for NoAbsolute etc.
      Disallow abuse of writes via ErrorFile when NoAbsolute is set
      Fix bug that didn't tolerate relative TemplateDir settings
      Add jEdit mode files for Interchange
      Note latest commits
      Remove extraneous whitespace
      Add dump-memory, a low-level memory dump tool for debugging
      Sync manifest
      Allow passing custom JavaScript to country_select.widget
      Turn off bogus execute bit
      Sync manifest
      Bump version to 5.7.2 before release
      Fix UTF-8 handling with implicit content type of text/html (RT #317)
      Clean up crazy mix of tabs & spaces; whitespace-change only
      Increment package version and stop using RCS Revision tag

Jonathan Clark (22):
      Test commit.
      First part of Standard demo alterations
      Images for Standard's new CSS, new ICDEVGROUP logo at the bottom of the
      More Standard demo alterations:
      Change name from 'Foundation' to 'Standard'.
      More Standard demo alterations:
      More Standard demo layout alterations, new CSS definition.
      Remove spurious code from last commit.
      Fix code from last commit.
      Correct form field name.
      Correct form field name.
      Improvements to Net::SMTP email method:
      Make date header RFC compliant.
      Fix / simplify regexes.
      Fix Javascript quoting error.
      Make indirect_login work with auto-created users.
      Add in some useful settings, which otherwise would not really be documented.
      add directory used for table uploads.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Added class for sesion error box (used on login page)
      * Tidy up the page, separate login and new account functions.
      * add robot_expire plus comment so people know about it

Jonathan Walker (1):
      Added Tallyman context-sensitive help as basis for new help system.

Josh Lavin (2):
      Correcting incorrect default charset
      Linkpoint: Add CVV capability, and partial pay_cert payments

Jure Kodžoman (1):
      *  srcliteral attribute added to [button] tag. Setting srcliteral avoids the image existence check for the src attribute.

Kevin Walsh (220):
      If you put a UserTag in the interchange.cfg, get_system_code() will
      Tag code files with an unknown file extension will now be silently
      get_system_code() sub:
      Corrected a typo: 'posRoutine' used instead of 'PosRoutine'.
      The POSIX::strftime usage without a "use" was causing expireall to fail.
      Change directory to $Global::VendRoot before calling global_config().
      Set $Vend::ControllingInterchange = 1 before calling global_config()
      * Fixed a bug that would prevent $CGI::query_string variables from
      * Added some UserTag duplication checks:
      * Fixed a typo in the authorizenet globalsub, as reported by
      * Changed the $actual->{address} to $actual->{b_address}, which
      * This patch clears the following intermittent error:
      * Added Racke's "locking mode" patch to the development branch.
      * Changed the onfly sub, as called by the onfly UserTag, so that
      * Modified the previous "CGI mapping error" patch to use the
      * $vdb was not defined and was causing problems.  I set it to
      * Moved the "require File::Copy" to outside the sub.  The require
      * Handle shipping calculations by weight, price or other attributes
      * The vanity patch. :-)
      * Same as [calc] but does not interpolate by default.
      * Modified $StdTags - added tmp_no to :base and calc_no to :perl.
      * Renamed the tmp_no core tag to tmpn and calc_no to calcn.
      * Renamed the calc_no core tag to calcn and tmp_no to tmpn.
      * Modified the module in line with the [tmp-no] -> [tmpn] tag
      * Renamed tmp_no.coretag to tmpn.coretag.
      * Shiny new version of the mod_interchange module.  See the
      * Payment module to interface with the "Mainstreet Credit
      * Payment module for the TrustCommerce (www.trustcommerce.com)
      * Added a note about the new MCVE and TrustCommerce Payment
      * Changed the MV_SHIP_MODIFIERS variable to allow the modifier
      * Fixed a minor bug that prevented both the [next-anchor] and
      * Fixed a bug reported by John Young.  Mod_interchange was not
      * The POD documentation formatting was not quite right when
      * The Vend::Payment::TestPayment module allows developers to test
      * Mentioned the new Vend::Payment::TestPayment module.
      * Added the module identification to the Apache version string
      * Fixed a bug reported by Shawn Mathews.  The URILevels directive
      * Added a RobotHost directive to identify robots by hostname.
      * Added some RobotUA, RobotIP and RobotHost directives for use by
      * Added some text to the UPGRADE guide to cover the new duplicate
      * Added a 'filter' parameter to the [data] tag, as suggested
      * Changed the import to strip a CR as well as a LF from the
      * Only call gethostbyaddr() to look up the remote hostname if
      * Re-coded the [data] tag's filter paramater code as per Mike
      * Further enhanced the previous "strip line endings" patch to
      * Fixed a bug reported by Jeff Dafoe.  There are some instances
      * Modified [bounce] to accept a 'status' parameter.  This allows
      * Added the new HostnameLookups directive which allows Interchange
      * Listed the new 'HostnameLookups' global configuration directive.
      * [userdb function=logout clear=1] will now restore the appropriate
      * One last change to the 'No Robot directive present' fix.
      * Added an optional $min_digits parameter to the luhn() sub
      * Fixed a problem that prevented the following from working:
      * Allow the 'md' (mv_more_decade) paramater to be specified with
      * Fixed a security bug with [timed-build] where users could
      * Various patches to plug NoAbsolute-related security bugs when
      * Removed the previous Vend::Util::readin() patch and now perform
      * Implemented a proper (automatic) URILevels mechanism and removed
      * Listed the LICENSE and UPGRADE files in mini-manifest.
      * Fixed a typo.  The 'auth' value in the %type_map hash was
      * DirConfig now honours the current ParseVariables setting.
      * Fixed a weird bug where empty HTTP variables were being passed
      * Booked in a makecat patch that was created and tested by Carl
      * Fixed a bug reported by Jeff Dafoe.  The request information
      * Fixed the row_count (0E0) problem, as suggested by Jonathan Clark.
      * Fixed a bug reported by John Young in IRC.
      * Fixed a problem where the following worked:
      * Updated the documentation text after Paul Vinciguerra pointed
      * Old-style simple option updates were ineffective because the
      * Added a "x_ADC_Delim_Character" (set to \037, which is ASCII US)
      * Replaced the "days" parameter with "adjust" and added a "days"
      * Noted the [convert-date] change.
      * Changed a reference to mktime() to POSIX::mktime() to fix a bug
      * Always pass the customer's IP address as part of the payment
      * Fixed a weird bug where null HTTP variables were being passed
      * Changes made to mod_interchange between versions 1.29 and 1.30.
      * Vend::Payment::EFSNet module, written and donated by Chris
      * Commented out the ::logDebug() calls.
      * Re-created the missing 5.0.1 entries.
      * New version of the PRI.pm payment module, kindly provided by
      * Added the "roman" filter which converts an integer into a string
      * Set the filter's Visibility to "private".
      * Added a SUN_LEN() macro for those operating systems that don't
      * Removed unnecessary RPM spec file.  It's old, probably
      * Correct a CSS typo.
      * Recognise "GoogleBot", rather than just "Google", in the
      * The last "digit" of an ISBN code can be a "X" (meaning 10),
      * Prevent Interchange from tripping the DATE_SPAMWARE_Y2K (Date
      * Added "surf_pp air_pp" to the BA (Bosnia And Herzegowina) country's
      * Stop processing and return to the checkout if "there was an
      * If cookies are switched off in the user's browser and the user
      * When display="text", make sure that the currency text is always
      * Corrected the installation instructions in the README file.
      * Added the missing "use Vend::Dispatch" directive to prevent the
      * Removed the [fedex-query] tag, as Fedex pulled their API ages ago
      * Added NoReparse to, well, prevent reparsing the output for
      * Added en_GB "translation": English (British)
      * Patch for a DoS exploit, pointed out by Donald Alexander.  Thanks
      * Pass "%ENV" to Interchange, along with the other HTTP environment
      * Fixed a SearchOp bug reported by Tim Good in the interchange-users
      * Commented out the "Register (optional)" link for now.  It can be
      * The [sql-quote] sub-tag (in the [query] tag) didn't work properly
      * The NotRobotUA and RobotUA checks were being blocked when both
      * Fix an issue, reported by Carl Bailey, where links containing
      * Added a new $Vend::LockedOut internal flag to test for locked out
      * Fixed a CSS syntax error, reported by Paul Jordan in IRC.
      * Autovivification issue: The temporary mv_shipping cart was left
      * Corrected an <img> tag's "alt" parameter typo.
      * Removed the unused AdminHost global configuration directive.
      * Silently ignore invalid tables in the PageTables list.  Could
      * If Net::SMTP failes to instantiate then the $smtp variable remains
      * Make sure the "convert" parameter is set correctly, even if the tag
      * Allow "convert=0" to be passed to the [currency] tag to override the
      * Minor asthetics change:  Lower-cased all of the HTML tags returned
      * Allow [bounce ... statue="301"] to work properly with Interchange::Link.
      * Quick fix for a MSIE 7 problem reported by Richard Ball, who was
      * Swapped the <p> and </p> regexes so that the "\n" doesn't get eaten.
      * Further to the last commit that just "made it work", this commit
      * Removed a stray </li> closing tag.  Probably just a copy/paste error
      * Code made more efficient.
      * Efficiency fix (my eyes were offended).
      * New filter, designed to replace the date2time filter, which I suggest
      * Modified to allow this filter to be used as part of a filter chain,
      * Deprecated the "date2time" filter in favour of the new "datetime2epoch".
      * Split the Robot* directives into their own "robots.cfg" file to make
      * Racke suggested (in IRC) that the file would be more version control
      * Slight behaviour change:  Previously, if none of the parts (split
      * Removed the example ActionMap file.  Examples would be better placed
      * Re-arranged the entries into alphabetical order, for ease of
      * Typo in the CartTrigger event handler error message (used a plain '%'
      * Added some RSS feed readers and other non-browsers, as seen in the
      * Added a note about the various *Robot* directives having been moved
      * The "add_session" and "use_global" Jobs parameters now accept
      * Typo in the last commit.  I used if_yes() instead of is_yes() in
      * Periodic insertion of search engine robots, and other non-browsers,
      * Removed the "#!" magic from the top of the file.
      * Set the "currency_symbol" correctly for the en_GB locale.
      * Racke reminded me that I forgot about the text-only currncy symbol
      * Copy/paste typo.  I didn't get the comma at the end of the line.
      * Closing bug #83 (Fallback value for std_label uses deprecated
      * Closing bug #84 ([formel]: default value for signal option uses
      * Added a note to remind people to add a "contrast" class to their
      * Corrected some stupidity in my last commits:
      * Small correction to the "src" parameter to make it look for
      * Use the DescriptionField local configuration directive's value if
      * The "description" column name could be changed using either the
      * Variable interpolation problem with the $opt->{joiner} default.
      * Removed the extra "?" character from the front of the URI argument
      * Added "file" (readable file) and "executable" (executable file)
      * Make "Require usertag" check both the local and global UserTag
      * Twiceler experimental web crawler.
      * Allow comments to be attached to MySQL tables, as follows:
      * Added "file" (readable file) and "executable" (executable file) as
      * Allow table comments to be defined on PostgreSQL and Oracle too.
      *** empty log message ***
      * The [on-match] and [no-match] blocks have a reversed meaning when using
      * Added a new "scratchd" test type.  This is the same as "scratch"
      * Altered the DomainTail directive to take subdomains of various ccTLDs
      * Country-specific DomainTail recognition.
      * Added some more countries to the new DomainTail list.  That's enough
      * More DomainTail changes:
      * Fixed a bug in the new DomainTail regex.
      * Bumped the version number to 5.5.2, now that 5.5.1 has been released.
      * Bumped the version number in the files I missed in the last commit.
      * Created a new CountrySubdomains directive.  A predefined block
      * More non-browsers for the grinder.
      * Forgot the leading dot at the start of the subdomain list regex.
      * ::logDebug() shouldn't return anything at all.  This patch should
      * Updated the previous commit to use a "return" statement, rather
      * Aboid problems arrising from an undefined TemplateDir.
      * Fixed a copy/paste error in my last commit.
      * This was such a short patch that I didn't bother to test it.
      * I'm not sure what en_UK is, or even what the list is for, but I'm
      * Modified MaxQuantityField to support more than one quantity
      * Allow any whitespace in the MaxQuantityField list - not just actual
      * Noted the MaxQuantityField change.
      * Add a .html suffix to process pages if mv_add_dot_html is in effect.
      * Removed a stray debug comment.
      * Created a new [PREFIX-include] loop sub-tag.  This works just like
      * Added a UI_LOCALE key to the variale.txt file, as people don't
      * The yokels at Microsoft are using a bogus TLD for their MSN spider.
      * A bit of a cleanup.  Moved some of the tag/filter aliases out of
      * Allow comments (starting with "#" and ending with EOL) in the
      * Fixed something that looked like a security bug.  It seemed to me
      * Don't add a ".html" suffix to the "process" page URI if
      * UserTag aliases now allow names tags to be specified using hyphens
      * Fix to the "random" parameter used by looping tags.
      * Further to the previous patch.  It seemed a bit silly to keep the
      * Changed the filter description.  The user probably doesn't care
      * Allow saved shipping and billing addresses to be returned as a
      * Minor edit for asthetics only:  Lower-cased an opening <a> tag so
      * Don't delete the cart after saving if the new "keep" parameter
      * New "name" parameter for use with pre-defined scratches or
      * Allow localisation of the "No search was found" error message.
      * Applied Standard demo (pages/query/order_detail.html) patch from
      * More robots recognised.
      * Remove never-used dump command, which is only for the DBM sessions that
      * Allow [include] et. al. to scan the local TemplateDir as well as the
      * Added a backtrace() subroute that I find useful every now and again.
      * Changes in the _read() subroutine:
      * New SocketReadTimeout global configuration directive to control the
      * Fixed a security bug where an attacker could craft a URI that
      * New SessionReadTimeout global configuration directive.
      * Note about the recently-discovered special_pages/missing.html
      * The maximum order quantity code wasn't taking existing line
      * MinQuantityField and MaxQuantityField enforcement code change.
      * Added a cache to save on data lookups in the min/max quantity
      * I posted an incomplete patch, which has been completed now.  The
      * Run the UserDB postlogin_action code for "new_account" requests,
      * Noted the UserDB "postlogin_action" change.
      * Well, what can I say?  My earlier diagnosis of a problem turned out
      * Make the time format used when iso_time is in force comply with
      * Give the "flypage" SpecialSub the choice of returning a plain SKU
      * Changed the "card is expired" text to "card has expired".
      * Reverted my earlier change as it will break any translations people
      * Quote the image filename because it might contain spaces.
      * Committing Sonny Cook's UTF-8 patches, along with a fix for the
      * Added the new lib/Vend/CharSet.pm module to the manifest.
      * Added the Interchange copyright and GPL header comments.
      * Fixed the copyright attribution.  I just copied the header from

Mark Johnson (19):
      Adding support for negative indexes on PREFIX-pos constructs.
      * Making explicit the various implicit dependencies between PreFork,
      * Unlinking the existing session file before re-writing it causes a race
      * Keep warnings and errors separated out. String eval handles $@ as the
      Extend set_slice() to allow control of upsert behavior.
      * Added commented-out description and pragma usage for new dml pragma
      * Making set_slice() reliably accept the field/value pairs as simple args
      Severs the shared database connection between parent and child when forking an
      Request from Jon Jensen and Randy Moore (interchange-users message
      Map from Josh Lavin for countries in country.txt that need to be changed
      Removing optimization that seems like a good idea but fails under some
      Vend::Payment::PayflowPro - gateway module for PayPal Payflow Pro HTTPS POST
      * Add support for SHA1 encrypted userdb passwords.
      Correcting inverted truth condition on RESULT for when to run check_sub.
      New Global Timeout feature for payment gateways.
      * Moved DBI InactiveDestroy code into its own subroutine to keep it from
      * New DowncaseVarname config. Given a space- or comma-delimited list of CGI
      New directive SourceCookie - support for persistent affiliate tracking.
      Fix problem restarting daemon in PreFork mode

Mark Lipscombe (2):
      Send correct level 2 card data with AuthorizeNet module
      Fix remote disclosure security vulnerability

Mike Heins (2224):
      Initial import of changed Challenger with UI instead of Minimate.
      - Minor improvements to demo log_transaction and mail_receipt files
      Added usertag directory, changed ui.cfg to match. (Apparently you can't add
      Error in docs (ACTION=refresh instead of VALUE=refresh) fixed.
      Added Windows tlink file (requires cygwin.dll)
      UI/pages/admin/item_edit: changed action to "ui", formerly would not work to submit.
      Config.pm: fix for octal() call
      Major changes to UI. Added new setup vars, made standard UI_STD_DBEDIT_HEAD
      * Updated leftside menu to contain Customer service options like login,
      Modified Files:
      - Major changes with regard to namespace.
      Added VariableDatabase which takes effect at time of call in
      Quite a few changes:
      --	Fixed long-standing bug where CGI->{separate_items} doesn't override
      Added logic to insert empty row when $db->set_field() causes something
      Changes to demos:
      Updated MANIFEST and files to include admin images with "simple".
      Added tag which can set multi-keyed hashes in a database.
      Made field names match; changed if_mm to work with tables.
      pages/admin/error_item.html pages/admin/flex_select.html
      Added spreadsheet edit page (still needs cosmetics.) Fixed row_edit
      Added db_hash tag which accesses hash references within db fields.
      Many demo changes to accommodate payment and taxing admin.
      Added "owner" field to products database.
      Many changes to demo:
      Added payment functionality to UI.
      *** empty log message ***
      Minor changes to config.
      Added Vend::Table::LDAP module and appropriate support. Author: Mike Frager
      Minivend program change, merely looks for Net::LDAP and includes if
      * imagedir widget type; changed directory location to 'outboard' instead
      Fixed bug in non-Term::ReadLine routine -- prevented
      -- Added Affiliates manager
      Added/subtracted make_gnumeric file.
      Added links to Order stats, made selectable by date.
      Added colons_to_null and null_to_colons Filter.
      Added "no meta display" option.
      Changed bad link to __UI_BASE__/menu.
      -- Minor changes to button builder
      Improved label for "Tax shipping" checkbox.
      Moved big order_button_build profile to Global::Profiles.
      Cleaned up env_vars so that HTML tags wouldn't cause problems.
      dist/simple/mysql/affiliate.mysql, dist/barry/mysql/affiliate.mysql - Fixed typo
      Fixed failure to change Archive/View next to Unarchive/View next.
      Intermediate stage prior to CVS update.
      Added limiting of reports to logged-in affiliate.
      Return fields now put in.
      Added shipping mode editor. There is a ways to go to make this
      Fixed minor shipping bugs/deficiencies:
      Added WWW-based UPS lookup tag.
      Bug fixes in shipping UI.
      Added UPSORIGIN question to demo.
      Modified Files:
      Modified Files:
      Major changes to access manager. Means modifying nearly every file
      Added mv_start_match to find first key matching specification.
      mvtags.pod is generated at distribution build.
      Adjusted manifest for Perl package.
      Adjusted again. Final?
      Modified catalog_after.cfg so that default is default profile.
      Added customer menu to Quicklinks.
      Subsidiary page to admin/entry.html
      Allows POS orders to be placed through customer manager.
      Added different authentication database for UI.
      Added different auth database for UI.
      Added needed fcounter tag (used in POS admin/entry.html routes.)
      Added __UI_HELP_BASE_URL__ to redirect help.
      Added base help URL.
      The whirlwind swept through. 8-\
      Removed reference to regen.html
      Removed UI locales until functional.
      Added page definition templates.
      Added page templates.
      Multiple changes to support Interchange demo.
      Updated icon for help / errors.
      Various changes to demo.
      Added extra template for barry.
      Removed basic catalog from options in makecat.
      Added missing edit images.
      Corrected bad link for ui_download action.
      Changed docs to reflect name Interchange. Obviously, there are still
      Changed Interchange name all over, minor exceptions being mvfaq.pod and
      Added QuickStart and edited README. Fixed a few image/splash page
      Removed uncessessary files.
      Modified icon_people.gif and powered_by.gif. Fixed splash HTML.
      Removed mvlogo.png from images used.
      Minor manifest adjustments.
      Minor splash page update.
      Added formatting changes to UI index.
      Fixed missing log_entry order route.
      Fixed table layout problem.
      Updated to new Barry.
      Changes to page editor.
      Removing old barry prior to adding new.
      Added new barry.
      Removing old barry!!!!!
      Removing old barry!
      Adding barry piecemeal, I guess.
      Adding barry piecemeal.
      Mod yet again.
      Removing directories and files.
      Final remove!
      Added formatting to pages in multi, removed login automatically by default
      Adde proper formatting to special_pages directory.
      Changed Barry's name to proper string.
      Fixed lack of payment interface link.
      Added warning about removing .old and .old~ files left from
      Added logic showing difference between admin login and user login.
      Added logic noting difference between admin login and user login.
      Fixed image path.
      Added multiple security fixes.
      Made big progress on UI layout editor.
      Changed mail_receipt to use multipart_alternative.
      Fixed escaping [else] in leftside/leftonly
      Made pod version of Quickstart.
      Multiple security fixes, tightening up opens with explicit "< $filename".
      Beginning of IPC to perl programs, doesn't yet work.
      Temporary version update for history -- real update is next.
      Added option attributes to display, now can better use metadata
      Added item-specific metadata to meta links (gated by ui_meta_specific)
      Update prior to removal
      Now not necessary, replaced in toto with layout.html
      Not necessary.
      Committing prior to removal.
      Added some content handling for viewing images, etc.
      Added no meta display link
      Fixed window name problem on some OSes (no strftime %s)
      Major change to layout setting. This is just an intermediate save; there
      Added mv_more_id as a variable mapping in etc/varnames
      Fixed the index_database routine -- never worked with [index ...] in MV4.
      Numerous changes, as usual.
      Fixed state/province check routines. Thanks to Jeff Carnahan.
      Added mv_more_id support.
      Added mv_more_id support.
      Fixed problem with internal HTTP server returning bad status line for
      Fixed problem with DumperX being called when not present due to Storable
      Finally! Found source of mv_credit_card_info being saved when it isn't
      Added AUTO_NUMBER support to Table/DBI, and improved autonumbering.
      Made sure we had some search_files even when MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE gets hosed.
      Added rpc_dispatch for IPC stuff, not yet functional.
      This allows the old AsciiBackend from Minivend 3 to work.
      Added popular convert_date tag.
      Major, major, changes.
      [backup-file] now works.
      Made meta-edit enabled via Preferences page.
      Added prepend/append capability for meta-display, used for imagedir type.
      Added preferences editor.
      Changes to make the New Barry demo fit the layout editor. Changed
      Added new merchandising table.
      Intermediate changes in simple prior to major update.
      Minor docs changes.
      Added new, flexible bar_link subroutine that works with the layout
      Added Mall Yes to prevent multi-catalog screwups.
      Changed various mysql definition files to add DEFAULT_TYPE text.
      Removed bad index statements from pgsql definitions.
      Adjustments and finagling after testing of latest software. Many minor changes
      Temporary SPEC release 2. Recommend future specs saved with full
      Changed bar_link subroutine for templated results, added link_prop to
      Added link_template field for templated links in site layout.
      Added convenience link for CC test.
      Added convenience link for CC test.
      Removed NOT NULL from all PostGres database definitions.
      Added link to generated page.
      Adding for beginning of page edit scheme.
      Fixed bug in chmod of individual_track and track files for routes.
      Fixed bug in query for shipping.
      Made dump_structure go to the ConfDir so that permissions can be easier
      Added CRYPTPW setting so that we can allow the user to select the
      Small action hook for page editing and other passthrough behavior.
      Changes for user-selected admin password.
      Added UI_ITEM_EXPUNGE define to set the tables you want to delete
      Added framed menu.
      Fixed bug where _uid was not remembered.
      Framed index, quicklinks on left.
      Normal adjustments.
      Added ability to redo action loop for ui_wrap.
      Skeleton for page component editor.
      Fixed typo.
      Beginnings of component editor.
      Fix window context in frames mode.
      Fix type in unescaping variable.
      Comments added.
      Added hooks for UI component editor.
      Minor changes.
      Set a variable temporarily (or forever if in foreground).
      Added others_bought field for that feature.
      Added field others_bought for that feature.
      Added Construct something.
      Adding Construct something.
      Adding Construct Something....
      Remove obvious backup.
      Partial chnage for templating.
      *** empty log message ***
      Adding templating.
      Putting in templating and proper images....
      *** empty log message ***
      Adding in correct images.
      Added extensions directory, with first extension quickbooks.
      Symlink to ic_qb.pod.
      Fixed the field_accessor() routine, which probably never has worked.
      Improved error handling on import.
      Added "tabbed" filter.
      Fixed Special handling of salestax.asc
      Fixed bug in require for @mods_to_get -- thanks Stefan.
      Removed bad Variable settings that caused problem with variable.txt
      Added "others who bought this" functionality.
      Added order routes that can be set in UI. (ORDER_ROUTES variable, falls back
      Added configurable -p -u option for SQL admin due to popular demand.
      Added description field for better working with on-the-fly items.
      Added ORDER_ROUTES variable (variable).
      Updated SQL definitions for inventory.
      Added description field to orderline for better integration with on-the-fly items.
      Added description field to orderline for better integration with on-the-fly items.
      Broke ORDER_ROUTES out into variable.txt setting, falls back to old
      Broke ORDER_ROUTES out into variable.txt setting, falls back to old
      Added -p -u user option capability to SQL configuration of makecat, by
      Added on-the-fly item capability to button builder.
      Fixed framing problem.
      Fixed error message -- thanks Stefan!
      Added build-related link to site design section.
      Added support for orderline description field (on-the-fly items).
      Minor changes. compedit.html is still junk.
      Page editor stuff, not yet working.
      Hide auto-export from non-super users.
      Fixed HIDDEN meta type, thanks Stefan.
      Added on-the-fly support to transaction logging.
      Remove logging.
      Removed spurious back button.
      Patched to prevent Safe errors on subtotal() tag.
      Updated defaults for "Special" so that the default matches actual practice.
      Added .autoload capability -- this allows you to set up an environment
      Added two new tags:
      Added ability to set Pragma: no-cache with [set mv_no_cache]1[/set]
      Removed Tallyman links and titles.
      Added merchandising for "Others who bought this".
      Removing for sure!
      Obvious backup file.
      Interim rework of the "construct" demo.
      Renamed thumbs to thumb to fit other catalogs.
      Breaking out mysql dirs.
      Breaking out mysql dirs.
      Breaking out mysql dirs.
      Breaking out mysql dirs.
      I cannot figure out what goes on with CVS when modifying trees,
      Still trying to change the tree.....
      Still trying to do this, still saying I am modding more files than
      Adding etc/ship_notice file that works with order_status.
      Removed lots of stuff from catalog.cfg.
      Minor data changes. Added some new admin images. Added etc/ship_notice
      Updated file navigator to fix a couple of bugs.
      Major changes.
      Too many changes to describe. Highlights
      Broke out item editors for merchandising, inventory, etc.
      Not really ready yet.
      Old box-based flex_selector, maybe handy.
      New name for report editor.
      New order status / shipping notice program.
      Broke out some customer editors.
      Session dumper tag, including find of recent sessions.
      Added support for multi-table editors.
      Added UI_IMG variable for prepending a global admin image directory.
      Added file => name attrAlias to counter.
      Removed CyberCash 2 stuff.
      Added dbdump option to xml_generator tag, not yet tested.
      Minor data changes, added some admin images.
      Added etc/ship_notice to basic, may not work right.
      Added new menu variables to catalog_before.cfg, fits new U.
      No change, just debug.
      Added multi_table updates to ::update_data.
      Minor changes to pages, mostly images.
      Fixed problem in transaction file.
      Removed DumpStructure, will add instead to UI.
      Removed dependency on simple catalog in distro, @re_dir.
      Oops. Re-added these.
      Removed simple, barry, basic, win from distribution.
      Changed sel field in "cat.txt" to match keys in area database.
      Changed default search_type to DbSearch on $db->query(). This makes much
      The shared admin images, waiting for installer support.
      Added help for using the CVS distribution. Feel free to improve this!!!
      -- Added GUESS_NUMERIC to allow guessing of numeric status of fields.
      Remove debug that slipped through.
      Fixed bug in fixed-field pricing I must have introduced at
      Fixed type (thanks Stefan) and templated/skinned colors.
      Removed garbage file.
      Minor templating change.
      Fixed problem with numeric sort.
      Added link to "info" page.
      Major changes to layout, no real changes to functionality.
      Added quicklinks access, for me if noone else.
      Improve error message in makecat.PL (Stefan)
      Made it look a bit better, but ideas are welcome.
      Changes in template colors and defs.
      Updated to remove junk file and add shared admin images.
      Fixed some problems in order profile:
      Minor image change in stock-alert.html
      Fixed default "username" and "time" field names to match the defacto standard
      Removed bug where numeric value in $db->inc_field() could be quoted.
      Fixed _postcode bug where it would succeed no matter what.  Thanks to
      Remove wild debug statement.
      Made template definition files easier to read and maintain,
      Modified to work with new read_ui_template....
      Changed flex_editor calls to item_*. Removed [tmp cross_edit...] stuff.
      Added link to permissions. Made mv_click things into [button ...].
      Added new information on page. Links to admin/dbinfo.html, extended Perl
      Database information. Limited to called table with mv_arg=table, or all
      Added support for finding Perl version, extended Perl info, error log locations,
      Removed src=image for "Delete Administrator" button.
      Added conditionals for main menu items based on permissions.
      Added CSS definitions.
      Added links to "Apply Changes" and "Log out".
      Removing, now using list-based selector.
      Added scratchd tag to delete scratches at time of use.
      Breakout of "New page" function to separate dialog.
      Add ability to add options before lookups (add -none- option, for example).
      Canonicalize ui_data_fields, check for non-existent fields.
      Trying to commit this pup!
      Update image paths with @_UI_IMG_ at .
      Update image paths with @_UI_IMG_ at .
      Added exclude option.
      Change delimiter for item_id_left from TAB to comma.
      Add delete items and edit in sequence checkboxes.
      Adjust return-to paths so that sequential edit works.
      Remove create new page dialog, change to link to page_new.html.
      Add ability to change template.
      Update image paths with @_UI_IMG_ at .
      Update image paths with @_UI_IMG_ at .
      Changed menus, updated default colors.
      Updated image paths with @_UI_IMG_ at .
      Changed filter for zip to "word" instead of "digits".
      Changed name of control_minivend to control_interchange.
      Added look for interchange.pid file.
      Changed minivend.cfg to interchange.cfg (with fallback)
      Updated to find either interchange.cfg or minivend.cfg
      Reflect distribution.
      Change minivend.cfg to interchange.cfg, etc.
      Remove wild file.
      Changing more stuff from minivend to interchange.....
      Removing old scripts, no longer really needed.
      Change default PIDfile name to interchange.pid.
      Started changes to interchange.cfg, etc.
      Change to interchange.pid ....
      *** empty log message ***
      No comment.
      No comment.
      Remove old Tallyman file.
      No comment.
      Modified image -- the "ducky".
      Modification to pick up correct .pid file name.
      Added column_exists routine to GDBM/DB_File/LDAP, surprised we survived this
      Adding new templating stuff....
      Start of the construct commit, changes in templating and commenting.
      New DB configuration setup.
      New construct pages directory with templating set up.
      Changed templating to use __NOLEFT_TOP__ and __NOLEFT_BOTTOM__. Changed
      No longer used.
      Sorry, no software I take care of will send HTML-only email. 8-)
      Modified splash page to actually work.
      Templating changed, only the catalog config files are left here.
      Modified to add GUESS_NUMERIC to UPS dbs. I hope I made Postgres work
      Final construct changes. Well, not really. But we will see if the
      Relocated log files.
      No comment.
      Added UI_IMG = __MVC_SHAREURL__ for admin image setup.
      Changed SHAREURL to reflect /akopia/ui/ prefix.
      Remove img= from Delete button to prevent image-based button.
      Bold "Place Order".
      Removed timestamp definition from PGSQL to avoid import error.
      Brought Postgres database defs up to date.
      No comment.
      No comment.
      Removed boo-boo of field "user" in recurring_orders.
      Removing more DB fields named "user".
      Tried to bring WHATSNEW up to date.
      Add field to construct for "others who bought this"
      Add check for Environment, SafeUntrap global directives.
      Fix type mismatch preventing Postgres order reports.
      Added a couple more things, also...  fixed very sneaky ROWSPAN=12
      Prevent stripping of &nbsp; in textarea save of pages, verified with diff(1).
      Changed to full-width page, looked bad otherwise. Easily changed by
      Added "others who bought this" widget.
      Fixed bug in newline handling of content area -- now pages are identical
      Removed logGlobal statement, changed to ::logDebug for now. Will comment
      Removed problem with MVSEARCH query fallthrough where no $s->{fi} is present.
      Made better setting for SafeUntrap, added comment.
      Adjust menus to add "others who bought...", something to Content submenu.
      Fixed table widths for this template, prevent extra-large table.
      Whitespace change, created during testing of page_edit.
      Added patch to handle mysql dates -- from Stefan.
      Better multiple-select select handling. If the type is MULTIPLE SIZE=N,
      Added upsell to bottom of page, selectable via the upsell editor.
      Added upsell at bottom and "others who bought this" in box.
      Added upsell components.
      Improved upsell code generation.
      Removed bad Usertag "counter".
      Added permanent ::logDebug statement for failed (by table relocate) DBI query.
      Fixed bug in counter routine, calling non-existent subroutine.
      Slight improvement in item editor display.
      In absence of data input from marketing, did some hurried upsell stuff.
      Templating colors, would be nice to do more.
      Better UI_ITEM_FIELDS choice.
      Improved numbering of new items, start with "new0001" so no conflicts.
      Now shows cross-sell=Yes with either cross_sell or cross_category set.
      No comment.
      Please don't edit database files with text editors unless you know what you are
      Added symlink facility to link bin/minivend to interchange.
      Fixed splash page (put http:// in front of __MVC_SERVERNAME__).
      Fix default I screwed up fo ShareURL. Add processing to guarantee trailing
      Fixed typos and spelling errors.
      Change add_trailing_slash post-process for ShareURL back to
      Fix UI_IMG to match installer.
      Fix for typos found by Stefan.
      Canonicalized error bounces.
      Got sick of the problems with filename.old laying around and causing
      Adding images for gift certs.
      Minor changes to barry and simple to improve compatibility with
      Remove dist/compat from distribution.
      Remove Minivend 3 compatibility stuff.
      Fixed hardcoded /construct paths in metadata.
      Removing old Minivend RPM specs.
      No comment.
      Fix a couple of src="admin/bg.gif" problems.
      Added NoImportExternal to prevent ever importing external databases like
      Fixed syntax error.
      Fix Perl 5.006 warning on \w-, which used to be valid regex syntax.
      Fix improper split statement in comma-separated index routine.
      Fix warning about CORE::ref.
      Fix a couple more warnings.
      Fix warning about variable defined twice.
      Fix various minor warnings.
      Move $Global::VendRoot initialization inside BEGIN where it belongs.
      Fix more warnings....
      Fix warnings....
      One or two more MINIVEND->INTERCHANGE changes.
      Fixed UID in Makefile.PL that was preventing RPM build.
      Fixed bug in hashref routine for query. This fixes a reported problem
      Added update of login_table to make login via new_account
      Fixed syntax error.
      Made new_account() creation log in via $self->login() to guarantee
      s/new Vend::\w+Search()/new Vend${1}Search/;;
      Fixed bug in product_code_exists_ref which prevented proper description
      Change to flex_select to allow edit even if no mv_metadata table.
      Removed empty subroutine reference, mapped [search] to [search-region].
      Fixed [log file=">file"] data [/log].
      Fix search variant to addAttr for extra params.
      Added regression test directory with 127 tests to begin with.
      Removed old MV4 what's new.
      Added at flag write on the products table to allow DBM types to
      Removed redundant set_row code in Vend::Data::set_field. Prevents SQL
      Added option=country to make country sticky in account maintenance.
      Added skip for dist/test/, added UPGRADE_FROM_MV3 (still not usable).
      No comment.
      Got at least a start on this. If you find a gotcha, please add it.
      Fixed problem with reference to "minivend.cfg" for BSD.
      -- Fixed bug in flag type=checkhtml (not setting implicit value of 1).
      Added autonumbering on "Create new". Needs additional parameter ui_item_new
      Added description info to table listing.
      Various additions and fixes:
      First baby steps in better page/component editors.
      These pages now honor ui_filter:field.
      Updated convert_date with some things I did long ago and far away:
      Added settable filter in call.
      Fixed minor bug in [js] .* [/js].
      Added filter capability.
      Made ui_control widget element names case-insensitive.
      Fixed wrong permission for content menu display.
      Removed minivend.cfg from chown list, shouldn't have been there
      Start on description of mv_metadata, which even I am starting to get
      Added docs for NoImportExternal -- thanks to Stefan for providing.
      Fixed Change Display button.
      Apply Stefan's patch for do_tag error handling (tag name not logged).
      Added warning about interface not working properly if needed
      Added explicit click requirement to view active sessions, needed to
      Added support for listing sessions for Knar ACTIVE_SESSION_MINUTES.
      Added Knar key SHIPPED_STATUS for checkbox status, so that it isn't hardcoded
      * Added __UI_C_CONTRAST__ key for red/emphasized text.
      Added set parameter so that $Values->{$opt->{name}} can be overridden.
      Added file upload capacity for page editor.
      Added honor of Vend::Quiet in config_warn. Is this wise?
      _ tolerance in [/prev-anchor]. Thanks to the eyes of Bill Randle.
      Added UI_HELP_HEIGHT and UI_HELP_WIDTH defaults to allow configurable
      Moved static $Self definitions to CONFIGURATION VARIABLES section.
      Set to remove error messages when running.
      Allowed multiple second-level menus with exclude_on parameter no_dbmenu. Added
      Added third field to preferences edit to allow new entries.
      Maybe made the page banner work.
      Fixed bug that put tracking percentages way off (variable in single-quoted
      Added group/user selection to second-level menu.
      Fixed second-level menus appropriately.
      Added second level menu exclude parameter "exclude_on". Only in Admin menu
      Fixed lack of clear_values for Scratch.
      Modified for DELETE to work properly, added some messages.
      Added support for DELETE.
      Changed sort in customer and order so that only current set is sorted.
      Added new "move_combo" display type for tag_accessories.
      Change begin_string and bound stuff to work with International characters
      Fix bug in option_format filter.
      Remove addItem() JavaScript routine now standard in UI_STD_HEAD.
      Remove addItem() Javascript function now standard.
      Made return handling a bit better.
      Removed "options" from dbconfig meta view.
      New "meta" editor display.
      Now allow setting flex_editor default fields in meta field "options".
      * Added ALT for images (ALT=x for bg.gif, ALT=line for lines).
      Adjusted image paths to use __UI_IMG__.
      Added addItem() JavaScript to handle move_combo display type.
      Added "tables" to little menu below. Added conditional to not present Tables
      Added display_filter field to mv_metadata.asc, more on that later.
      Updated to add display_filter.
      Removed not-needed extra select from mv_metadata.
      Deleted old spec file (I hope that is OK... 8-)
      No comment.
      Added more move_combo support, fixed problem with base_entry in
      Resolved Bug #4, minor indentation problem.
      Change help name tags.
      Fix Bugzilla ID#10, cannot delete reports.
      Added tag to give back filter names.
      Page to edit and add options for selected fields.
      Improve templating. This will be a long process, but we have to start
      Added "--none--" or other default options for tables, columns, filters.
      Allow temporary override of table permission check, for the add_meta_option
      Improved error message for table_perm.
      Improved templating and removed debug.
      Added b_company.
      Added b_country.
      Removed mod_time values to prevent problems with PostgreSQL and other
      Hash lists:
      Removing these old components.
      Major template changes for promotions/merchandising.
      Major template changes.
      Added results page for Gift certificate.
      Used new [if-item-field table column eq ''] feature to display differently
      Added break widget, now allow height/width for certain widget types.
      Feature --> Promotion
      Fixed permission tag for items menus.
      Fixed empty-field problem that caused zero fields to show empty
      Feed through height/width from tag if present, probably should just
      Fixed zero-in-field problem, added rows/cols options to [widget].
      Feature --> Promotion.
      Changed not-used related_cat field to template_page.
      New template type.
      Miniscule change to products MySQL def.
      Add b_company, change fcounter to counter in barry and simple templates.
      Changed out old component.
      Minor formatting changes.
      Started bug_report.html for internal use, but stymied by Bugzilla insisting
      Added page to allow easy SKU selection for upsell/cross-sell.
      No comment.
      Resolve Bug ID 14, image size/location problem. Thanks to Jeff Carnahan
      Remove wild CSS pieces in individual pages.
      Add times_ordered field update, change "others_bought" to a per-user basis.
      Remove wild CSS statements.
      Update sku_selector to include SKU in display, remove wild search-string
      Add css-based font-family statement.
      Add capability to preload and override the column values of a table.
      Added times_ordered field.
      Adding credit_card images.
      Added POSTAL_BILLING to payment page.
      * Fixed problem with CyberCash not setting b_name with b_fname
      * Added "you must apply changes for changes to take effect" to
      * Allow setting of default mv_searchtype to "db" if Variable
      Remove references to mv_table_*, never implemented.
      Remove debug statement.
      * Promotions are now timed and set to "expired" when finish date
      * Image uploader improved. Now can select to rename the file to
      Removed misguided redirector for reconfig (don't want to return to quicklinks).
      Removed hard-coded set to ui_class=Items, allowing Merchandising menu to
      Minor changes to remove wrong 3.x stuff in mvdocs.pod.
      Removed redundant script.
      Add script to install perl modules even if not root.
      * No need to save template in page, is optional.
      Add _UI_URL_VALUE_ macro to allow URL-escape of value for passing.
      Remove debug statement.
      New templating for page editor and merchandising choices.
      Page template changes, no longer carried in page automatically.
      Updated affiliates editor with URL finder/displayer, etc.
      Fixed annoying "rotate without file name" error.
      Settable item and merchandising list sizes.
      Bring catalog data up to date with template. Mostly metadata and merchandising
      Add commonly-asked-for tag to distribution usertag library.
      No comment.
      Someone is saving images from clipped source!!!!!
      Remove admin images now in /akopia/ui.
      Remove redundant images.
      Fixed out-of-stock indication for gift_cert.
      Added __MVC_SQLUDATE__ variable to fix timestamps for various OS.
      Fix bug with new noprompt.
      Remove Storable prompt (can be called with perl Makefile.PL storable=1)
      Change reference of "simple" to "construct".
      Fix typo.
      Fix downloadable content errors now that simple is not the default distribution.
      * Removed old CPAN stuff, which never worked well. Changed it to
      Debugged so it should work with:
      Fixed metadata problem with upsell/SKU selector.
      Changed date fields in merchandising to start_date and finish_date.
      Changed hard-coded _field to __MVC_FIELDMUNGE__
      Added __MVC_FIELDMUNGE__ to "comment" field references.
      Fixed wrong reference to __MVC_DOCUMENTROOT____MVC_IMAGEURL__, doesn't
      FIELDMUNGE metadata changes.
      Changed size__FIELDMUNGE__ to size__MVC_FIELDMUNGE__
      Fixed country database files to have Peru -- also corrected many countries
      Changed Burma to Myanmar.
      Added [match-count] tag to [more-list], remove dependency on action-at-a-distance
      Replaced [value mv_search_match_count] with new [match-count] in appropriate
      Minor country change.
      Fixed faults in cross_* causing display of empty item, missing title.
      Changed so that pressing "Buy List" would not buy one of empty
      Changed method of UPPERCASE resolution to simply making both uppercase and
      Changed image files per Jeff Barr and Omar. I am still not exactly sure
      Added FIELDMUNGE a couple more places.
      Actual UPPERCASE changes.
      FIELDMUNGE beginnings for barry and simple.
      * Changed MYSQL to present default of "" at first, as well as
      Found another case where 'finish' was used instead of 'finish_date'
      Fix "affiliate headquarters". This is not linked in, as it is not finished.
      Backed out bogus affiliate update, added in proper stuff.
      Apply some of Stefan's bug fix for -f -- changed to -c.
      No comment.
      Added error check in row_hash (it is implied with fetchrow_hashref, but
      Made TAXFIELD in preferences work for Construct.
      Connection routine for AuthorizeNet version 3 using the 'ADC Direct Response'
      CREDITS update.
      Added multiple-file upload capability for use with gnumeric.
      Added multiple-file upload capability.
      Resolve Bugzilla enhancement #29.
      Improved annotation of some items.
      Improved error message when bad coordinated search.
      Replaced $Global::ConfigFile reference in dump_structure call with
      Fixed bug in Control.pm, change_catalog_directive and change_global_directive
      Allow multiple files to be preset in $Scratch->{mv_deliver}.
      Remove redundant admin images (now kept in share/akopia). Should reduce
      Change hard-coded reference to products::price field to [price ...] tag.
      Changed all instances of ui_auto_export to mv_auto_export.
      Fixed variable suicide problem pointed out by Jean-Philippe Bouchard
      Added XLS read/write for export/import.
      Added some beginning help for the admin/dbdownload page.
      Change to add warning about lines longer than 255 characters.
      Added mv_metadata changes to support multiple table export.
      Added call to Vend::Parse to make catalog-based UserTag available to
      Fix problems with linked downloads of Gnumeric and XLS.
      Fixed bug that prevented Microsoft-generated XLS files from importing.
      Make different databases locatable in different directories with DIR
      Fix type of LINK_HOST where LINK_PORT should be. Thanks to minivend at delionsweb.net.
      Change [item-field title] to [item-description] for some semblance
      Remove nocase => 1 parameter that exposes a bug in Iniconf.pm.
      No comment.
      Added instructions on how to get around out-of-sync MANIFEST.
      * Added included_from pointer so that we know where the database
      (Removed some of my old amateurish Perl.)
      Changes to reflect new features in tag_checked and tag_selected.
      Fix locale problem with sprintf needing known number formats.
      Fix improper use of safe_sprintf in picture_format. Also, set
      Fix bad value (0s insteald of os) in merchandising.txt.
      Fixed image paths discovered when I ran new CVS checkout (delete of
      Remove hard-coded dependency on short title field named 'description'
      Fix problem where [item-exec] would not pick up $Values, $Variable etc. until
      Add "from" parameter to routes to allow setting "From: " email
      Fixed [item-subtotal] not accepting noformat=1.
      Add locale=1 to [include ....] so that [L] [/L] will be interpreted if desired.
      Add test to warn about no DBM.
      Resolve bug id 76.
      Added documentation for "SessionType NFS".
      Fix loss of ISINDEX capability.
      Fix call of non-imported routine, reference from main package. (Why isn't
      Fixed failure to test for record_exists before calling $db->field().
      Resolve bug ID 77.
      Added workaround for DBI bug (eating $@ on install_driver).
      Added some items from CVS logs.
      Added online help for Gnumeric and XLS import.
      Minor edits.
      Fix typo (error vs. errors) preventing no-items error from being seen
      Fix problem when setting ProductFiles with setlocale().
      Allow internationalization of error messages in UserDB. (More work may need
      Fixed scoping problem with override from user image upload.
      Fix bad call to Vend::Imagemap::action_map, must be just the action_map
      Fix bugs in or-ed searches in DbSearch, fix mv_search_relate bugs.
      Fix problem with nu parameter getting out of sync in mv_sql_query.
      Adding a few more examples...
      Fixed problem where coordinated search of op=rm would not
      Fix a couple of hard-coded mv_metadata references preventing renaming
      Fixed problem with added carriage returns in template definition.
      * Added check for not being able to determine current directory
      Fixed problem with ProductFiles reparse causing problems with Subcatalogs.
      Fixed bug in chaining code, could leave trailing comma on field name,
      * Added direct perl-created lists for passing to [loop ...].
      Fix problem with ProductFiles resolution in loops. The Vend::OnlyProducts
      Define UI_ITEM_DESCRIPTION to handle people who zero their variable.txt
      Fix field size for price_group.
      Add ChopBlanks to this table, resolve part of bug ID 116.
      Make "NoAbsolute Yes" the default in distribution config.
      Fix bug that prevented cached DBI connections.....big speed increase.
      Apply patch supplied by Hans-Joachim Leidinger <jojo at buchonline.net> that
      Add JoJo to credits.
      Fixed bug in ui_date_widget, generated month name for "Feb 30" which turned
      Localized error messages.
      Add Stefans table background substitution.
      Fixed bad bug in History, saving mv_credit_card_number in session. Oops.
      * I forgot one bonus about being with Red Hat -- we won't ever
      * Fixed problem with fly-list not accepting base parameter as per
      Changed test.pl to use Errno.pm to derive socket test error messages.
      Fix problem with MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE.  Found by Joshua Scott
      * Fix bug where user with encrypted password cannot log in after
      Add entry about fixed bug.
      Change header routine so that no unsafe data from description gets put
      Oops, this is the real change.
      Put in CGIWRAP workaround, removes bogus PATH_INFO that is prepended
      Fix bug in tag_more_list that caused numbered links not to
      Fix bogosity in CGIWRAP workaround, I admit -- I didn't test right.
      Fix problem with CyberCash remapping on route-by-route basis. Thanks to
      Fix no-zero-display bug in [cgi ...] tag, found by Mark Johnson.
      * Add capability for cookies using formatted expire strings.
      Add password-obfuscator in :backup group.
      * Fix order_returns index statement found by <lmorley at flexihost.com>.
      * Add stub for test_column. Problem found by
      * Clean up cruft in pricing database. Cannot possibly cause problems,
      * Fix problem with FullURL.
      * Fix a couple of bugs with AlwaysSecure not working in an order
      * Prevent error.log entry about not being able to display status
      Update POD documentation prior to release.
      * Read shipmode from either CGI or Values, which allows us
      * Remove CyberCash directive, but warn so old catalogs don't
      * Add "Require module DBI" to further isolate errors with
      * Change Order.pm so that it handles failed routes properly,
      * Oops. Need to ignore MV_PAYMENT_GATEWAY, otherwise we will never
      * Prevent path name in template name from polluting template file spec.
      * Adjust field sizes for company.
      * Change button style to text type for Macs, which can't handle
      * Remove erroneous DEBUG:D -- single-char option can't be shared
      * Clean up some discount pricing routines.
      * encrypt_program no longer needs to be defined in order route.
      * Fix problem with payment_mode being run in check_only mode.
      Changes to table-editor:
      Change payment wizard to do a better job. Only alters one global
      * Update order entry page to use [item-options].
      * Minor text change to place GPG message on line by itself.
      * Move cart copy to before inline_profile is run....
      * Remove improperly-set default for widget type disabling
      * Change "no tiny cart" component initialization to write both
      * Modify all pages to use ui_wizard_fields instead of the
      * Make "Detect Settings" dependent on MV_DEMO_MODE
      * Add hack to handle the re-urlencoded strings of Apache
      * Add little help if coming here without logging in....
      * Bump version number to 4.8.0, here we go....
      * Add link to documentation after initial preview build....
      * Change UI_HELP_URL to point to help.interchange.redhat.com/4.8-cl
      * Give default for UI_HELP_URL
      * Carry destination forward on failed login attempt.
      * Don't die if ImageMagick not there. Give error saying bad thumbs.
      * Make UI_HELP_URL global by default, can still be overridden if user
      * Fix longstanding admin/admin/error bug when you hit a non-existant
      * Fix bug where -u or -i did not work because the Config.pm setting
      * When mv_data_table was in ui_return_to, would get transformed
      * Fix opt param with wrong case (they are always all lower case).
      Remove unused file.
      * Fix typo.
      * Fix help tag.
      * Fix bug where if table was not imported prior to tag_perl tables
      * Localize Ok, Cancel, Next -->, and <-- Back.
      * Localize blob_widget stuff.
      * Make new dbconfig stuff show up if UI_DBCONFIG is set.
      Remove unused file.
      * Do something reasonable if transactions or userdb is defined LARGE.
      * Got sick of people asking how to set the order number, so put
      * Define new action-click parameter to put an mv_click in
      * Allow disabling meta on a per-form basis with no-meta=1
      * Add warning.
      * reset_order_number -- date-based order numbers for Interchange
      * Fix typo preventing display of options.
      * Change makecat to remember whether you selected INET or UNIX
      * Changes to support linkmode configuration.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Fix problems with AuthorizeNet module found by Pann McCuaig
      Add counter comment, apparently required in some installations.
      * Make sure $Items always = $Vend::Items
      * Only offer setting of default linkmode if one is root.
      * Set default editing mode to "emacs" and don't bring in VI...
      * Fix problem where refresh or add of items would set cart
      * Make PriceDivide work properly for shipping.
      * Always set PriceDivide in operation if any Locale is set.
      * Fix bug where a merge hash would not properly set options
      * Rename some images to get around long_path problems when not using
      *** empty log message ***
      * Add missing file preventing order deletion/archiving.
      * Make secret not mandatory for AuthorizeNet setup.
      * Actually remove the gift_certificate_large file.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Fix UILANGS postamble problem.
      * Fix problem with Postgres userdb table definition found by
      * Fix reference integrity problem ($Vend::UI_Entry->{table_control_ref})
      * Remove Gnu-isms from config/makedirs
      * Change most __MVC_LOGDIR__ references to $LOGDIR.
      * Minor help text changes.
      * Overhaul permission setting when making catalogs as root.
      * Touch error log in right place.
      * Remove unused variable.
      * Add outboard_key_col option to UserDB so that a field besides
      * Check for build_dir = source_dir to prevent attempts by File::Copy
      Add "newcat" program.
      * Show Payment ID if it is present.
      * Add [flag type=write table=merchandising] so GDBM will work.
      * Add this to usertag collection per Jon.
      * Fix problem where image paths are substituted, reported by
      * Fix change_url so ignores all protocol: links (like javascript:).
      * Add capability for specifying suffix in imagedir widget type.
      * Change root_dir parse routine so that it returns a scalar.
      * newcat program runs with Gtk now.
      * Strip Windows-style path components from uploaded images (in update_data)
      * Add the Ultimate Image Widget (tm) suggested by Cameron. Combines
      * Change $Tag->filters to allow definable description at the time
      * Don't use defaults for country, always send. Fixes problem caused
      * Add ability to set beginning/ending years in date widget.
      While writing the meta-doc entry on categories, I realized that
      * Place form param in link when no image is used as anchor.
      * Fix misnamed template.
      * Allow setting of IC database types via the same type:module:thing
      * Minor, minor change for safer setting of variable
      * Minor change to support ic:GDBM_File:directory DSN setting....
      * Allow [dump] of portion of session space, i.e. [dump scratch].
      * Prevent death when using row_hash in DBM types and non-existent key
      * Make [on-match] and [no-match] honor prefix tags. Should do same
      * Tolerate both GPG and PGP in BEGIN [PG]+ MESSAGE.
      * Fix the fact I forgot to update before committing. This dual-branch
      * Minor enhancement to translate \r to \n.
      * Fix super-user problem with yes_tables/no_tables setting.
      * Add serialization capability to table_editor tag.
      * Add some metadata for the country table.
      * Bump matchlimit for order report queries to 100000.
      * Try again to commit serialization changes....this is frustrating
      * Start committing improved mv_metadata scheme. This is still interim;
      * Add "extended" column to support new metadata scheme.
      * Add restrict_html filter which allows only passed tags to be
      * Fix broken [cgi namedparm=""].
      *** empty log message ***
      * Security fix for remote script execution exploit.
      * Fix problem with [data increment="-3" ....] tag found by
      * Totally disallow scripting start chars (< and [) in page names.
      * Bring 4.9 foundation into sync with 4.8 where possible.
      * Add entry point to spreadsheet metaconfig
      * Enable extended table meta_options.
      * Form parameters not getting into URL from icmenu generated
      * Oops.
      * Re-oops.
      * Putting mv_base_directory back
      * Add syntactic sugar to set_slice, where you can just
      * Add get_slice() method to db, analogous to set_slice, which I
      * Final bits of the security update designed to decrease vulnerability
      * More changes to close cross-site scripting vulnerability.
      * Add get_slice() for DBM.
      * SafeTrap changes
      * Fixes and good suggestions WRT restrict_html, from Kevin Walsh
      * Add path_adjust Pragma to change all root-based (without protocol)
      * Temporarily broke Pragma, all better now. 8-)
      * Fix typo found by Bob Jordan.
      * Fix cat_type->narrow collation problem found by Simon B.
      * Fix variable suicide problem found by Javier Martin <martin at trymedia.com>.
      * Add Stefan's bug fix with argument replacement.
      * Add Stefan's query/@arg fix here too.
      * Add $transtype fix found by Javier Martin.
      * Minor fix to image regex, debug removed.
      * Fix bug with mv_spacer (option typo)
      * Add datetime widget to go with date.
      * Bug in overriding meta information fixed.
      * Update mv_order_route even if in FormIgnore.
      * Add "filter" check type which performs a filter operation on the checked
      * add error if non-existent order profile is called
      * Fix corrupted credit_card number when ! route->credit_card and
      * Add report=1 to mailed receipt.
      * Fix Glimpse case sensitivity bug around since Minivend 4.000000.
      * Fix bug (non-localization of assigned $_) which could cause it
      * Fix adjust code in $Tag->time() to take a value like
      * Add indication that tree row is toggled
      * Add mv_cancelpage parameter in wizard mode.
      * Fix the datetime widget so that it rounds the current time
      * Add Bank of America payment module done by Mark Johnson, <markj at redhat.com>
      * Comment out debug (and test out some CVS stuff re: tagging)
      * Fixes supplied by Mark Johnson to determine transaction
      * Add new mv_tmp_session variable which bypasses session creation.
      * Make round_to_frac_digits() work with frac_digits of 0.
      * Graceful fallbacks for time formats.
      * Fix minor thing found when running regression tests. The oddball
      * Move part of a routine to Util.pm for reuse.
      * Fix phantom database problem researched by Chris Ochs. The problem
      * Fix [if errors] so that [if !errors] works. Also, add the ability
      * Remove debug from well-tested routines.
      * Make the DbSearch module search references and not tab-joined lines.
      * Quickbooks silently coredumps if you feed it an item description
      * Remove improper localization of returned key value, change it
      * Bring WHATSNEW up to date with STABLE.
      * Add AliasTable construct so that flypage can be aliased. This allows
      * One more change for AliasTable.
      * Add new experimental [PREFIX-common field] that returns common
      * Add new MIRROR parameter for databases. This allows creation of a
      * Remove never-used tag
      * Change page edit so that "Save" only saves a session-based
      * Make link_template editable, found and patch submitted by
      * Make dynamic_variables_file_only standard so that UI works.
      * Fix misspelled month found by Cameron Prince.
      * Remove die on not-found row_hash (all other modules return undef).
      * Add new MIRROR_QUAL param which allows filtering of which records
      * Fix [if-item-param field eq string] which would not work due to improper
      * Add WellsFargo.pm module done by Mark Johnson. We are really starting to
      * Add new PageTables capability. Includes:
      * Add NoReparse to list of UserTag parameters read.
      * Prevent converting exchange rates twice for shipping -- bug found
      * Add tests for [error ...] and [assign ...].
      * Remove unused tag.
      * Move table creation SQL code into a subroutine, and make it callable
      * Another intermediate commit stage for this too-long-running project.
      * The great tag breakout!
      * Fix bug found by Stefan, if no CodeDef is set in catalog.cfg
      * Fix problem with last commit (tested on wrong machine!)
      * Fix problem found by Kevin Walsh -- if no UserTag defs are made
      * Add new Vend::Form module which will get rid of the tag_accessories
      * Fix behavior when $ishash, i.e., called from [item-accessories ...]
      * Changes to make [item-accessories ...] and [item-options ...] work on
      * Back out change with urldecode handling. It is indeed needed in some
      * Fix escape_mv problem that required find_search_params()
      * Remove some debug, fix bad indentation.
      * Meet coding standards, no implicit returns.
      * Make the final permutations of [item-accessories ...] work for
      * Fix nasty search bug in TextSearch, caused trashing of searches
      * Really remove this tag.
      * Make Vend::Form live. Now passes all known tests, and runs
      no comment
      no comment
      * Remove now-redundant usertag/*.tag.
      no comment
      * Install the new code/ directory.
      * Tags relocated to code/UI_Tag
      * Continuing work on meta_display and Vend::Form.
      * Allow UI filters to be created....
      * REALLY fix filters -- did bad test.
      * Do something interesting with:
      * Add "Widget" and "LocaleChange" as recognized CodeDef types.
      * Add enhancement made by Jurgen Botz to use send_mail program
      * Add minimal search/replace feature for the database.
      * Refine search/replace feature
      * Bad template for movecombo caused failure of javascript move.
      * Fix typo (str_len vs. str_length) found by Tim Murphy, causing problems
      * Really make change from {str_len} to {str_length}, fixing typo.
      * Prevent warnings on autovivify
      * Remove dead code and unused Variable.
      * Merge change from stable (remove archaic split use, add error check)
      * Move several widgets outboard into code/Widget.
      * Don't compile code definitions if only controlling Interchange.
      * Create Vend::CounterFile module and use it for counters. This
      * Add the Vend::CounterFile module itself. 8-)
      * Remove callout of usertags now in code/UI_Tag.
      * Keep test from giving warning about not being able to stat
      * Recognize explicit "multiple" type.
      * Make the default to include all tags, as anything else will break
      *** empty log message ***
      * Add cheesy little "Direct SQL" feature.
      * Fix a couple of little bugs in DB modules found during direct_sql
      * Further break out Vend::Form access to display tag. Eliminate
      * Fix problem with $Tag->display() called with null table, affecting
      * Create new view specifically for item_editor
      * Metadata update for item_editor and new widgets.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Fix Vend::Form bug which caused a default "1" to show up in many
      * Have makecat ask to modify interchange.cfg to configure INET port if
      * Add su facility for catalog superuser to switch users to
      * Add capability to su.coretag to:
      * Warnings and errors in compiling system code were coming out with
      * Fix op=em as only spec bug reported by John Young.
      * Simplify form escaping to not use escape_mv, was not working.
      * Prevent $::Pragma stuff from persisting in PreFork mode. I don't
      * Honor XML-style empty container tags.
      * Make XML tag recognition really work, my test was bad.
      * Rename tag
      * Fired what I think is a major blow in the ongoing escaping problems.
      * Add option to allow ITL in form fields if needed.
      * Add documentation and submit_url patch supplied by Ron Phipps.
      * With so many tags moved out of the core, we needed a way to identify
      * The passed in array reference (from DBI) cannot be modified, so
      * Major changes to the content editing scheme. I finally think it
      * For some reason, HTML::Entities was seeing a void context in my
      * Changes to the foundation demo to make it play nice with
      * Don't require comp-name="[control component blah]" in component,
      As this will be a 5.0 release, we are no longer supporting deprecated
      * Move ECML module out of the core -- I don't believe this ever
      * Add noRearrange to tagCanon, also remove hard-coded attr_list
      * Add __UI_CLONE_TABLES__ reference to allow pre-checking of boxes
      * Add templated version of table-editor which may eventually takke
      * Prevent whitespace-only template from being used.
      * Change way password is retrieved so that [ is preserved in email
      * Add change suggested by Cameron to sort numerically
      * Make [data serial=1 ...] work for setting values. It did when
      * Change precedence of option source so that a lookup query
      * Back out change in _email which prevents possibly-invalid email
      * Add nascent SQL_Ledger directive, probably will be replaced
      * Add new mv_next_search, which allows filtering searches
      * Consolidate duplicate routines
      * Added new Vend::Accounting structure.
      * Add hours=1 parameter to force [time adjust=N00 hours=1] to
      * Remove old, old mv_checkout variable.
      * Add indirect login and new_account creation capability. This works
      * Add major features and fixes from 2002-01-01 to date.
      * Remove unneeded NOT NULL that screws up with Postgres. Why
      * Add &update=[yes|no] to automatically update a values variable
      * Change update_values routine to accept list of values to be
      * Allow widget edit for simple options.
      * Add MINPAGE and MAXPAGE primitives for [page-anchor] in more-list.
      * Fix multiple problems with creating a new page in the content
      * Add support for minimum and maximum order quantities defined in
      * Add support for PRECREATE to run arbitrary SQL command prior
      * Prevent problems on calls with no options.
      * Change size of payment_method to prevent problems.
      * Minor documentation and route changes in Quickbooks extension.
      * Change [catch ] yet again to work, and add $ERROR$ anchor so you can
      * Various fixes to auto_wizard.
      * More changes to [catch] [/catch]
      * Automatically check default ITEM_TABLES.
      * Various fixes in ongoing evolution of new templated table editor.
      * Localize one more thing.
      * Canonical option strings passed via get_option_hash().
      * Add sorting to simple options in [item-options ...], and enhance code to
      * Skip host-checking if WideOpen as per Ed.
      * Allow DBI tables with one column
      * Fix [counter sql="table:sequence"] for MySQL so that the sequence table
      * Add Oracle [counter sql="products:id"]
      * Improve error handling for [counter sql="table:sequence"]
      * Use Vend::Interpolate::tag_counter instead of direct counter object,
      * Add the trinary {varname?varname:altvarname} to [attr-list].
      * Add ability to use SQL sequence as order number counter, defined
      * Add experimental multi-level taxing/handling/shipping charge system
      * Change file_navigator to call content_editor instead of page_edit
      * Add option, [catch error-scratch=varname], to allow catch tag to flag
      * Update Vend::Accounting::SQL_Ledger to use a direct database
      * Add [levy-list] TEMPLATE CODE [/levy-list] to display the levy-based
      * Change auto-parts insertion to reflect proper values for *_accno_id
      * Fix bug where wrong value was used to select $Vend::Interplate::Db key
      * Update $Db{table} and $Sql{table} if table closed/reopened in transaction mode
      * Add new HIDE_FIELD capability to DbSearch. It provides automatic
      * Add true return to assembled-profiles code to allow wizard mode
      * Enable mv_small_data search control, prevents limit function.
      * Get rid of mv_range_look check now that it will be deprecated and removed
      * Remove commented-out code never used.
      * Initialize levies cart.
      * Remove useless mapping of variables.
      * Add mv_session_id to forms.
      * Fixed bug where decimal pricing would not be forced, causing failure for
      * Add support for slaving Levies cart to current shopping cart.
      * Make AUTO_SEQUENCE transparent for MySQL, Postgres, and Oracle.
      * Add BASE_CAPABILITY configuration parameter to allow testing of a new
      * Add ability to automatically drop existing sequence if
      * Fix call to [item-tag object name].
      * Add nascent "cron" capability. While we don't keep the time, and
      * Fix bug in change_pass function which could prevent and cause
      * Allow bounce targets. Apply patch supplied by Mark Johnson quite a long
      * Avoid running stupid MV1 legacy routine unless necessary....
      * Fix bad previous patch.
      * Add routine to transfer parts from Interchange to SQL-Ledger.
      * Change cron facility to:
      * A couple of minor changes making mv_order_number and payment order ID
      * Fix incompatibility in Perl 5.005-style regex that causes rejection
      * Remove this file with the demise of the Wizard.
      * Change all the akopia.org email addresses to icdevgroup.net, which has
      * Remove unused code which causes error with later versions of DBI and
      No comment.
      * Add changes that should have gone in with last SQL-Ledger update.
      * Minor change to prevent sending out bad info...
      * Remove files improperly added.
      * Fix bug reported by Marty Tennison <marty at sediva.com>, whereby new
      * Stop nonsensical setting of payment route from order route.
      * Fix serious bug where inserted record for set_slice was truncating
      * Levies cart could get out of step on store of $Items. Fixed.
      * Change default type to varchar(128) vs. char, no ChopBlanks needed
      * Really starting to get somewhere with this stuff.
      * Allow setting of db write status in route. Minor, but will remove
      * Upgrade salestax() capabililty to allow multiple levels of
      * Fix to pick up state field for taxes no matter the mode.
      * Add link-text-too=1 option to [button] which will cause the text to
      * Fix set_row() to use the right value to send to last_sequence_value()
      * Handle nested {KEY?} {KEY?}.
      * Expand CREDITS.
      * Add ability to require modules at runtime so that syntax errors in
      * Add copy of options to pass as 3rd arg to PREFIX-exec
      * Add ability to run GlobalSub in lists
      * Fix bug where HIDE_FIELD and screening query would not work
      * Fix problems with [goto LABEL].
      *  Add super-fast iterator mode for lists.
      * Add ability to specify some URL besides "process".
      * Honor HIDE_FIELD in queries.
      * Prevent File::Copy runtime include of File::Basename from causing safe
      * Cap the number of backup copies at some reasonable number.
      * Keep item-specific meta around even when paging through multiple
      * Allow setting of an initial directory from the link.
      * Pave the way for making "NoSearch variable userdb" standard in foundation
      * Minor changes. We should definitely make "NoSearch" be in catalog_before.cfg:
      * Add a pretty handy-dandy menu editor. It allows creation of either
      * Allow explicit ignore of "Unknown field name [PREFIX-param foo] ..." errors.
      * Rename stupidly-named "special" field to description, allowing compatibility
      * Rename stupidly-named "special" field to description, allowing compatibility
      * Add ability to override some routines in the list iterators on
      * Continuing evolution of menu editor.
      * Make argument calling proper for all situations (like calling with
      * Filter in a better way. I think [input-filter ...] should go the
      * More updates to menu_editor:
      * Add SQL-Ledger menu and accounting/ pages.
      * Handle error if Term::Readline::Perl can't open tty.
      * Add missing [jsq] tag. (Also aliased to jsquote.)
      * Fix tree write routines.
      * Add rudimentary product_tree component and the supporting tree table.
      * Committing but I will remove again immediately.
      * Add some images to support [menu ....].
      * Fix longstanding annoyance where trying for a page when not
      * More on new menu editor and menu system. It is based around Vend::Menu
      * Fix apparent long-standing bug where NoReparse was not being passed
      * Add the menu transforms and gates.
      * Add "create search" button for menu editor. Interfaces to search wizard
      * Remove dependencies on '&' as the UrlSepChar.
      * Add new "instant database", which allows you to build a database for
      * Update the Admin menus to be editable via the new menu editor.
      * Remove unneeded check (is done by database_exists_ref()). Allows instant
      * Patches to make instant database handling of delimited files work.
      * Allow editing "instant database".
      * Minor changes to a couple of tests:
      * New findtags.PL that finds tags used in catalogs (and the UI). Help is
      * Remove internal HTTP server completely from Interchange 4.9.
      * Change TcpMap default to none.
      * Prevent warning that comes up in Perl 5.8.
      * Change footer/header behavior so they are parsed for ITL by default.
      * Add automated tag groups corresponding to the directory under the
      * Correct wrong initialization for TcpMap
      * Remove default for aliases (now moot since internal HTTP server gone)
      * More improvements to menu edit subsystem
      * Avoid backup attempt on file that doesn't exist.
      * Change install dir for man pages (in tar install) to "man" instead
      Update menu system some more.
      Add menu table for bottom menu...
      * Don't fail ui_security check if none requested.
      * Add search box for preferences
      * Fix wrong reference to $CGI
      * Modernize copy and lowercasing of variable.
      Add new findtags command to scripts.
      * Add cheesy mail list manager, a common thing to ask. Supported by unsubscribe
      * New checkout page which uses multiple includes to break out
      * New etc/profiles.order and etc/log_transaction to match the
      * Add new [deliver ....] tag that allows you to deliver some content
      * Certain things need to be done in order. For instance, we need
      * Remove last vestiges of icmenu table from 4.9.
      * icmenu.txt no longer needed.
      * Make header more reasonable color. We should really CSS-ize this
      * Standardize check for old browser in UI_STD_INIT. Separate [calc] to
      * Add a bit of online help for mailing function.
      * Prevent JScript syntax error, show first component by default.
      * Escape characters in past URLs because they were translated coming in.
      * Add multi-level flyout menu style. Uses the tree menu type.
      * Fix problem with content-editor tag caused by presence of NoReparse bug
      * Fix bug where transforms didn't happen to tree types.
      * A number of minor changes related to continuing work on content
      No comment.
      * Remove references to icmenu database from configuration and access.
      No comment.
      * Add new stuff in preparation for testing of new Interface look....
      * Bump version up.
      No comment.
      * Don't warn about redefined scalar parameter if it was set by DatabaseDefault.
      * Get rid of all of those annoying *.txt.1 and *.txt.category files....
      * Committing my original take on UI_STD_HEAD and FOOTER. There will
      * Current working version of new interface look. Styles are not yet taken
      * Add all of the images for the additional color schemes.
      * Add all of the color schemes to CVS.
      * Fix problem where searching for a blank group would not work.
      * Forgot exclude_on setting.
      * Regularize [page ...] tag. Allow calling of CSS class by [page extra=class],
      * Add "flydown" menu, with anchor_down=1 parameter.
      * Remove all references to UI_C_*, change completely to CSS. If there are
      * More changes to the UI. Many minor formatting changes, remove some
      * Oops! While experimenting with flydown menus for the UI, I committed
      * No longer need these images!!
      * Remove unused image.
      * Don't add order to accounting system by default.
      * More cleanup. All __UI_C_*__ colors are gone.
      * More style cleanup. Not all <font...> tags are gone, but most are.
      * Change space to tab to get CATEGORYBAR_LINKHOVER right.
      * Fix size/matches settings.
      * Get rid of that stinking clear.gif image with a path name
      no comment
      * Get rid of chicken-before-egg problem on simple menus -- the indicator
      * More bug fixes.
      * Add conversion routine that converts old area/cat menus into a
      * Make a proper MV object with the tree tag for later use....
      * Return arg="parm" parameter to operation....
      * Put files in 3 columns except when showing details....
      * Add mv_source parameter which sets an affiliate program source
      * Added docs for mv_source.
      * Fix tree to work with standard menu types...
      * Add page to clone (push) sets of components to like sets of pages, i.e.
      * Fix duplicated variable name.
      * Butting into one of my favorite tools. 8-)
      * Remove ui_page_picture and other redundant and unneeded things from
      * Add new content management features. This allows Interchange to:
      * Add the oft-requested DirectoryIndex feature.
      * Remove min_string test from Search.pm, where it never really was used
      * Missing [/if] added, login page will display.
      * Really honor MYSQL create options.
      * Flag database for write properly, closing Bugzilla #342.
      * Remove buggy and generally useless xml_generator tag.
      * Oops. Deleted one too many parameters -- published improperly
      * Properly format Skipjack order string. I think this makes about zero
      * Back out orderstring chages...caused failure.
      * Add "future" comparator so that you can do:
      * init_page routine was running multiple times and possibly even before a page
      * Add robot tolerance facility, where mv_tmp_session is set when either
      * Various minor fixes, mostly correcting typos or deleting unneeded HTML.
      * Enhance unique check to allow specification of a foreign key for uniqueness
      * Allow authoritative table name for constructed queries. Usage:
      * Improve spreadsheet.
      * Add "check all, check none" to content_push page.
      * Improve tolerance of editor for tree database structures that don't
      * Add "check all, uncheck all" boxes.
      * Remove some old debugging junk.
      * Allow configurable file-upload capability setting in metadata.
      * Minor menu fixes.
      * Make variable and function names remappable (prefixed with mv_ by default)
      * Optimize [row_edit] to only do one fetch per row.
      * Correct typo, clean up method of cancellation.
      * Remove unused code from distribution.
      * Revamp of content edit. I think it is starting to get there.....
      * Remove unused tags.
      * Remove unused page
      * Move most all code out of bin/interchange. The only routines
      * Forgot to add this file. 8-}
      * The final update (at least from me) for the [table-editor] tag as
      * Finally discovered what is going on with GPG and errors.
      * Slightly improve Interpolate.pm get_joiner() routine.
      * Add tabbed panel configuration support.
      * Commit the new table editor. I have tested in quite a few situations
      * Add in notations for the recent changes.
      * Fix problems with init and multiple table editors in a page.
      * Stop using stupide [value mv_data_table] reference. I hope this is
      * Last preps for complete templatabililty.
      * Starting baby steps on "save all config to meta" which will allow
      * Redo of the meta editors.
      * Update dates for timed specials.
      * Templateable editor. Example:
      * Use tabbed display for admin information.
      * Add some more modules to the checks.
      * Add anchor=NAME option to page and area. Allows reliable
      * Prettier external session dumps.
      * Remove the suddenly-regenerated can't-change-variable-database
      * Add link to edit order.
      * Fix table-editor calls, which were relying on bugs in old table-editor
      * Fix bug found by Dan Browning where multiple columns of the same name would
      * Add urldecode filter.
      * Minor things:
      * Back out parse_locale that happens after interpolate_html, I don't
      * Fix HTML defect that caused IE not to save content properly.
      * Make possible to generate multiple tabbed displays per page by
      * Change menu editor to use tabbed display.
      * Fix problem where empty but defined check would cause profile error for
      * Change URL generation to streamline and bring one generation routine
      * Add database option:
      * Show a UI-style page when the page missing is in UI-land....
      * Add "forum" feature to foundation. Allows commenting on products and
      * Add DBM definition for forum, but keep disabled. Tested, works
      * Commit the forgotten ASCII source file for the forum table.
      * Add DatabaseAuto directive to automatically suck in all tables
      * Allow a table to be configured as meta-specific by default.
      * Put in Andrew's length-exception stuff.
      * Tell MSIE the height of the DIVs so that it won't overwrite the
      * Change stupid behavior where last sort_option is forwarded to
      * Qualify unexported unhexify() routine.
      * Add database table view creation facility.
      No comment
      * Regularize dhtml_tree to match dthml_flyout behavior.
      * Re-break-out DHTML browser init for reliability in face of possible
      * Fix splash page so links are legible -- that white-on-white color scheme
      * Make option_format widget honor height.
      * Add new filter, "next_sequential". Allows selection of a next-sequential
      * Add Swish search module.
      * Major update to order status functions in UI. Much of this is funded
      * Add "void transaction" function to order_status update.
      Various minor changes to order status setup.
      * Allow auth_code to be passed in
      * Fix problem with auth_code in Void mode.
      * Allow limiting size of text input to a loop list when
      * Allow searching for the empty string if mv_min_string = 0.
      * Allow passing in of values useful for the "links" widget.
      * Fixed a couple of variable persistence problems with "more"
      * Remove leading/trailing whitespace so that extra-long lists can
      * Change UPGRADE document to be more clear, based on feedback from
      * Change some metadata for affiliates and menu_editor.
      * Prevent test from failing during upgrade -- remove the installation
      * When it is an update, don't send out "you are now ready to run makecat"
      * Add cheesy little mailcap helper for decrypting credit cards via the web
      * Remove outmoded textarea_get and textarea_put filters....
      * Replace
      * Fix errmsg() call since we don't "use" Vend::Util.
      * Prevent JS errors for Netscape 4.
      * Add ability to pick credit card out of order and send for
      * Prevent problems with &auml; and like translations -- the Scratch
      * Prevent errors when $Tag->deliver() called early in embedded Perl.
      Fairly major changes which do two types of things.
      * $Tag->var() not working in RPC mode with Perl 5.8, fails silently.
      * Reconfig seems to be always timing out on faster processors, made more
      Minor debug improvment.
      * Change form hrefs for [table-editor] so that it does not generate
      * Fix bad regex pattern found by Gary Norton.
      * Fix handling of update in sequence:
      * Allow this to work with an unnamed form.
      * Allow setting of anonymous name.
      * Fix failure to send order status email noticed by Gary Norton.
      * Every host was id-ed as Robot! Return a blank value if no RobotHost,
      * Ensure the $Tag object is not wrapped more than once.
      * Fix bug where multiple pre-forked servers could generate same "random"
      * Add some key-checking stuff for "clone item" and "new item", to warn
      * Bring filter stuff into the core as generally useful for fillin form
      * Add new widget type, "fillin_combo", for surveys. (It is a very common
      * Fix bugs in option_format filter. It would turn commas into new options;
      * Fix bug where bad [nitems compare=...] could cause server error. Now
      * Add check for no_increment so that mv_order_number can be set in
      * Randy Moore provided a category_vert_toggle component tailored to
      * Allow a wizard input to come from mv_metadata or any other table
      * Add conditional_text option for fillin_combo type (which supports a common
      * Add "calculated" filter which allows a calculated field:
      * Add option to have no upward directory traverse and no "New File" access.
      Change locale handling.
      * Remove support for old Minivend 3 cyber_charge call
      * Allow alternate values spaces with $CGI->{mv_values_space}. This allows
      * Add some standard output to a relocate, prevent "Premature end of
      * Access customer-specific forum if present.
      * Add general purpose survey and mailed-form creator for the UI.
      * Add missing survey files for demo..
      * Add missing survey database source.
      * Add metadata to make survey question input more sensible.
      * Add graphing metadata.
      * Never want to send a cookie if temporary session.
      * Add [loop extended="table::key"] construct to allow retrieving and easily
      * Make [loop extended=table::key] a hash list type, forgot about undefined
      * Add some cheesy results-graphing support based on GD::Graph.
      * Properly handle class/style stuff in default output.
      * Output proper header so missing script will be seen as 404.
      * Make encrypt filter actually work....
      * Add procedure for testing Interchange 5 in parallel with Interchange 4
      * Make sure JavaScript image callouts are not escaped if in pieces -- an
      * Add new category_vertical_tree component supplied by Rene Hertell.
      * Update version numbers for release.
      * Update version numbers for new basis for next release.
      * Allow delete of empty hash items in serial field setting.
      * Simplify field_settor subroutines with prepared query and placeholders.
      * Fix ordering of open paramter for trees -- it was broken by the new
      A number of refinements to Menu module.
      * Rework [tree ...] tag to use DBI placeholders if supported.
      * Tolerate people forgetting and putting , on the end of a parameter
      * Add min-rows=$rows parameter to [table-organize]. Allows building small
      * Change default for MaxServers in "rpc" profile to zero. This is probably
      * Add missing results components...
      * Update from Randy Moore for the category_vert_toggle component.
      * Tolerate missing configdb database, issue warning only.
      * Add intrinsic "file" widget type.
      * Add stub for create_sql routine so no die on configuration routines.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Tolerate unset $Global::OrderCheck variable.
      * Update version numbers after release.
      * Get restrict_allow settings right -- the default was not allowing the "var"
      * Fix whitespace transform, tolerate leading whitespace on header lines.
      A number of minor changes to Vend::Data.
      * Make no_session_id and no_count options authoritative for the
      * Allow % in filter arguments. This could conceivably be a problem for
      * Add ability for AddDirective to specify non-Vend::Config-based configuration
      * Fix link generation options so that $opt->{no_session_id} and
      * Add one-click test order page.
      * Remove various UI and User tags no longer used.
      * Add transaction boundary support to import routines, should cut down
      * Fix bug preventing explicit set of database Class.
      * Incorporate settable retry level into SDBM as well.
      * Make link_href settable instead of constraining to javascript: URL. No
      * Add three new filters.
      * Add another postional parameter, no behavior change.
      * Allow a page to change its path in MV_PAGE, "assuming an identity". This is
      * Permit "sandbox" file-navigator with no up-directory link. Add some enhancements
      * Allow row-specific meta links in spreadsheet.
      * Adjust math on min_rows, makes it work in all circumstances.
      * Add tag that allows setting page controls via the metadata method.
      * Update the order_status update time if database is *not* MySQL.
      * Various minor changes to menu_load tag to make compatibile with new UI
      * Allow adding another value to the menu data from the option line, allows
      * Major changes to the Interchange output model and UI.
      * Image and menu data changes necessary to make new UI look and feel buildable.
      * Fix help message.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Prevent "Miscellaneous" tab from showing up on login page.
      * Add "send help edit to ICDEVGROUP" function in the online help editor.
      * Remove junk pages from distribution.
      * Make metadata correspond to current UI version.
      * Fix dependency on certain [if ...] conditions in page code.
      * Add category-specific image links and toggles for the tree menu.
      * Change name of "Bottom" menu (which was on top) to "Fixed".
      *** empty log message ***
      * Set CommonAdjust properly so test 24 will pass.
      * The [setlocale currency=xx_XX] tag was destructive. This fixes it.
      * Prevent bad component and template names.
      * Fix a couple of bugs in template edits and saves.
      * Database configuration fix sent by Frank Drummond <fdrummond at d2computers.com>.
      * Add greater length to Postgres databases to prevent data length error
      * Fix various bugs and problems in Locale settings.
      * Automatically convert via PriceDivide if locale=xx_XX sent to
      * Fix reset of locale.
      * Add support for SQLite in foundation. See www.sqlite.org for info.
      * Fix orderline import deficiency found by Karen Gold (KarenG at LOADUP.com).
      * Remove wrong default for DatabaseDefault, could cause error when a
      * Remove .xls files now that "wizard" is no longer distributed.
      * Remove image files prior to rename.
      * Add LSB=1 option to Makefile.PL. This causes:
      * Add "Decrypt Credit Card" back in.
      * Fix "double March" bug in date widget.
      * Remove meaningless field designation which was interfering with setting
      * Remove false enable requirement that prevented display of options.
      * Change [discount-price] to [item-discount-price] to make it compatible
      * Check for SQL::Statement version (with hooks for testing any version,
      * Allow systems with broken locks to not destroy the pidfile lock
      * Fix "admin/bg.gif not found" error
      * Add preferred payment method to display. Change primitive used to
      * Allow multiple help window destinations.
      * Minor: avoid warning.
      * Add no_requery option to ensure no SQL::Statement will be called. Use
      * Add mv_more_alpha and mv_more_decade options to flex_selector. Make
      * Kill duplicate key setting in hash.
      * Allow templated options in select, radio, checkbox, etc. Enabled
      * Fix link_rows_blank setting for form linking.
      * Solve annoying problem where you edit a view-specific field display
      * Restore capability to show only part of session.
      * Fix list.
      * Major update to product options.
      * Put in admin pages for options.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Don't translate absolute path internal links without protocol. (No WHATSNEW)
      * More MANIFEST and file presence adjustments.
      * Add ability to tax shipping and handling on a per-country or state basis
      * Fixed lack of settle_prior mapping found by Farshad Farzan <farzan at intelmeas.com>.
      * Add settle_prior type to all payment modules that claim to support
      * Add Jonathan's explanation of Tax Manager.
      * Add Australian BankCard contributed by Howard Lowndes.
      * Fix round_to_frac_digits() so it handles numbers that don't have a
      * Fixes and a new feature (suggested by Ton) for Levies.
      * Fix small technical error pointed out by Jon.
      * Account for the fact that noformat=1 numbers now return number with .00 appended
      * Add widget and filter to allow direct upload of a file to a database
      * Make spreadsheet search not word-boundary dependent.
      * Remove redundant code from escape_form()
      * Allow table conglomerations of checkboxes and radio boxes with more
      * Add absolute_or_relative() routine to check whether a file name
      * Allow multiple start points for a tree query.
      * Hook in custom item update routine to any options module enabled. This was
      * Allow ui_profile to be set from metadata.
      * Allow $Session->{mv_order_number} to be set anywhere.
      * Allow multiple semi-colon-separated queries to populate options via
      * Prevent NOT NULL errors for data that is actually supposed to be defined.
      * Add new Vend::File module with minimal functions.
      * Add container values for config files.
      * Remove now-extraneous references to $Global::NoAbsolute.
      * Add ability to load tree-based menus where items inhabit more than
      * Various changes to account for Vend::File
      * Created $Vend::File::errstr which is set to get the error message,
      * Fix typo found by Ton.
      * Allow reliable setting of login_table (like Vend::(admin|superuser|username)).
      * Add some intrinsic FileControl checks.
      * Fix bug where [l[msort]] screwed up JavaScript.
      * Change behavior of UserDB _check_acl routine so that undefined value
      * Change calling target for subroutines to:
      Real changes for previous comment
      * Add some tests for FileControl intrinsics.
      * Add files to support ACL tests.
      * Pass EMAIL parameter so it will show up in manager.
      * Remove all pretense that we are trying to keep track of cache coherency
      * Fix problem where ship table would not be presented on first pass
      * Remove now-unnecessary reference to NoAbsolute.
      * Don't honor $Global::Mall if CookieDomain set.
      * Remove ill-fated horizontal templates.
      * Add indication of which card we are reading when the user enters the card
      * Remove indirection of CSS settings for colors, fonts, widths, etc.
      * Add metadata setting for THEME_CSS.
      * Add standard repository for THEME_CSS in preferences. Default is blank,
      No comment.
      * This interface simply was not working properly. Several fixes.
      Fix typo for THEME_CSS meta.
      * Update mergeable metadata to latest foundation.
      * Remove unneeded and interfering meta definitions.
      * No thread-enabled perls allowed.
      * Fix extra parameter passing in wizard.
      * Fix "die" and server error when column defined twice in
      * Make Tables menu permission "gentable" instead of "stats".
      * Allow read access for Vend::admin to $Global::RunDir. This allows
      * Don't leave the bogus Database configuration entry in if the import
      * Allow merge of passed and looked-up options when lookup_merge
      * Prevent naming conflicts with automatically-generated menus.
      * Add ability to specify a profile for form checking as part of standard
      * Add a relatively complete "transfer catalog" facility. It has help in
      * Add a download link for the created transfer file.
      * Fix thread-safe/prefork-safe problem with setting state and
      * Add multizip routine. Works for the US and Canada as before with
      * All of the order profiles had common information. Made a
      * Add no_login flag to [userdb ....]
      * Fix bogus link to meta edit.
      * Add in the lookup_query and lookup_merge support.
      * Add weight field to standard option edits.
      * Remove vestigial cache stuff.
      * More metadata tools. New tag [meta-info table=foo col=bar key=label] returns
      * Significant upgrade to UI Order Entry. Funded in part by Groxis, Inc.
      * Remove hard-coded "Pending" status and put real info there.
      * Fix Query-By-Example forms for LARGE tables.
      * Add proper autonumber initialization to affiliate database so
      * Fix LENGTH_EXCEPTION_DEFAULT logging, which did not work.
      * Remove attempt to unimport Config (to save a small amount of memory)
      * Remove unused image.
      * Change sorting for Matrix options.
      * Put in right email address.
      * Fix flyout menu in anchor-down mode so that second and higher levels
      * Fix bug where reference was not passed in chained checks -- no chained
      * Back out previous change -- it is more complicated than that.
      * Don't save FIELD_LENGTH_DATA for field types that are variable length.
      * Remove unused pages.
      * Set more reasonable default types for each SQL DB.
      * Allow setting of table type in MySQL (or others if HAS_TABLE_TYPE
      * Display individual item status from orderline as is correct.
      * Fix the look if no products found.
      * Fix mv_form_profile to work with &and/&or checks. (Last fix did not work.)
      * Add single() convenience method which returns a single field based on a
      * Change /usr/sbin/sendmail to be preferred over /usr/lib/sendmail as
      * Keep copy of CGI values at time of history save, not reference to them
      * Allow redirection of shipping modes; I had intended to do this a long time
      * Patch slight security hole where user password can be saved in session.
      * Add "items" check to menu to allow showing an entry only if items are
      * Change widget code to reflect first shipping mode in a redirecting
      * Add [button wait-text="-- wait --" text="Place Order" ...] to do JS
      ( Complete comments and docs from last commit)
      * Fix HTML problem found by Nicholas Cook <ncook at foxmillpets.com>.
      * Commit needed change to [component ...] for new "mike" demo.
      * Sort keys returned in get_billing_names, et al.
      Various changes to Vend::Table::Editor.
      * Add ability for [tree ...] tag to use a file such as that generated
      * Optimization for tree-based menus, allow reliable build with
      * Make multi-output play nice with download via [deliver ...].
      * Remove inexplicable setting for form.
      * Support Canadian and 2003 US UPS Zone files.
      * Don't add .html if file already has extension...
      * Allow override of incomplete form checking -- idea from Dan Browning.
      * Fix [shipping label=1].
      * Add shipmethod to display, make some display fields conditional.
      * Fix error message.
      * Make mv_return_fields available to iterate_array_list.
      * Add "Download slice" functionality to table export page. Allows you to
      * Add some tweezy scripts that help make US Postal zone charts and
      * Break out shipping stuff from Vend::Interpolate. Add stubs so
      * Fix minor bug found by Jon.
      * Remove random logGlobal.
      * Add tag to set and determine shipping weight easily.
      * Allow relocation of all shipping files with:
      Modify MANIFEST.SKIP entry preventing addition of files in dist/etc/jobs.
      * Fix sequential edit.
      * Add support for Canadian PSiGate gateway. Thanks to Gary Benson for his
      * Remove reference to non-existent table "dict".
      * Add new makesize=NNxNN parameter which uses ImageMagick mogrify command
      * Eliminate rather ridiculous warning.
      * Fix "Edit checked" function (and Delete checked too).
      * Remove the Term modules from checks -- they have nothing to do with
      * Make [bounce ...] more reliable with respect to terminating output
      * Add convenience [debug]The output to send: [value foo][/debug] tag.
      * Allow bypass of thread-enabled Perl ban for testing.
      * Resolve Bugzilla 484, test message in data.
      * Send Content-Size header with downloads.
      * Minor improvements in backup setup.
      Various minor cleanup, prevents warnings on startup.
      * Remove extra opening <html> tag.
      * Force name to text variable, so numerical-only names will not cause
      * UPS no longer accepts UK as a country code for shipments to
      (Same concept as ups_query.tag, only log once)
      * Fix bug caused by incomplete testing on my part.
      * Fix several things with Table editor
      * Add meta_editor support for MAXLENGTH and JavaScript checks.
      * Allow default opening of a particular tab by adding * to the end of the
      * Add MD5 password support. To activate, use UserDB "md5" option, i.e.:
      * Honor flag telling we already have data.
      * Make $Tag object be rebuilt every time a new page is done.
      * Fix bug in [PREFIX-discount-subtotal] where quantity was greater
      * Add HIDE_FIELD to products database definition, so products marked
      * Add Vend::SQL_Parser module, eliminating need for SQL::Statement.
      * We no longer need SQL::Statement, remove checks for it.
      * Remove other SQL::Statement dependencies and requirements.
      * Fix several deficiencies in SQL parsing.
      * Regex needs to be case-insensitive and tolerate newlines...
      * Rid ourselves of Term::Readline and Term::ReadKey unless makecat is involved...
      * Fix improper option reference.
      * Fix prefork problem that might be biting someone, could cause missing
      Remove debug.
      * Add Altavista-style search operator with Text::Query (CPAN) module.
      * Add module-version intrinsic test:
      * Add some tests for [PREFIX-alternate].
      * Remove abandoned "newcat" script from distribution.
      * Remove the "view_from" parameter undoubtedly messing up many product edits.
      * Add ability to build weight adjustments based on Simple options
      * Fix for broken getppid() on Linux systems with threads enabled.
      * Fix nasty context problem in calling getppid from subroutine reference.
      * Write the selected PGP/GPG key to the Variable table setting.
      * Prevent display of meta database when relocated from meta editor.
      * Remove newcat from he list of files that are scripts.
      * Make symbolic links work on Solaris (tested as good syntax on Linux,
      * Set up error reporting to be able to catch database errors
      * Make error parameters fit docs.
      * Add stubs for log_error and errstr routines in the appropriate
      * Fix typo of unknown origin.
      * Fix endless requery loop reported by Stefan.
      * Add --[L]select state[/L]-- blank option to shipping address form.
      * Fix inability to set and retain multiple user groups with fix
      * Allow overriding LENGTH_EXCEPTION_DEFAULT with individual LENGTH_EXCEPTION,
      * Allow database text files in subsidiary directories of products.
      * Typo.
      * Allow hidden fields to come from all_opts again (was disrupting
      * Add support or all IC-recognized credit card types.
      * Don't run set_defaults at all for a subcatalog, as they should be set
      * Completely remove log_entry route and etc/log_entry file to reduce
      * Add new link_blank_auto setting for table linking. This has the
      no comment
      * Don't focus on meta links when tabbing through form.
      * Don't invite disaster by allowing user to change order number.
      * Make frequently-used HTML::Entities encode_entities routine available
      Bad routine name
      * Minor improvement in param tolerance.
      * Add [flex-select] tag, complete replacement for and enhancement to
      *** empty log message ***
      * Prevent linked forms et al from coming in from table metadata.
      * Remove Minivend 3 legacy support.
      * Add DeliverImage directive that enables fast IC delivery of
      * Never set a cookie when mv_tmp_session in effect.
      * Allow set of status header even when not doing redirect.
      * Allow return of page from readin (or readfile in locale mode) without
      * Add ability to edit pages using Mozilla composer, or any HTML editor
      * Turns out this technique for no_locale_parse would cause an endless
      Allow component modification via Mozilla editor.
      * Remove inadvertant filter from metadata, resolving bug #534.
      * Remove insurance of trailing null fields being included in arrays.
      * Add ability to manipulate any [set setting]value[/set] (tmpn?, seti also)
      * Use ic- qualifier to prevent namespace clashes.
      * Add [css VARNAME] tag that automatically generates a varname.css file
      * Improve SQL_Parser to recognize individual "distinct" fields
      * Enhance flex_select to accept a SQL query either in the opt hash or
      * Fix problem with creating new option when no prior options exist.
      * Allow an ActionMap, Autoload, or profile to generate a completely
      * Put the query-by-example form back in flex_select (triggered by the
      * Fix bad label.
      * Add cheesy auto_format page/URL detection facility to try and
      * Add date-based counter capability to Vend::CounterFile. Creates keys
      * Remove extraneous POD entries.
      * Remove IE-specific bounding box code in flyout menus. Turns out that
      * Remove duplicate $VERSION setting.
      * Add "no-computer" option to make the fortune more palatable to non-geek
      * Allow tracking number to be updated on ship. Fix contributed by Sebastian Braun.
      * Fix bad variable reference.
      * Fix bad DISTINCT handling, fixing re-opened bug #535. Thanks to Paul
      * Minor cleanup, resolve Bugzilla 538.
      * Make tabbed-display relative now that Mozilla supports this. Should make
      * Bring MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_{TABLE,FILE} into catalog.cfg so it is easier
      * Actually commit the change....
      * Remove conditional for caching history on Pragma: no-cache -- this is
      * Bring to "use strict", prevent use of package global variables which
      * Never issue a session ID on timed-build URL.
      * Add RedirectCache directive which allows redirected page requests to
      * Fix faulty patch associated with previous Server.pm and Config.pm commit.
      * Add new facility for storing address books in outboard address table,
      *** empty log message ***
      * Parser was incorrectly reading two-character operators.
      * Allow custom increment and decrement routines with inc-routine and
      * Add [error auto=1] similar to [warnings auto=1].
      * Fix minor bug found by Paul Vinciguerra. Just the kind of thing usually
      * Remove redundancy found by Paul Vinciguerra.
      * Don't HTML Entities encode the labels for a multi-option widget
      * Fix nested [elsif] problem.
      * Implement enhancement to checked/selected tags provided by Mat Jones. Thanks!
      * Allow cancel_text to be set when in database edit mode.
      * Add internal Interchange locking routines and support for GDBM. (Should
      * Implement Paul Vinciguerra's suggestion to not save mv_password in
      * Fix problem where intervening image fields were not being set empty
      * Fix typo where order number was called out with username...
      * Fix typo and dangling quote in collapse/explode URL, found by
      * Fix bug where per-line status was not kept correctly.
      * Remove unused variable initializations.
      * Remove bogus debug.
      * Make billing address transfer conditional on b_address1 and b_city
      * Remove thread-safe problem with DBI sessions in PreFork mode, by
      * Bug fix to set menus properly on tax page.
      * Fix bad splittor in UI_ADMIN_TABLES selection.
      * Allow menu editor to send user back to the page they entered from -- as
      * Fix bug preventing inventory quantity of zero interacting with
      * Fix ordering so that indication of menu class will work.
      * Make grouping of items work again. When did this go bye-bye?
      * Fix improper close of DBI sessions.
      * Make this be in sync with the foundation, so "Merge" is not presented
      * Minor fix to metadata that makes no difference..
      * Fix test 000032 so it will work in PreFork.
      * Fix minor unthread-safeness which would probably never bite.
      * Add inventory function back in. Mysteriously removed during the
      * Fix ordering of THEME_CSS so it will be set in high-traffic and
      * Add code which tells you which is the last row in the menu. Improves
      * Add better icon for Tables per Ton's suggestion.
      * Add "-" spacer between items in top menu.
      * Add new Tables icon.
      * Add [traffic-report] tag and modified admin/reports/traffic/ByAffiliate
      * Allow customization of [warnings auto=1] with class, style, extra as in many
      * Handle maddening new ImageMagick behavior that won't operate on
      * Add filter to strip trailing slash on the CGI directory.
      * Add minor comment
      * Make field display coherent no matter the orderline metadata.
      * Remove stray </A> found by Ton.
      * Change wrong logic in server_start_message() -- it always needs to
      * Fix missing relocation variables found by Paul.
      * Fix possible code/SQL injection vector.
      * Apply Paul's patch to number of rows thing, which gets multiple row
      * Make ground come first.
      * Add the ability to create a transaction ID and later assign the order number.
      * Remove "default" column from mv_metadata.asc, as it is not used anywhere.
      * Fix bug where affiliate reports don't filter based on that.
      * Add full path for sendmail in batch, using $Config->{SendMailProgram}.
      * Add blank_label="--select--" option to [item-options], allows development
      * Fix bub where trees were being improperly built in use-file mode.
      * Enhance flyout menus to have a lined-up image indicating a submenu.
      * Create way to specify that local override of a global tag should not cause
      * Remove wild unmatched </form> tag.
      * Honor spread_width meta setting as is right.
      * Make containing form name (i.e. <form name=foo ...>) available
      * Define a set of CGI keys that we don't want to save to disk, as
      * Reinstate http_log_msg for logging SOAP accesses, since there may be no
      * Allow standard handler for PUT operations. To enable, do:
      * Allow setting of a disabled.param=1 entry so that you can show
      * Tolerate leading whitespace in query.
      * Add ability to export only portions of tables based on a where= parameter.
      * Add option "top-buttons-rows" to set the number of rows where
      * Remove double-declared vars.
      * Allow individual profile checks defined in metadata.
      * Must set keep-errors=1 to allow individual errors to be displayed
      * convert_date filter was returning a valid time even though no time
      * Allow filter to be passed as parameter to [flex-select].
      * The tag required the somewhat obtuse setting:
      * Use varchar field for key so that space-padded entries will not
      * Login information was getting re-saved on a session cancel.
      * Last security fix for login scrub was in wrong place -- should be
      * Change log destination and format for "Successful login" and other such messages
      * Make the weight tag a bit smarter -- added matrix=1 option to automatically
      * Don't add .html if the page reference is for a directory, avoids
      * When no PATH_INFO is specified, normally we go to find_special_page('catalog').
      * Fall back to IP address in the not-too-unlikely case of no reverse DNS.
      * Bump email field up to 128 characters in all databases.
      * Add ability to specify id="$opt->{js_prefix}{CODE}" id so that multiple
      * Prevent spurious Database error when in PreFork mode. While I am not
      * Add Status: and Content-Type: headers if we are the recipient of
      * Add "exists" order check, which tests for pre-existance of a
      * Add PostURL, SecurePostURL, and ProcessPage directives. This allows
      * Occasionally in PreFork mode you will find a server that gets "starved",
      * Fix bug reported by Chen Naor -- second table with foreign key was not working
      * Fix security hole which can expose arbitrary variable contents.
      * SpecialSub -- directive to specify subroutines (catalog or global)
      * Add ability to control directory creation and umask of uploaded files.
      * Prevent Storable from dying when encountering a code object in
      * Make some inroads against whitespace pollution in the named output model.
      * Add source_kg, source_oz, and source_grams option for internal
      * Add extension to allow custom settings on a per-widget basis. Looks for
      * Prevent server error on entry to login page if there is no "userdb"
      * Fix manifeset to add WHATSNEW-* files.
      * Add new Class DBI_CompositeKey which allows multiple-key tables to
      * Make set_field() return the data component as per normal.
      * Make sure set_slice() doesn't destroy passed hash.
      * Add tests for DBI_CompositeKey
      * Change MULTIPLE_KEYS to COMPOSITE_KEY for better intuitiveness.
      * Create unique index on COMPOSITE_KEY tables if no INDEX or POSTCREATE
      * Don't try and index the key field twice if it was already
      * Make table-editor recognize returned scalar keys from meta_editor
      *** empty log message ***
      * Add autonumber routine that returns blank to prevent errors
      * Have table-editor pre-populate the appropriate fields of a COMPOSITE_KEY
      * Update ship status stuff to send a message "Your order has been CANCELED"
      * Make [backup-database] tag support the export "where" option.
      * Remove unused file/page.
      * Change these pages to use the standard [display ..] tag instead
      * Modify UPGRADE document for 5.2.
      * Make old-style Matrix options work with arbitrary part numbers.
      * Soften dire 4.6.x warnings, other minor changes.
      * Fix security hole. A user, should they be able to execute embedded Perl,
      * Remove duplicate members from array.
      * Remove security hole where by a non-admin user with write permission
      * Remove /o regex modifier so that differing suffixes will work in
      * Make ui_meta_view apply to "edit checked".
      * Add NN$ to the filter spec for length, shows only last NN characters
      * Add Interchange::Link, a mod_perl 1.99/2.0 link program.
      * Fix the long-standing "page [cgi mv_data_table] not found" error on
      * Importing first version of "standard" demo
      * Remove unwanted file.
      * Don't set shipmode and country by default. Handled in checkout page
      * Comment out debug statements.
      * Integrate AuthorizeNet ECHECK payment method.
      * Give more on-target help.
      * Allow the key in [if type=data ...] to have a colon in it.
      * Fix X-Track headers so that they will always be canonical.
      * Add NotRobotUA directive, which allows setting of UserAgent strings
      * Allow "Create menu from HTML" option to recognize <OPTION value=URL>Anchor
      * Make pref_group come out properly.
      * Make dist/standard the template that comes with Interchange.
      * Allow AutoModifier to select common attributes for matrix items (or based
      * Addition of Payment Resources International payment gateway support
      * Correct bogus call to get_locale_message.
      * Add ability for Vend::Data::update_data to store filename
      * Improve self-contained database definitions by allowing field names
      * Skip uploading blob files as well as standard {image,upload}helper
      * Add directive DatabaseAutoIgnore which prevents DatabaseAuto
      * Allow table editor to set mv_return_table if not already set, ensures
      ( Continuation of previous changes to these files, inadvertently committed. )
      * Initial instances of pre-forked servers could start out with the
      * Text::Query's advanced mode could not find words with single quotes,
      * Make hidden_text widget honor display_filter attribute, which allows
      * Comment out debug statements.
      * Completely change SessionDB.pm, using direct calls to DBI to reduce
      * Prevent ::logGlobal errors when run for syntax check.
      * Ensure compatibility with the many write_relative_file() calls in
      * Fix bug found by Vitaly <vit at e-securion.com>
      * Add code to allow control of class and style for date widget. Should
      * Change [include ..] to check recursion depth and error out if exceeds
      * Change tag to increment whether include succeeeds or not -- otherwise
      * Ensure wait-text JavaScript chunk returns true -- Opera was not returning
      * Allow labels to contain an equals sign. Found by Bill Carr.
      * Fix missing mv_session_id instances found by Sean Benton (IC at neurometrics.net).
      * Add routine to get names for address book routines when in separate
      * Completely remove all DBI cache entries when in PreFork mode, so
      * FETCH when there was a conflicting session was returning wrong value.
      Back out unintentional commit
      * Add notes/docs reminding people about permissions, which may not be
      * Give access to the accumulated criteria with @@CRIT@@ in the "adder".
      * Add @@CRIT@@ marker to cost area.
      * Add a SpecialSub hook to the init_session routine.
      * Carl Bailey noticed that the -M _ test was testing since start of the
      * Marty Tennison described a situation where [timed-build auto=1 ...]
      * Fix syntax error that prevented proper locking.
      * Don't deposit IC_LOCKING files in catalog root.
      * Discovered reason we had so many "page server NNNNN would not die"
      * Add Jonathan Clark's suggested timeout set, with ability to
      * Change [if base term eq|ne|==|!=|gt|lt|le|ge|>=|<= foo] to use
      * Add new file-tree capability. This allows rendering of a tree
      * Add ability to specify a different target file with logError, by
      * Put in Jonathan's patch for better localization and proper linking
      A few Search enhancements.
      * Ensure proper mv_more_id gets into all more links.
      * Flag table to be imported for write.
      * Don't save more matches in [loop ...] unless more=1 is set.
      * Add ExtraMeta capability to UserTags.
      * Fix longstanding bug where $base_entry_value was not showing the proper
      * Remove "File Upload" tab from meta_editor, which only served one
      * Make filtering previous searches easier.
      * Make query results available for filtering RefSearch. For example:
      * Make secure image directory be set to something even if no
      * Add more file tests than -f for [if file].
      * Fix ISINDEX query detection. This code has probably been in here
      * Add simple [isindex] tag written by Mike and Jonathan.
      * Fix UI shipping problem with "free" methods (from Jonathan).
      * Fix incompatibility in new "[if ..]" stuff. Retrieves the old behavior
      Fix bad debian files
      * fix possible dos attack vector and redirection limit problem found by
      * back out removal of <!--[itl tag]--> comment strip
      * Fix problem noted by John Rennie, where jsq would not return a valid
      * Add Ezic module supplied by Mark Lipscombe <markl at gasupnow.com>. Might need
      * Add check-date parameter to allow automatic updating of thumbs when
      * Fix sorting of options in Old48 mode.
      * Allow login of assign_username accounts when in indirect_login mode.
      * Back out change at 1.14 which broke auto-wizard (removed %overall_opt hash).
      * Unhide error text which unaccountably has been hidden all along.
      * Add ability to route certain error messages with either a $opt->{tag}
      * Add logging capability to be able to trace payment status for testing.
      * Fix parameters for logging.
      * Make results_buylist work on multiple pages.
      * Add column no_state to country table, allowing presentation of no state
      * Add die_page routine called in some places.
      * Re-add [PREFIX-alternate] changes blown away by discount changes
      * Remove attribute aliases that conflict with already-defined paramters
      * Move discount_space tag to SystemTag.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Add new DispatchRoutines code.
      * Fix default value for new directive.
      * Refuse to increment quantity of free items.
      * Fix problem where we don't reject multiple return tables.
      * Add ability to exclude all parameters from the current breadcrumb. This
      * Fix problem with standard catalog and "date_time_ampm" widget
      Remove debug
      * Add filter that allows setting of an end date based on a start
      * Decode the entities in case we are getting a value that came
      * Return original value if duration is zero -- allows setting the
      * Allow Interchange to install and run on a threaded system without
      * Remove spurious "Content" entry.
      * Add _allow_threads file
      * Change get_cart routine so that it will not screw up item groups on
      * Remove debug.
      * Add "permanent more" feature so that you can create pageable searches
      * Add to scan order so that permanent more will work for searches as well
      * Make output_repeated option work.
      * Fix build problem caused by moving of SystemTag/discount_space.coretag to
      *** empty log message ***
      * Re-relocate discount_space tag to SystemTag.
      * Fix TID counter so it doesn't use the "1" file.
      * Modify table editor to easily switch between display types without
      * Temporary commit before remove of duplicate
      remove dup
      * Close minor hole where admin could request /usr/local/interchange/etc/../../../*
      * Add country_select widget with the following features:
      * Add sort order (with metadata support) for state data.
      * Fix missing form variable in some situations where we need to go to
      * Prevent error on possibly-empty existing state value.
      * Prevent regression test failure by putting on DiscountSpacesOn (redundant?)
      * Add new automatic options generator -- CodeDef::(Filter|JavascriptCheck|etc.).
      * Add JavaScriptCheck member of CodeDef family. Used to generate
      * Add sample "required" JavaScriptCheck and meta_editor support.
      * Add descriptions to filters. Some descriptions for trivial, obsolete,
      * Make the start of XHTML support for Interchange.
      * Add widget used for uploading files in survey_wizard
      * Add descriptions to widgets
      * Remove calculated filter and put in eg/.
      * The variable names in country_select were not necessarily unique. Though
      * Add Stefan's suggested Visibility modification for CodeDef options.
      * Change only other suitable call to find a Routine in a CodeRef. I
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * Add Override parameter to tag compilation mechanism. This allows
      * Add Help capability to options generation. Uses Help member in
      * Add common JavaScript library
      * Move all widgets out to code/Widget.
      * Fix problem with non-UI table editor display, caused bad form. Modify
      * Update some Description members.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Just in case default widget is removed, provide default sub.
      Remove debug
      * Add nbsp=1 option to "links" widget.
      * Add "benchtimes" extension that easily allows you to analyze CPU eaters
      *** empty log message ***
      * Correct URL in documentation.
      * Correct exclusion mapping for top buttons and messages area. This corrects
      * Add ability to specify multiple Autoload and AutoEnd routines
      * Add a "By SKU" report with drilldown and multiple-SKU capability.
      * Add link to "By SKU" report.
      * Add no-session=1 parameter to [history-scan] to allow generation of
      * Change some standard demo pages to use new country_select and
      * Change some more standard demo stuff to use country_select
      * Change page title so NULL chars won't be included.
      * Add "Save link" function to the Fixed top line menu. When followed,
      * Add third-level menu to Order Reports facility.
      * Use canonical mv_source for affiliate link.
      * Allow ITL interpolation of reference-based ITL attributes
      * Slight speed improvement (don't enter block for
      * Add default CSS style sheet for the table editor, that matches
      * Make borders work for cartnorm and cartalt class.
      * Map convenience/performance variables $::Variable and $::Pragma when
      * Allow finer-grained control of way strings are serialized by IC.
      * Fix thread-safety issue -- search operation maps getting corrupted
      * Add mechanism for other programs to use Interchange sessions and
      * Fix bug in structure creation (overwriting hash members)
      * Small update to README.
      * Add adjust_cell_class parameter to address the ragged help text
      * Add meta settings for cell styles as well as classes.
      * A bit more intelligence in the width-guessing -- when all cells were
      * Add acl widget that edits the hash-style permissions used in
      * Update the hoary [write-shipping] tag so that it will work with the
      * Prevent warning on uninitialized variable.
      *** empty log message ***
      * More unitialzed variable warnings dealt with.
      * Turn off warnings in strategic places so that we don't get inundated with
      * Fix bug with Default_session_ary setting.
      Avoid warning
      * Various variable initializations and tests to avoid warnings.
      * More warning removal.
      * Add pragma to allow not running old legacy code
      * Avoid warnings.
      * Incorporate "use strict" for this module.
      * We had been running without warnings so long, we had gotten a bit sloppy
      * Run with warnings by default. (Will this not work when perlpath is
      * Remove dependency on a usertag containing "use File::Path".
      * Remove dependency on UserTag having File::Copy use
      * Remove %Vend::Table::Editor::Filter_desc in favor of codedef::filter
      * Move improperly-positioned glob mapping.
      * Implement new AccumulateCode and TagRepository directives. The rationale
      * Change "TagRepository" directive to "CodeRepository".
      * We are having frequent problems with terminated output with
      * Make wget adaptation a bit more secure by seeking/rewriting the file
      * Give proper link to cart.
      * Add abililty to have different page editor styles.
      * Remove directives not used since Minivend 3
      as usual
      * Add metadata links to page_editor_standard so that the "sets" can be
      * Base menu for new order stats.
      * How did this survive so long? Was from my first UserTag stuff in Minivend 3....
      * Add ability to alias a directive in a configuration file. I just
      * Fix variable suicide problem.
      * Remove unused pages.
      * Remove unused page.
      * Add translate option that translates the labels of options in matrix
      * Add time widget (date widget without date)
      * Bring warnings change to Server.pm
      * Prevent a Global database from instantiating $C and screwing up configuration.
      * Has anybody actually been using the Vend::Payment::Linkpoint module?
      * Change imagehelper routine and its accompanying Data.pm routine to
      * Remove meta_header setting which is inexplicably in only one
      * Regularize *_TOP region and PAGE_INIT so that they do the same things.
      * Fix bad template.
      * Link icon as well as text.
      * Make defaults for meta editor on views work.
      * Make this program work.
      * Add new cron-style facility for determining HouseKeeping jobs.
      * Add ability to run Jobs from cron. The idea of a delay is removed
      * Make TaxInclusive work for Levies.
      * Add ability to give free shipping on certain items via the [weight]
      * Add new "Feature" facility which allows easy installation of new
      * Put "features" directory in dist/ instead of at top level. 8-)
      * Remove unused tag.
      * Remove archaic DbDatabase directive.
      * Add new support routines used in under-development content management
      * Add uninstall convention for Feature.
      * Add uninstall script for quickpoll feature.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Add two new options to weight tag, exclude-attribute="attribute=regex"
      * Change [quantity-name] and [modifier-name attribute] to [PREFIX-quantity-name]
      * Allow levies to mark themselves as inclusive.
      * Make products forums work again -- why did they stop working? And when?
      * Allow different sorting options for different indexed fields. This
      * Don't read salestax.asc if in "multi" mode.
      * Allow passing of the message to custom routines.
      * Update regression tests to handle lower-case tags now put out by
      * Additional services added courtesy of Josh Lavin <josh at kingdomdesign.com>.
      * Fix bug introduced in discount_space change -- mv_discount would not
      * More XHTML patches thanks to Toni Mueller.
      * Try to recognize some more credit card types with help from
      * Refine handling of DISTINCT to allow parens -- patch by Lars Tode
      * Only show "Huge URL" message when in debug mode.
      * Enhance [email ...] tag to handle attachments. Requires MIME::Lite module,
      remove duplicated line
      * Change "te" to allow addition, deletion, or re-ordering of columns based
      * Make [query ...] base be transactions to avoid using Vend::SQL_Parser
      * Add SpecialSub  "guess_cc_type" to allow custom credit card types on a
      * Fix input button typo.
      * Add an order check which always passes -- used to update value of variables
      * Minor improvement in POD.
      * Improve ability of AutoModifier, make consistent in both places where
      * Fix scrub() routine to remove security hole found by Neil of Webmaint.
      * Add basic widget that gives access to the FCKeditor rich text
      * Add transfer-encoding parameter as suggested by Lars Tode.
      * Add dash-seperated number as possibliity for easy reading of credit
      * Allow checkboxes for mv_order_* and other options in a "stacked" array.
      * Remove MailOrderTo as a requirement. It is not a parameter needed
      * Add mechanism for serializing value paramters to a single field
      * Remove mv_credit_card* fields from database. If desired, they can be
      * Fix problems with variable naming (check_acct -> check_account,
      * Prevent double-setting of From: header.
      * This should fix Stefan's minor bug about the unescape filter.
      * Fix bad menu entry found by Gary Norton.
      * Add logic to have AutoModifier work for matrix items. Only works
      * Make robot errors going to the log less verbose, and make it possible to route
      * Fix bug where VAT was being calculated on item price before discount.
      Adjust to allow build
      * Allow menus to be explicitly set with CGI. This allows a bounce to
      * Add ability to put a radio box in the flex-select form. Allows
      * Preserve meta view when searching.
      * Add support to do user merge.
      * Add setting with help for user merge feature.
      * Handle minor interface change in Spreadsheet::ParseExcel.
      * Make UserControl set "billing" and "shipping" address lines instead of overwriting
      * Add mv_shipping_when_taxable member to "multi" taxing, so that you
      * Add ability to have different payment modes in Admin order entry
      * Allow installation without Set::Crontab module installed -- should not
      * Duh -- put qualifying code in eval block. And test -- verified works
      * Fix error logging problem with switch_discount_space().
      * Add missing quote preventing same-billing JavaScript function
      * Fix syntax error introduced with improper application of patch.
      * Updates to WHATSNEW should include most major 2005 feature additions.
      * Prevent crash when $::Discounts not defined.
      * Change AutoEnd to use same methodology as Autoload for cleanup routines.
      * Update distributed tables to reflect new US Postal service rates.
      * Update US Postal rates
      * Fix bug with patch supplied by Gert.
      * Move filter/label resolution forward so that sorts don't kill them.
      * Fix thread-safety problem with shipping adder (and potentially other
      * Fix rounding error that could make total comparisons wrong.
      * Display proper state and zip
      * Make log message manageable with ErrorDestination.
      * Actually change the currency keys in Locale when doing a currency
      * Add the missing int_currency_symbol key.
      * Incompatible change, but unavoidable. Change variable setting determining
      * Add note about MV_COUNTRY_FIELD change.
      * Fix minor discrepancy in variable settings found by Steve Graham.
      * Prevent Interchange crash when SocketFile not in interchange.cfg.
      * Put in Steve Graham's bug fix for bad sku in link.
      * Make timeout for menu blank settable (Greg Hanson change).
      * Remove [/page] and [/order] from a couple of obscure places.
      * Fix tests to deal with removal of [sql ...].
      * Make Interchange::Link compatibile with mod_perl2 greater than
      * Add lockout to list of SpecialSub routines allowed.
      * Allow limiting of size of logData error message.
      * Modify tests so that they work with new selected="SELECTED" and checked="checked".
      * Add special not_editable control to prevent editing pages that will
      * Fix minor security hole of exposing admin's session ID when they
      *** empty log message ***
      * Allow numerals in all but first position in unpack output areas.
      * Fix bug introduced in previous change to cert_path logic attempting
      * Incorporate things suggested by Carl Bailey (carl at carlbailey.net).
      * Improve Linkpoint module based on work provided by Josh Lavin.
      * Refine error message to possibly point to problem.
      * Change variables sent in POST_AUTH transaction so that partial
      * Add filter to round in floating-point-safe way, using the Vend::Util
      * Add hook for catalog_init subroutine that gives you access before the
      * Add username_email option so that one can easily user the username
      * Add state-size and state-extra parameters to allow some extra control
      * Reliably create constant reference, fix bug with first-time login.
      * Prevent user creation problems when password from zip is not long enough.
      * Allow lookups of multiple levels of config setting, i.e:
      * Add "captcha" capability to Interchange.
      * Add [if config UserDB.captcha] per request by Jon.
      * Make one image function, modified by parameters.
      * Add file security checks.
      * Give control over the query used for list_fields() routine.
      * Remove all cases of "split //", which if modified could conceivably
      * Add CVV support to standard demo, thanks to images from Jure Kodzoman.
      * Make Mark Johnson's change in set_values() order to preserve indirect_login
      * Fix problem where get_option_hash would return the reference itself
      * Allow setting session ID generated length.
      * Autovivify length to prevent problems when generating sessions outside
      * Add elucidation of session_id_length limit setting.
      * Add count increment, mostly for testing which is the first
      * Only run check_sub on sale transaction types, not the POSTAUTH.
      * Remove en_US "translation" of INDEX_PAR1. English is the default language
      * Allow setting of link target from menu table
      * Fix attribute-based pricing for options.
      * Allow email username of form "first.last at domain.tld"
      * Add fix inspired by Sonny Cook -- prevents bad subroutine reference death.
      * Make standard Locale dispatch routine call setlocale if an mv_currency
      * Minor changes to credit card determination algorithms.
      * Remove artificial restriction for email address to begin with A-Z.
      * The local tag allows you to drop some code using scratch or values
      * Add order check that allows you to do a password verify, i.e.:
      * Add a couple of new features in debug. (I had originally been waiting to
      * Remove inefficient tests for template tags, setting the whole
      * Add templated more-list feature. Completely compatible with default,
      * Change [shipping-desc] to allow access to arbitrary keys in the shipping
      * Fix shipping line processing bug that put an extra mode at beginning
      * Fix improper change from double to single quoting in escape string.
      * Add SpecialSub configurability for admin_init. Added at point just
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      * Remove catalog status files when removing catalog. Also call remove_catalog at
      * In username_email mode, the 'email' field (or whatever
      * Fix problem with permanently setting members_only, bug and fix found
      * Save address2 if there is a problem with another field.
      * Fix salestax() routine to not allow negative tax. Allow it with use of a
      * Upon reconsideration, I have made negative tax amounts excluded upon
      * Add ability to define multiple columns in the same COLUMN_DEF line:
      * Add ability to set attrDefault for the Widget codedef type, which
      * Fix to use proper quoting routine.
      * Condition data by removing trailing commas that might be present.
      * Fix problems caused by prototype mismatch in Perl 5.10.
      * Remove never-used dump command, which is only for the DBM sessions that
      * Remove spurious file listing
      * HTML::Entities distributed with Interchange is faulty, and should not
      * Add merge of saved carts when merging users.
      *** empty log message ***
      * Incorporate changes suggested by Lars Tode:
      * Get rid of cuddled else that is not within coding guidelines
      * Fix bug in regex for auto_format anchor handling.
      * Add ability to set arbitrary options from table editor callouts.
      * Add new options for determining date of events in the userdb:
      * Remove not-needed -f flag that conflicts with some versions of su.
      * Add IniConf.pm back in as a static distributed module. Since it
      * Duh. Forgot I needed to put in dist/lib to have a static install.
      * Clean up spurious meta_header scratch variable set
      * Add type_empty parameter to table editor. This allows the selection of a
      * Make date widget formatting shorthand apply to time widget as well.
      * Make MySQL do right thing with mod_time by setting to PREFER_NULL and
      * Fix bug: Remove /o causing change of delimiter for all loops on page.
      * Remove QueryUPS shipping options from standard catalog, allow
      * Fix deficiency in Levies, where multiple handling modes separated by null
      * The way to clear a cookie is to put it in the past, duh...
      * Someone removed email_copy field from userdb table, which meant that
      * Fixes from Josh Lavin of Perusion.
      * Increase length of order_number -- it is now common to have to do this
      * We are vulnerable to cross-site scripting problems any time there is a
      * If the tmp/wget directory (or more properly "$Vend::Cfg->{ScratchDir}/wget"
      * Don't "use warnings" in a module unless you are committed to removing them
      * Prevent cross-site scripting problem. Found and fixed by Josh Lavin
      * Fix bug in my commit found by Racke.
      * Make levies description fix I should have originally made.
      * Fix database typing problem for HIDE_FIELD. Reported by Sonny Cook and
      * Currently the only order cleanup -- i.e. functions to run after all data in the
      * Fix problem with new-style shipping configuration reading a mixed-case
      * Make TAX_CATEGORY_FIELD work as intended, where a colon-separated
      * Add 504 status to link messages.
      Incorporate fixes suggested by Peter:
      * Add framekiller for clickjacking defense in template. Probably we are
      * Allow catalogs to be set to have Perl always global by default.
      * Either we provide a default, or we don't put the charset extension in.
      * Make forum only available for logged-in users, as spammers are
      * Add ability to merge user logins with merged_user field. When the
      * Fix bug found by Jeff Boes <jeff at endpoint.com> which prevented custom
      * Commit Bill Carr's changes to Business::OnlinePayment to allow extra
      * Add environment variable MINIVEND_DISABLE_UTF8 which allows us to
      * Discovered that "no encoding" is a pragma that is not at all scoped
      * Fix bug in my changes to UTF8 found by Sergiusz Jarczyk
      * Fix cross site scripting error found by Josh Lavin of Perusion.
      * Shorthand added to allow beginning/ending year with date widget
      * Prevent an incomprehensible error when following an order link that was
      * Add ability to recalculate AutoModifier values based on a sku change.
      * Add WHATSNEW for AutoModifier recalc.
      * Add ability to configure the number of levels and hash length for
      * Make Encode.pm use conditional.
      * Remove namespace problems introduced with Vend::File calling Encode::PERLQQ when
      * Add one more fix to resolve namespace issues on UTF8.
      * table_editor/flex_select: Add ability to link "edit record" to custom

Paul Vinciguerra (6):
      Add user option to specify useragent
      cleaned up formatting by adding currency tags to line items in order_view
      * Don't cache location if in a virtual host.
      Revert changes I lost between R1.3 and R1.4
      * Changed all form references to use [form-session-id] tag in the admin and standard catalogs.
      Dont show inactive items in LINE_MENU

Peter Ajamian (81):
      Added metadata for NetBilling
      Fix masking of unencrypted credit card numbers to work with a custom
      Added netbilling route
      I added the ACH fraud screening before contributing the module, just forgot to remove this line.
      Kevin pointed out that this paragraph isn't really relevent anymore since this module is now part of the core.
      Make sure that we don't overwrite a pre-encrypted block.
      Added GPL header.
      * Don't refresh checkout page when someone opens the CVV2 popup.
      * Change check_num field to check_number in standard demo to match the field name
      Now that we fixed this bug there is no longer any need to tell people how to manually fix it.
      * If we don't match a prod_group and category in a missing page return the
      * If we don't match a prod_group and category in a missing page return the
      * Use <pre> ... </pre> instead of the obsolete <xmp> ... </xmp> element in the
      this has been backported to stable, so moving the WHATSNEW entry to stable branch as well.
      Use a path relative to the catroot instead of an absolute path to the catalog error.log file when displaying in UI Administration/Info tab.
      Wait until the *next* line of the profile before undefining $And.
      This is a better comment.
      added missing =cut line at end of docs
      Fix [error] tag so it does not attempt to replace format codes other than %s in
      ported fix to stable, and moved entry to WHATSNEW-5.4 (in stable branch)
      I missed this mv_metadata.asc file when I added the metadata for NetBilling.
      New Free Software Foundation Address in headers of various files
      Update LICENSE with fresh copy from the FSF at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt
      Fix incorrect license in headers GPL v2 -> GPL v2 "or later".  Update copyrights.
      Added License, version, and copyright info to captcha tag.
      Fix incorrect license in headers GPL v2 -> GPL v2 "or later".  Update copyrights.
      We don't need to check last_sequence_value for the key if we already know it, especially on an UPDATE.
      Minor typo fix in WHATSNEW message.
      Fixed syntax error in username_email regex.  Thanks go out to Josh Lavin and Jeff Boes for tracking down the problem and providing a patch.
      This patch makes the following changes to sessions per IP limit protection:
      If you have a lockout specialsub that returns a true value on a session
      Fixed error where the wrong tag name can sometimes appear in [calc] error messages (#7).
      Scrapped a useless test in customer_mailing.html for the following reasons:
      The new Ship.pm seems to have a lot of problems.  Here is a patch which
      More shipping code cleanup
      * Updated copyright headers to 2007 (closes bug #102)
      Applied patch from Mark Johnson <mark at endpoint.com> to fix problem with RPC
      Added more of the features patched by #107 to WHATSNEW.
      New Vend::Server::set_process_name sub which is used to change the status of
      Fixed problem where form values do not always default to the $Values hash
      Matrix options editor can now display more than 50 variants via the use of a
      Allow for the proper display of product options that use text or textarea
      Fix sort order of generated variant codes so that they match the code that is
      * Allow the default display_type for Matrix widgets to be set from catalog.cfg
      Adding o_simple column to options database to support the ability to treat some Matrix options as simple options instead.
      emacs strikes again, it put a space in when I hit <tab>, this should fix it.
      Adding some simple options code to Matrix.pm so that it can support mixed Matrix/Simple option products.
      metadata for new o_simple column.
      Don't generate variants for options that are marked as o_simple
      WHATSNEW info for o_simple stuff.
      * New Multiple CodeDef flag to indicate that a widget can return multiple
      New universal "hide" attribute.  You can now set the hide=1 attrbute for any tag
      Fix typo
      Fix closing </b> tag
      Fixed bug where previous rows values were left in $Row if [loop] is iterated with [PREFIX-next].
      Provide reasonable defaults for shipping mode and country at checkout to avoid "not enough information" errors.
      Fix vulnerability where a string passed in the mv_order_item CGI variable is
      Added SourcePriority catalog directive:
      Force re-configure on compile_link --force.
      * New adjust_time() function allows time adjustment based on secs, mins, hours,
      forgot to check in the WHATSNEW file for this.
      MaxQuantity fixes:
      New user_merge specialsub is run from the [user-merge] usertag.  Arguments
      Fixed [convert-date] regression as reported by Marty Tennison.
      Fix pod
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/machack666/interchange into machack666/master
      Do not specify a default charset if none is passed via MV_HTTP_CHARSET.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/interchange/interchange
      Don't ignore case of passed options to compile_link.
      Update WHATSNEW-5.7 file for recent fix to compile_link.
      flypage SpecialSub fix for non-existent SKUs.
      New area_page SpecialSub.
      Fix "my" scoping bug that was preventing ncheck_category from working.  I just
      Remove bloat that duplicates %z functionality.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/interchange/interchange
      Remove $Id line from Util.pm and update copyright.
      Update WHATSNEW file for logtime() change.
      flypage SpecialSub changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/interchange/interchange
      Fix typo.
      Anotehr typo, plus expand on areapage entry a bit.

Phil Smith (1):
      Adding my to $o in GlobalSub ncheck_category

Randy Moore (25):
      Update WHATSNEW with note about new version of category_vert_toggle
      Sync payment variables between UI and catalog.cfg
      Add MV_PAYMENT_PARTNER and MV_PAYMENT_VENDOR to variable.txt for UI
      Add help info to mv_metadata.asc for 2 new PayflowPro control variables.
      patch to display errors from payment modules in credit card header
      Added ability to dump sessions stored in DBI to UI.
      A few changes to Signio payment module
      Minor change to sub timed_build in Interpolate.pm to allow auto option
      Updated several region templates:
      Add some documentation for the history_scan tag and new option called
      Update WHATSNEW to mention new history-scan feature.
      Added logging code to allow syntax (or other) errors in Required modules
      Add missing comma in %type_map hash definition.  Was preventing module from
      Add hint about disappearing image when SSL is used.
      Add hint about problem and solution for tables where primary key field
      Add tags to send ship_notice when multiple orders have been selected on
      Ugly workarourd for flock bug in Perl 5.8.0
      Add control component to show or hide continue shopping button.
      Update img src= in [button] tags to work in SSL mode
      Add new decrypt filter to compliment encrypt filter.
      Added brief docs in file and turned off logging
      Removed because it requires use of private keys with no pass phrase.
      Update pgp_encrypt to accept multiple encryption keys.  Keys should be
      Handling the anchor option in the area and page tags was being handled
      Add support for iso_time & null_time options for updating UserdB time_field

René Hertell (6):
      Fix "if" tag to handle evalue as a named parameter
      Removed javascript that submits the form if the user changes his email-preferences.
      Added some missing end-tags
      XHTML-fixup for the <img src=... tag
      Fixed Makefile.PL to honour the DESTDIR-variable when doing eg. "make DESTDIR=/tmp/pacage install"
      Refurbishing standard/pages/quantity.html

Richard Templet (1):
      robots.cfg: Exclude non-robot Seekmo which got caught by "seek"

Sonny Cook (11):
      Modified extensivly for the construct something demo and new admin interface.
      removed $ EOL anchor from regex in line 160
      Hacked in link to registration site at bottom of page.
      returns error msg from signio processing to checkout screen
      layout mods
      minor layout mods
      changed textbox sizes for products::size and products::color
      layout mods
      modifed per bug #49
      changed bask to one column
      inserted some happy text so that people will know how to log in as different kinds of users

Stefan Hornburg (1380):
      image location fixed
      added interchange to CVS exclusion list
      CVS exclusion file created with automatically generated file mvtags.pod as first member
      allow installation in the same directory tree if force is set
      reverted change committed in the wrong branch
      reflect option change in the POD documentation
      *** empty log message ***
      typo fixed
      spurious blank removed from POD section
      typo fixed
      APT sources documented
      more errmsg calls replaced
      i18n meta_editor.html's page title
      unique check allows passing a custom message like
      recommit of changes put into the old branch
      recommit of changes put into the old branch
      need TAB to keep make happy
      translation added
      --sharedir and --shareurl added to POD
      removed unused statement
      safeguard added
      installation/deinstallation of Interchange demo catalog completed for now
      installation/deinstallation of Interchange demo catalog completed for now
      use logError here so the error appears in the catalog log file
      translation improved
      workaround for replacing directory by a symlink added
      fix URL for shared images
      missing " added to Documentation of this user tag
      record for UI_SECURE added
      allow to set UI_SECURE with environment variable MV_UISECURE
      some [L] tags added
      some [L] tags added
      another bunch of translations added
      prepared "Entries containing ..." for translation
      try to translate help and label
      order status and entries containing "" added
      *** empty log message ***
      translation for login hint prepared
      login hint string added
      [L] tags added
      errmsg arguments from access.html added
      i18n started for this page
      entries containing prepared for translation
      "Entries containing" prepared for translation
      [L] tags added
      </table> added for debugging removed
      some [L] tags added
      [L] tags added
      prepared for translation of not authorized
      new filter loc
      use new loc filter
      more translations added
      default to secure installation
      [L] tags added
      title prepared for translation
      support for i18n added
      use msg tag instead of embedding HTML code into translated strings
      i18n started
      more strings from version usertag and genconfig page
      more translations added
      database stuff prepared
      use errmsg instead of loc tag
      page title prepared for translation
      more translations added
      more strings from usertags added
      i18n support added
      use locale if available
      i18n support added for bad table string
      bad table and back ordered added
      few more translations
      Swedish pics added
      first draft of UI translation README added
      swedish UI locale added
      regenerate nl_NL.cfg too
      regenerate sv_SE.cfg too
      regenerate da_DK.cfg too
      localize passed title
      don't leave secure mode on error
      fix error message
      buttons are useless if there no customers available
      ??? checked customers prepared for translation
      [L] and related tags added
      ??? checked customers for customer.html added
      translations for customer pages added
      translation update from Tommi
      infos about mailing list added
      add option for cases where we don't want a translation
      label inconsistency fixed
      several labels for userdb and metadata tables added
      [L] tags added
      userdb/meta translations added
      dansk translation update from Kim
      *** empty log message ***
      some more [L]-tags added
      more translations added
      more stuff added, sort order changed
      prepared "Entries matching %s" for translation
      [L] tags added
      string for item_price added
      some more translations
      prepared translation of "New" in combobox generation code
      prepared translation of "Auto-export"
      latest i18n changes
      flex_select_box no longer exists
      put the real profile name into error log ('Unknown order check ...')
      query default UI locale from user
      get infos from settings.cfg
      add defaultlocale to settings.cfg
      excess = removed
      Standards-Version updated
      complete rewrite started
      pass debconf settings
      don't override command line settings
      copyleft added
      translate true/false
      only one locale can be selected
      copyleft added
      defaultlocale isn't a flag
      versioned dependency to debconf isn't needed
      bumped up version number
      suggest Perl spreadsheet modules
      directory moved dbconfig=>dbconf
      made comments in DEBUG section similar to the ones in
      AFAIK all logDebug's should be disabled by default
      removed trailing whitespace, debconf is too anal with them
      foundation demo catalog needs some UserTags from interchange-ui
      prepared for /etc/interchange/features.cfg
      *.prerm files for interchange/interchange-ui Debian packages added
      rotate debug and error log too
      handle features.cfg too now
      POD documentation introduced
      dependencies to debconf added to interchange-ui and
      manual page for interchangeconfig added
      enable UI on startup
      status removed (quite hopefully the Debian packages are now
      interchange-cat-foundation.prerm added
      use i.r.c. URLs, new disclaimer added
      interchange-cat-foundation requires LWP::Simple
      stop answering questions if user doesn't want create demo catalog
      nocpaninstall option added, needed to fix the longstanding
      USE_FOUNDATION variable added
      call interchangeconfig if foundation catalog is created
      comment improved
      conditionally include demo catalog
      new Debian packaging file interchange-ui-preinst
      copyright added
      work in progress
      restart server only once if both interchange and interchange-ui
      stop server if only interchange-ui gets installed
      small change in the restart logic
      wrong entry in debian/.cvsignore fixed, yes I need this .prerm
      revised process of interchange-ui installation/removal
      server restart makes only sense if called with "remove"
      comment fixed
      stop server and record that in /var/run/interchange-install
      use hostname --fqdn for the server name
      seems that the wrapper needs both PIDfile= and --pidfile
      remove catalog from running server if necessary
      debug.log and makecat.log may be not available
      added new record for 4.9.0
      new configuration directive TrackPageParam implemented
      duplicate "my $type" removed
      merged changes 2.3 vs 2.3
      merged changes 2.15 vs
      merged changes 2.13 vs
      merged changes 2.5 vs
      merged changes 1.4 vs
      merged changes 2.3 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.4 vs
      merged changes 2.10 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.6 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.4 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.5 vs
      merged changes 2.7 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes 2.3 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.6 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.6 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.9 vs
      merged changes 1.2 vs
      hebrew pics added
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      chkcat added to exclusion list
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      we need to restore some settings from the original configuration
      static page building should be independent from secure mode
      new configuration variables StaticIndex and StaticSessionDefault
      preserve VendURL
      The documentation states that StaticPage is an array of page
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      Changed back type of StaticPage to boolean.
      we have now two different cases:
      ensure that the force pages are really build
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      we need to mangle the real Scratch space
      merged changes vs
      silly leftover fixed
      StaticTrack directive added (experimental stuff)
      calc/perl need to pickup our changes to $::Scratch
      use same name for maximum number of pages as in regenerate.html,
      merged changes 2.8 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 1.2 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.2 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged selected changes between 2.0 vs
      merged selected changes between vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.2 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.3 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes 2.2 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      removal of unused usertag component document
      documented modification to version.tag/genconfig.html
      *** empty log message ***
      merged changes vs
      picked up two older changes from Jon
      removal of set-alias and set-click documented
      adjusted to removed UI usertags
      equal signs are valid characters in an URL, so we shouldn't escape it
      remove probably unneeded and mischievous expansion of % sequences
      added all the new files
      merged changes 2.4 vs
      merged changes 2.3 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      code cleanup
      merged changes vs
      removed useless " from need_escape
      removed leftover duplicate from last commit
      next try for a proper escaping, this works for me in all these cases:
      actually using the new parameter for escape_scan
      adjust to new file structure
      revert back the Vend::Interpolate::scan_escape behaviour to not
      no need anymore to include usertag directory, it ceased
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.2 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      store Interchange version in a global variable, so can conditionalize
      added parse_locale tag (already in stable)
      stop expiring if catalog configuration fails and add catalog name
      cause option added (from stable branch)
      allow [L] tags in wizard_checklist (from stable)
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      prepared help text for automatically generated keys for translation
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged selected changes between vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      added option to replace items in the database
      merged changes 2.2 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      initial checkin of the new Shadow database type - this is not
      merged changes vs
      storage of MAP attribute revised
      field method implemented
      config method added
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changelog entries from stable branch
      merged changes vs
      bunch of new functions added, but not usable for now
      compiles without an error now
      new options for history_scan and image documented
      sampledata spreadsheet has been removed
      merged changes vs
      fixed missing label for radio and checkbox types
      merged changes vs
      log errors during generation/delivery of the cron email
      skip email and log file entry if no output from the cronjob
      documentation for new HIDE_FIELD database option added
      bumped up version number
      merged changes 2.0 vs
      don't send email and/or write log entry if cron job returns
      these changes are made in order to get Shadow working with text databases
      started work on mappings to other databases in Vend::Table::Shadow
      merged changes vs
      avoid fatal error if column doesn't exist
      let field method figure out by itself where to get the data
      documented new create_user option to su usertag
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      duuh, perllocal.pod doesn't exist in DEVEL
      finalized 4.9.2
      MAJOR_VERSION variable added for convenience
      findtags script added
      pass value to display tag
      bumped up version number
      [xml-generator] removed.
      meta definition for MV_PAYMENT_MODE variable added
      sync README in stable and devel
      duplicate removed
      quote method implemented
      modified row_hash to support table::column mapping
      allow mapping options like 'fallback'
      introduced subroutines for the column mapping
      during an import the object has the wrong class in create method, so we fix
      fixed _map_column and implemented fallback option
      parse locale stuff in components
      forum feature added
      advise readfile to run parse_locale
      signio change from Mark Johnson documented
      reduced parsing effort for UI_STD_INIT
      new next_sequential filter documented
      don't return the whole variable hash
      removed bashisms
      fixed POD documentation
      fixes for upgrades documented
      improved inline documentation in order to be able to view
      merged changes vs
      changes to button tag documented
      import-fields fix documented
      reworded import-fields entry
      log change documented
      use parse_locale function to avoid code duplication
      documented improved behaviour of [userdb function=logout clear=1]
      added German translation for choices
      documented new luhn check
      documented Mike's latest changes to filters, Order.pm and nitems
      new method _map_field
      column_exists now uses _map_field too
      documented category_vert_toggle update
      mv_values_space change documented
      pass Perl error message if Sub fails to compile
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      mod_interchange update from Kevin documented
      merged changes 2.2 vs
      category_vertical_tree addition documented
      merged changes vs
      new Swish search documented
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      fixed copy&waste error message for PRECREATE queries
      documented most of Jon's and Mike's changes since 4.9.4
      documented latest changes
      4.9.6 changes are up-to-date now
      bumped version number
      documented latest changes from Mike and Jon
      unused and obsolete [e] tag removed
      this should fix a longstanding bug where Interchange get stuck into
      directory designed for adding/removing catalogs from packages introduced
      Allow % in filter arguments documented.
      introduced selection of locales
      Avoid infinite loops in catalog configuration caused by includes.
      Debian packages support the selection of the GnuPG home directory
      set (My)SQL username/password in one place with the DatabaseDefault directive
      support for multilanguage tables introduced into foundation demo
      new variables LOCALE and DEFAULT_LOCALE added
      added entries for cat and products database
      introduced lookup_table for Shadow database
      foreign method implemented
      unstuff_row now logs the database where the error occurs
      field now imports database properly again
      actually implement test_record method to avoid failures of
      added shadow databases for area, cat, products for de_DE
      new debconf question for defaultlocale
      documented latest changes
      warnings didn't make it through, so I changed that accordingly to
      documented change to catalog configuration routine
      stubs added for set_slice, touch and each_record
      $configfile is a loop variable, so it is meaningless at this point
      usertag removal and test order page addition documented
      mod_interchange fix documented
      UPGRADE and README.cvs added to interchange.docs
      last change to mod_interchange documented
      new upstream release
      Default traffic setting is low now.
      Check if /etc/init.d/interchange and /usr/sbin/interchangeconfig are
      use generic link to quicklinks instead of sam.heins.net something
      check if /etc/init.d/interchange and /usr/sbin/interchangeconfig are
      specify unix and inet modes explicitly if user selects both
      treat blank templates as if they are empty, so
      added profile for ICDEVGROUP help email
      documented new "send help edit to ICDEVGROUP" feature
      documented latest changes
      PFProAPI support documented
      merged changes vs
      documented quantity pricing change from Jon
      makecat fix by Carl Bailey documented
      changed Perl version in compatiblity section
      Mike added SQLite support to foundation
      adjusted to new location of UI share files
      added two more updates
      improved cryptic error message
      Renamed Cron configuration directive to Jobs because that is a more
      documented latest change from Mike
      documented changes from today
      documented changes from yesterday
      documented some older changes
      Compile errors on ActionMap/FormAction are passed through now.
      documented latest changes
      documented latest changes
      removed files missing from Mike's last checkin
      fixed constant definition
      let unhexify mangle only representations of hex chars
      removed bogus require on ancient Perl version
      typo fixed
      replaced unstuff method by an alias to Vend::Util::unhexify
      use fix base directory for global cron jobs
      update_locales job added
      documented some of the latest changes
      revert change to unstuff method as discussed on the core ML
      check for extended column
      stub for sort_each method added
      documented latest changes
      removed unneeded variable
      column_exists method calls now method of underlying class instead of a
      check for default column as well
      removed ridiculous JS which insists on submitting form before
      find usertag added - this is really a barebones version object to
      examines templates directory as well now, with a little help of its friend,
      added search criteria name and type
      fixed auto_create_dir feature
      line filter added which rips off the first line of a longer text
      log errors in soap tag to catalog
      ensure that SOAP server adds a blank line between HTTP header
      added a bunch of recent changes
      SOAP_Action introduced, which is intended to used as a
      allow tracing of SOAP calls
      * issue error message if tracing function doesn't exist
      run_in_catalog: remove bogus session created by logError
      updates of the last three weeks
      this patch allows the usage of full-fledged UserTag aliases
      L alias needs to be lowercase
      set sane default to avoid breakage of perl code if no ui-version record
      enable the full power of Interchange Perl/Usertags for the SOAP_Action
      date_change filter is now able to handle dates in MySQL date style
      changes of last week added
      removed usage of $Vend::Cfg->{ExtraSecure} which contradicts documentation
      complete revision of SOAP error handling
      added _map_array method, call it from each_nokey
      documented changes of last week
      reverted last modification on http_soap which wasn't necessary
      added option to replace all occurences
      added missing call of find_joiner in order to fix [item-options report=1]
      avoid code duplication
      avoid empty tab
      added very rough implementation of query method, solves the
      deactivated debug code
      added Vend::File
      alt attribute added to Home links
      new parameter ignore_fields added
      allow option to ignore fields
      added a couple of new items from the last few days
      changed script to work with 5.0 style menu files
      avoid empty entries
      change parameter for localize script
      add a couple of latest changes
      name method implemented
      moved Shadow configuration to Shadow module
      added a few more changes
      pass all database with MAP prefix to Shadow configuration
      allow shadowed databases to work properly within embedded Perl
      MAP_OPTIONS introduced, allow query of databases to be shared
      debug message removed
      always localize description as well
      debug code removed, cluster parameters for share MAP_OPTION
      translation in progress
      options file in German added, use share MAP_OPTION
      avoid installation error by checking installation state before
      FullURL setting now configurable from debconf
      bugfix for interchange-cat-foundation postinst script documented
      allow translation for a couple of messages
      added a couple of changes
      robots configuration file added
      robots configuration file added
      ask for SOAP support
      area database added to share definitions
      some translations added
      included condition for SOAP server support
      set all fields at once to avoid failures with NOT NULL
      stub for set_field method added
      translation completed
      added a couple of translations
      column headers for item edit page added
      removed $Default{sort} which causes problems with foundation store
      debug statement removed
      German variants database added
      install new configuration file robots.cfg
      robots and soap debconf options added
      added new files
      descriptions for os28004 completed
      translation completed
      translation update
      removed spurious vi command
      readded unintentionally removed jobs file
      readded update_locales once more
      default for robots should be 1
      display size, color and options again
      try to handle "select * ..." queries
      remove configuration files handled by interchangeconfig on purge
      protect against scripts ending up in /usr/lib/interchange
      more changes
      allow access to global job files
      map autonumber method to Vend::Table::Common
      added latest changes
      reflect removed files
      special treatment of list=1 within query method
      prepared edit links and link titles for translation
      added a couple of recent changes
      preparation for translation started
      added more translations
      allow empty values to be SELECTED
      give the user the option to get rid of salestax completely
      fixed comparison
      continued work on menu editor translation
      added saved to strings to be translated
      prepared page title and metadata for translation
      i18n updates for merge metadata
      introduced mv_shadowpass scratch variable which instructs
      added SOAP_Control configuration directive and soap_gate access
      changes of past week documented
      translations for customer_mailing page
      no comment
      duplicate SOAP configuration removed
      remove Static* directives never used in a stable Interchange version
      removed ClearCache because it is referred nowhere,
      don't use NoCache directive any longer
      new function Vend::File::log_file_violation to avoid code duplication
      removed admin pages for static page generation
      cache_html removed
      [tag flag build] removed in conjunction with static page building code
      removed static page building support from foundation catalog
      removed static page building support from test catalog
      removal of InvalidateCache attribute
      change to the catalog directory so that log messages end up
      continued removal of static page building related code
      spelling fix
      get_url UserTag forces dependency on libwww-perl
      add a couple of changes
      translate field labels as well
      translations for advancedsearch page added
      removed obsolete logic for option detection
      [L] tags added for the contents fo the receipt
      more translations added
      recent changes documented
      bring back unintentionally removed items
      readded unwittingly removed jobs file
      UI tag regenerate removed
      resolve_static function removed
      documented ongoing removal of Static Page Building
      references to StaticPage removed from code
      references to non-existant StaticScratch configuration directive removed
      removed duplicate hash record
      removed duplicate hash record
      use HTMLsuffix configuration directive as default extension for
      removed code for static page generation
      remove path_adjust Pragma which is only useful in conjunction with
      Vend::Interpolate::static_url function removed
      Added stub for inc_field method.
      Use mv_form_profile instead of mv_order_profile on account page in
      generate more verbose error message
      typo fixed
      translation update
      remove code related to static page building from timed_build
      continued page translation preparation effort
      continued page translation effort
      use log_file_violation
      translation effort continued
      add some missing comments
      merged "Admin [cC]ontrol" pref_group's
      banner string prepared for translation
      -s option added to localize script
      continued preparation for translation
      message for free shipping added
      fixed GPG variable misnomers
      Add Italian UI translation from Marco Mescoli <m.mescoli at omnibit.nu>.
      italian locale added and small revisions of the text
      continued preparation for translation
      avoid excess space which breaks save page for
      added a couple of entries
      soap_entity tag added
      fixed silly cut&waste error
      another update
      add strings for menu editor
      assorted changes for i18n
      workaround for thread check to allow releasing Interchange 4.9.8
      bumped up version number
      correct release date
      drop Build-Depends on libdb2-dev to allow builds on woody and sid,
      new payment gateway added
      fixed tree option in soap_entity tag
      typo fixed
      update from Marco Mescoli
      add changes since 4.9.8 release
      Call tracking functions only if Vend::Track object exists.
      keep track of latest changes
      * New Usertag [capture-page] bringing back some of the static page
      set MINIVEND_FORCE_THREADS in the environment
      the wrapper now sets the environment variable MINIVEND_FORCE_THREADS
      no longer uses SQL::Statement
      use localhost if hostname barfs
      spurious =back removed
      documented latest changes
      ready for new Debian packages
      no page count needed
      Jobs: Set $CGI->{mv_tmp_session} to signal that a "robot" is in charge.
      continued German translation
      touch option added
      spurious test case for unallowed local file access removed
      translation continued
      payment admin page prepared for translation
      filter option added for Job output
      fix syntax error in unable to connect messages
      avoid cluttering of global logs with 'Attempt to call perl from within Safe'
      documented a bunch of recent changes
      entry route should use log_entry route instead of the stock log one
      add a bunch of recent changes
      i18n update
      allow localization of this page
      * Jobs are now listed and queued in $Global::RunDir/jobs instead
      fix calculation of max delay
      changed name of jobs queue from jobs to jobsqueue to avoid conflict
      fixed hang of build process caused by non-existant user interchange
      minor wording change to keep lintian happy
      fix location of manual pages
      label the first section of the POD documentation as NAME,
      typo fixed
      location of manual pages for module descriptions fixed
      hide option added
      continued work on POD to appear as regular manpages
      minuscule translation update
      exclude worthless Vend::Data manual page from installation
      backed out last change due to Mike's ultraquick removal of POD in Vend::Data
      ensure that secure mode is forced before we bounce to login
      avoid lintian warning
      added POD documentation similar to the usage output
      added job to automatically calculate topsellers
      after an Interchange upgrade the category_vert_toggle component was broken
      don't allow invalid option group names
      protect against invalid option names for old options as well
      topsellers added to conffiles as well
      documented changes in August and September
      continued documentation of changes since 4.9.8
      added missing session id to form
      added missing session id to form
      added missing session id to form
      another bunch of changes since 4.9.8 added
      Add handling to mail receipt if applicable
      update_data: removed unused variables and
      explicitly set filters to avoid mangling of promotions
      now almost all changes after 4.9.8 should be covered by WHATSNEW
      exclude discontinued products
      documented latest changes
      minor translation update
      ready for a new release of Debian packages
      removed de and ee filter shorthands
      ensure that you don't leave secure server through metaconfig link
      update after run of make localefiles
      stub for delete_record added
      don't throw an error if removal of the file
      corrected problem with alphabetic sorting of more lists.
      update for modifications since Sep 11
      removed wizard pages
      removed wizard admin pages
      added versioned dependency on debconf to interchange-cat-foundation
      relative errmsg calls don't work as reported by plasser at hexagon.at
      queries with type=list are handled incorrectly
      completed changelog entries for 4.9.9
      documented Mike's change to history
      preparing for release
      * [formel] fetches the label for the display type from the metadata if not passed
      i18n update for the content editor - will be continued
      deactivate debug statement in tag_counter
      Force user to enter name of new page/template/component name to avoid server
      fixed nonexisting variable name in debug message
      i18n of content editor continued
      Fix content editor to actually use the selected template for new pages.
      ensure that we are allowed to call db_columns for the table in question
      explicitly specify column type for inactive to save space and
      somehow mkpath stops the eval without leaving something in $@
      let writefile handle the creation of the path
      continued i18n
      debug message removed
      fix sequence edit
      allow translation of explode tree / collapse tree in menus
      added report_table UserTag from Christopher Wenham
      Add Linkpoint payment module.
      updated for report-table and Linkpoint.pm
      [find] usertag removed
      Limit data part of Vend::File:writefile error message to 120 characters in
      improved i18n for the template editor
      Add stubs for commit and rollback methods, thanks to Thomas Weiss
      record threaded perl
      preparing for release
      removed excess space
      translation update
      documented some of the latest patches
      Interchange variable MV_GETPPID_BROKEN has been added to
      translate (no category)
      remove references to 4.9
      additional translations for merge_meta
      added some of the latest changes
      ensure that we stay in secure mode, [L]'s added, changed button and JS
      add new image for UI
      [L]'s added
      added [traffic_report] tag
      catches the following syntax now: [msg arg.0=`$CGI->{ui_type}`]Create new
      localize menu
      [L]'s added to header
      added strings for new traffic statistics
      keep in touch with latest changes
      resetting visit number on every line caused dubious percentages on pages
      revive USE_FOUNDATION handling in interchange-ui postinst to
      translation continued
      Use $Vend::Cfg->{DefaultLocale} as fallback locale. The UI destroys
      mike's latest change documented
      continued to document assorted changes
      Allow multiline values for [scratch mv_data_enable].
      Allow multiline values for [scratch mv_data_enable].
      continued translation
      merged changes 2.16 vs
      merged changes 2.48 vs
      merged changes vs
      bumped up version number
      2003 updates
      Remove Vend::Server::http_log_msg which is only called for SOAP accesses.
      ignore CVS conflict files
      missing [L] tags
      added some of the recent changes
      translation update
      Japanese UI translation update from Murahashi <murahashi at ayayu.com>
      continued translation
      explanation for interchange wrapper added
      use 250 characters for price/wholesale similar to MySQL
      display the parsing error message instead of the locale settings
      Add missing space to SQL query in Interchange 4.8 options.
      missing string wrapped in [L] tags
      display an error message if for whatever reason the regions directory is
      fix problem with invalid cookie if FullUrl is enabled and there is no path, e.g.
      missing timed-build tag added
      allow date_widget to display/store empty value if called as date_blank
      s/There were errors/The following errors occurred/
      recent changes documented
      no DNS lookups for SOAP calls unless HostnameLookups is set
      Add locale option to [convert-date] following a suggestion from
      stray double-quote removed
      prepared some error messages for translation
      check for existence of binary first
      ensure proper string for SQL if date is blank
      use DefaultLocale for [LC] if [scratch mv_locale] is empty
      adjusted layout to foundation look&feel
      i18n continued
      ensure that we stay in https space even on a bounce
      translation update
      updated with recent changes
      removed duplicate table-editor option
      display top buttoms if option notable is set
      i18n preparation continued
      i18n continued
      prepared for translation
      add component/template names so people can easily relate them to
      i18n preparations
      fix problem with "Combined category field" type reported by Michael Streubel
      add recent changes
      missing addAttr and $opt variable added
      replace hardcoded table name
      use positional variable for filter, remove include artifact
      added selection of configuration options to POD
      exclude HTML code from message subject to translation
      stray %s from last commit removed, added ; to encoded ]
      one more string prepared for translation
      documented last changes
      ensure Unix lineends
      bounce back if no user is selected
      weed out duplicates in ui_data_fields originating from bad metadata,
      ensure that form carries session id
      i18n initialization added
      fix call to errmsg
      i18n support and page title improved
      translation continued
      updated with survey dot files
      display columns in the same order as in the columns parameter
      dangling i18n support added
      added latest security patch, added a new security section
      added missing usps_query UserTag, rerun make manifest moves META.yml
      found two problems with set_slice:
      sanity check on key name to avoid imports in wrong file format
      documented a number of recent changes
      switch to gettext-based debconf templates (port from stable)
      added French translation of debconf templates (Closes: #242771,
      obsolete file removed, *.docs are in charge now
      install all WHATSNEW files as documentation
      bumped up version number
      added note about foundation demo and secure webserver
      removed unused variable, thanks to John Young <john_young at sonic.net>
      missing [L] tags added, thanks to Davor Ocelic <docelic at mail.inet.hr>
      conditionally displays handling now (instead of shipping once or twice),
      fixed some minor issues with the wording etc.
      added German translations for two UserDB messages
      Void mv_form_profile on changing shipping country in account page
      EFSNet payment module added
      avoid distribution of automatically generated META.yml
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      test_code page prepared for translation, German translation added
      Escape HTML tags within ITL test code output.
      Added te editor for tab-delimited files (Closes: #132757)
      missing <p> tag added
      merge 5.1.1 changelog entry
      translation added
      continued translation of Debconf templates
      SOAP server selection wasn't recorded in settings.cfg
      Customer Mailing added to edit permissions page.
      Display "New item" in the HTML title of the item editor for new items.
      avoid distribution of patch remnants
      merged changes 2.17 vs
      merged changelog entry from latest stable release
      different path for catalog files
      removed first of duplicate get_names method, thanks to Davor Ocelic
      added missing if, found by Davor Ocelic <docelic at mail.inet.hr>
      fixed wrong SocketPerms in POD
      filter_value isn't imported in this context
      don't put dummy variables into the session
      continuing documentation of 5.3 features
      initial effort to replacing foundation with standard catalog in Debian packages
      a selection of new entries
      pick up another message
      Add table to [import] error message.
      fix typo
      removed "feature" that  translate Interchange tags embedded in
      Update of Italian UI translation thanks to Marco Mescoli
      Controlling Interchange (add,remove,jobs) doesn't stop despite of a
      Let demo catalog removal always succeed (Closes: #256093)
      log different error message if multiple records found for given username on
      added catalog directory to global status file to allow service scripts to
      added TaxInclusive directive to display prices with salestax
      added question for DBMS backend
      Create directory for static HTML files and grant it to the
      introduce aliases for global filters and remove dubious next
      added new vars_and_comments filter to replace variables in arbritrary chunks
      added new vars_and_comments filter
      moved filter aliases to corresponding filter files, use similar
      for whatever reason time_to_seconds isn't working in the global directives,
      changes to [jsq], [jsqn] and [image] documented
      new Ezic module documented
      area and cat tables are no longer used
      continued translation
      added menu item to switch between languages
      added a couple more translations
      uc and lc filters are now working according to the current locale, e.g.
      workaround for queries like
      add missing [L] around BUY NOW string
      translation continued
      pass db to avoid crashes within Shadow module
      made error more verbose
      removed stray </FONT> tags
      added column definitions for locale variants of products database
      new UI template for printing administration pages
      allow selection of RDBMS for demo catalog
      remove configuration snippet for demo catalog on deinstallation
      missing [L] tags added, thanks to Joachim Leidinger <jojo at leidinger.net> for
      German translation for "Check Out" added
      missing [L] tags, thanks to Joachim Leidinger <jojo at leidinger.net> for the
      another variable to pass database name (see precopy_commands)
      quell numeric output from first calc section
      require TestPayment payment module to allow orders from demo catalog
      stay in secure mode when skipping this page (thanks to Andrew Rich
      used shorter method as suggested by bug submitter
      fix problem with unqualified call to interpolate_html
      fix typo
      fix wrong variable name in widget documentation
      added missing [L] tag, thanks to Joachim Leidinger <jojo at leidinger.net>
      check whether Apache2 is available and ask user for preferred webserver, exit on real debconf errors
      use new method to build this package with threaded Perl
      replaced foundation with standard, hint about building from CVS added
      lowercase HTML tags as suggested by jojo
      remove /etc/interchange/init.cfg on purge
      fix currency for Germany
      suppress messages about missing fields for the sake of non-standard database
      consider FullURL setting for demo catalog
      use status 404 if no corresponding catalog has been found for SOAP access
      added dependency to Set::Crontab
      run autoend macro at the end of each job to complement autoload like for
      fix bug with duplicate column header, visible in order status UI page
      Reverted last patch to make indirect_login work with auto-created users.
      added dbh method
      get_slice method added
      added missing file - need my menus back
      display error if pricing table is missing
      added extra parameter to allow customization of HTMLAREA
      added Set::Crontab to list of required modules
      help users on imports to locate offending rows
      prevent bouncing out of secure server
      Swish setting added
      Debconf question about debug mode removed
      swish setting added, show which settings can be changed via debconf
      merged changes vs
      sarge has been released
      remove configuration snippet for foundation
      crontab script added
      preparing first experimental build of interchange
      trackdb option added to keep track of your jobs
      workaround for shadow tables and dbh method
      first release of CVS snapshot into experimental distribution
      check if swish command is available
      install te manual page as well
      added global variable as default for Swish command - AddDirective isn't yet
      keep user input for checkboxes with multiple answers
      relative_filename order check added
      split out email_only order check
      split out exists order check, don't ditch message from OrderCheck routine
      date_blank widget: fixed wrong quoting
      fix garbled subject if reply is set, the newline is important
      new order check natural for natural numbers
      fix typo
      new upstream release fixing menu editor bug (Closes: #335012)
      custom error messages for _ format routines were accidentally suppressed
      preparing for new release
      added flypage SpecialSub according to the discussion on interchange-core in
      split out filter and unique order checks
      added Czech translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #315878, thanks
      target release will be unstable for 5.3.2
      fixed typo in German translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #313769,
      added Greek UI translation from Gert van der Spoel
      tracking new unstable branch of Interchange sources
      [formel] calls [display] on unknown types.
      merged changes 2.261 vs
      merged changes 1.6 vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes 2.64 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      [save-cart] keeps cart if userdb returns with an error.
      Fix UserDB login issues within embedded Perl by using
      new job group db with export job to export databases offline for backup
      Remove odd formatting from --add entry in interchange manual page
      merged changes vs
      add help text to template before calling [display]
      recognize password as known type
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 1.3 vs
      remove deprecated fck widget as in 5.4 branch
      first check if table name in SQL query is a valid Interchange database
      fix unmatched [msg] tags found by Steve Graham
      added one more message from userdb (password and check value)
      added Dutch text for new item provided by Gert van der Spoel
      get rid of spurious semicolons
      log message about empty job at catalog level
      moved 0 in proper column, added descriptions for Language menu, based on a patch from Gert van der Spoel
      region is now geographical region for all countries
      increase size of name field so that all country names fit, patch from Gert van der Spoel
      varchar(255) makes much more sense as default type than char(128), columns
      improved spacing, new page is longer sticking directly below title bar
      simplify utilization of GlobalSubs for Config parse routines, now we can do:
      added German translation for front page info
      get rid of price_picture, introduced int_currency_symbol and use HTML euro symbol
      use new display option for report
      missing [L] tags
      add [L] tags
      fix weird error with missing frac digits in UI typically caused by missing
      breakout always_pass order check
      removed unused filters tag, get rid of pesky META.yml
      ensure that TrackFile is a relative path to catalog root
      revert parser change for TrackFile, loophole should be solved within logData
      complete mapping of Swish-e auto properties
      document three recently removed directives
      mitigate ambigious usage of mv_base_directory
      fixed wrong code - usual copy&waste problem
      use email ordercheck in common order profile for email address
      merge date_change/date_change_null filters, code supplied by Jon Jensen
      discard tag, use common indenting
      don't consider missing matches as search error
      frames code has been removed from Interchange a long time ago,
      merged changes 1.2 vs
      merged changes 2.29 vs
      merged changes 2.10 vs
      merged changes 2.21 vs
      merged changes 1.2 vs
      merged changes 1.3 vs
      merged changes 1.5 vs
      merged changes 1.3 vs
      merged changes 2.5 vs
      merged changes 2.4 vs
      new DiscoverCard logo provided by Steve Graham
      avoid ambiguity between two time formats
      avoid unwanted expansion of array in the case we have PREFER_NULL fields and
      added Vend::Swish2 module provided by Brian Miller <brian at endpoint.com>
      apply mv_base_directory change from Swish.pm
      get rid of futile Windows newlines
      log errors for custom search module initialization errors,
      check mv_field_names vs available properties to avoid crashes later on
      add missing autoproperty, map custom properties by their name
      removed cruft
      allow specification of one additional include directory for modules like
      path to swish-e modules can now be specified with Require module
      Added process ID to "Run jobs" and "Finished jobs" log messages for better
      Avoid cluttering global log file with job run messages.
      made output of modified date compatible to old Swish module
      date_format is now configurable
      merged changes vs
      added job flagging to allow better job control, especially from within the catalog, main purpose is to safely continue jobs caught by timeout
      include new flag_job system tag
      terminate search if mv_min_string condition isn't met
      documented change in DbSearch.pm
      map_inet_socket is used by SOAP server as well, so we need to include the
      call autoflush only if we need to, further examination of the problem
      merged changes 1.11 vs
      removed redundant mkdir in count_ip(), get_filename() takes care of that
      configuration file might be missing on a erroneous install
      introduced dbconfig-common for configuring database (work in progress)
      more verbose error message for missing special page
      enclose job(s) execution in an eval to catch any fatal errors
      log error before removing flag to preserve error text
      email addresses with more than one at sign are certainly invalid
      use appropriate UI class
      fix broken banner, msg tag needs to be interpolated
      introduced joiner option for old_simple menus without iterator
      page banner change documented
      documented [sql-quote] fix
      really log name of non-existent database
      New validchars option to customize valid characters for usernames.
      fixed spurious $ from previous commit
      added missing files for CVV support
      New NetBilling payment module contributed by Peter Ajamian.
      avoid formatting of missing dates
      description is present only if StoreDescription has been enabled
      Return proper SOAP error to the client instead of disclosing our faults.
      separate title from banner, links in <TITLE> are ugly
      preserve existing debug value
      added missing [L]'s, patch provided by Jure Kodzoman
      moved "Test code" entry to stable, as this fix will be released with that
      discard further checks if credit card number is missing,
      fix completely broken error handling (no check, incorrect display)
      remove outdated ui_version lines
      documented last change from Kevin
      merged changes vs
      added missing round.filter
      passthrough convert and display parameters
      switch to currency parameters analogous to subtotal and total-cost
      Fixed case-insensitive searches for different locales.
      acknowledge LocaleChange CodeDef directive
      strip trailing whitespace from profile name in order to avoid errors
      preserve currency locale settings in a different repository set up at config time, fixes Debian bug #397750
      add DSN to error message
      get rid of configuration specific to a single developer
      fixed unbalanced ParseVariables directives
      translate columns in get_slice method (columns in other databases aren't
      fix misspelling
      fix German currency settings, drop price picture
      German currency test added
      added test case for switching currency back and forth (#397550)
      allow to specify width/height for fckeditor as suggested by Paul Jordan
      config function for fckeditor flavour (patch by Paul Jordan)
      merged changes vs
      educate ruthless page wiping out user input on errors
      fix broken link for bouncing authenticated users
      Vend::SQL_Parser required LIMIT clause to be lowercase when it should be
      merged changes 2.21 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.8 vs
      merged changes vs
      split off Serbia and Montenegro
      show errors only if they are originating from this page
      show errors only if they are originating from this page (second occurrence)
      new TrackDateFormat configuration directive
      Fix [on-match]/[no-match] for loop lists without matchlimit generated from
      issue error message if subroutine for PREFIX-exec is missing
      adjusted Debian packaging to robots.cfg change
      merged changes vs
      foo actionmap has been removed
      removed unnecessary source of debconf library, fixes #416601
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      new match check documented
      added new email module
      throw an error if autoconfiguration fails, including error message from DBI
      get rid of the logfile problem, even if this solution doesn't look that
      changelog entries from 5.4 branch added
      merged changes 2.11 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      removed packaging files for libapache-mod-interchange
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      allow highlighting only if required modules are present
      stop mangling of UTF-8 characters (#58)
      logrotate configuration file generator job added, intended to help fixing #5
      consider jobs log file as well
      preparing for anticipated development release
      removed db_stop call from interchange-ui's postrm script
      consistent usage of "No records" string (#43)
      Superfluous Vend::Interpolate::sort_cart function removed (#70).
      record bugnumber for RT #70
      lcfirst/ucfirst filters added
      remove duplicates (#87)
      set_slice: skip updates on existing records when we have only key columns
      set_slice now skips updates on existing records when we have only key
      cleanse option now also works with composite keys (#98)
      documented fix for cleanse option (#98)
      switched from dh_movefiles to dh_install
      Avoid crashes on table export if data contains Interchange tags (#100).
      Allow parameters passed to jobs, acknowledges --email commandline option
      Added --oknodo option to start-stop-daemon for restart action in the
      delay server started message as long as possible
      update for patches according #46
      catalog status file removal documented (#95)
      missed a part of the patch to enable --email commandline option
      Pass applylocale option into Vend::Form::options_to_array in order to
      create link programs with --nostrip option to support nostrip build
      documented members_only fix
      fixed typo in Help
      update version numbers for release
      ui-version updated
      no longer needed
      Removed MV_DOLLAR_ZERO workaround for a bug fixed 5 years ago.
      removed interchange.conffiles Debian maintainer script
      updated French translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #440784,
      fix error in German translation of Debconf templates
      dependency on adduser added
      use type error for wrong Debconf input
      use colon style for Debconf questions
      use lowercase HTML tag for <caption>
      applied localization patch from Rene Hertell (#118)
      removed spurious m in exmample
      add missing r in configurations, thanks to Jure
      remove obsolete dependencies
      Copy option hash to avoid messing with caller's data
      added scratch option to save returned content into a scratch variable
      add abbreviation of --restart to --help output
      avoid duplicate entries
      fixed copy&waste introduced with last commit
      [get-url] scratch option documented
      Removed inoperative WellsFargo payment module.
      Log missing order reports.
      remove unfinished relict from ancient MiniVend times
      Force email notification of errors, can be prevented with ignore_errors
      document latest change from Mark Johnson
      replace pathetic regex usage with simple code
      respect new "charset" parameter for [email], allows sending UTF-8 emails
      prevent email headers like Attach: HASH(0xc643078)
      better solution to implement charset option for [email]
      specify default character set with MV_EMAIL_CHARSET variables
      fallback mode implemented for missing MIME::Lite module
      fix typo
      Recognize "cc" and "bcc" headers in Route settings for emails generated
      fixed missing colon
      fix debug statement
      Apache 2 is now default webserver for Debian packages.
      Avoid multiple identical cookies (#150).
      Job server displays catalog and job name in $0.
      applied patch from Rene Hertell to localize search string error messsage (#157)
      issue proper error message on missing default locale instead of the dreaded
      config_error can be called after we left the context of a configuration file
      Display modified date on Saved Carts / Recurring Order page in a human
      Added missing dbconfig-common hooks and set defaults for database name and
      Renamed catalog_init SpecialSub to request_init to accommodate for a hook
      added note for SpecialSub name change
      we can now force global jobs into catalogs, e.g. for maintenance jobs
      document Jobs UseGlobal change
      added LSB dependency info to init scripts (Closes: #469718, thanks to
      Fixed invalid JavaScript generated by the button tag (#135)
      Quell threaded perl warning for 5.8.8 and above.
      added Finnish translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #471687,
      use UTF-8 charset
      added missing dependency on libc
      allow build with threaded perls > 5.8.8
      no black magic needed anymore to build with threaded Perl
      don't ignore errors on make clean
      just check version number and don't require it
      removed incomplete POD documentation which provided more typos than
      fix section in interchangeconfig/te manual pages
      updated Russian translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #472684,
      lintian fix: add copyright holders
      added Dutch translation of Debconf templates (Closes: #474696,
      Fail gracefully on bad searches (#164).
      remove default charset, effectively disabling UTF-8 by default until we
      Added Getitcard payment module
      updated copyright date
      added overlooked addition of BounceReferrals directive
      Avoid crash on non-hashes in Filter directive. Logging isn't enough
      build dependency on po-debconf added
      Business::UPS module has been removed
      new upstream release
      replace old Swish implementation with new one
      fix package name
      merged changes 2.86 vs
      merged changes vs
      changes from non-maintainer upload
      merged changes vs
      bump version number
      removed duplicate LSB init section
      merged changes 2.2 vs
      relocate isbn order check to code/OrderCheck
      [run-profile] removes automatically generated profiles only.
      ISBN-13 support added
      remove trailing whitespace from text file headers
      notes added
      accidentally committed the wrong file, removing debug code
      simplify codde which fixes also #209
      document fix for #209
      refined error message for missing actions.
      Under rare cases the missing search can fall through in a block below, which
      log recent change to Vend::Interpolate
      Vend::Interpolate::interpolate_html returns undef on undefined input text.
      scratch attribute added to [capture-page] to store the resulting page in a
      lines attribute added to [nitems] to show the number of lines in the shopping
      match up parentheses
      made [capture-page] aware of mapped output (#197, #226).
      fixed typo
      SQLite support added for standard demo
      merged changes 2.100 vs
      * Refining searches with properties in Swish search:
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      update for upcoming release
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 1.1 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      updated changelog from stable version
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      Enable catalog usertags within dispatch routines.
      SpecialSub order_missing added (#221).
      document recent tax_category commit from Mike
      merged changes 2.44 vs
      merged changes 2.51 vs
      merged changes vs
      merged changes 2.19 vs
      merged changes 1.14 vs
      [run-profile] now accepts ref attribute to check an arbitrary hash.
      Allow custom error messages for email_only check.
      Added empty attribute for [convert-date] to display a custom string
      Added PaypalExpress payment module from Lyn St George <info at zolotek.net>.
      mention fix of table editor bug
      document Business::OnlinePayment changes
      merged changes vs
      merged changes vs
      Encoding and fallback for reading/writing files while in UTF-8 mode.
      update copyright date
      Removed spurious SQLite database configuration file.
      Fixed wrong URLs in language selection (#265)
      Allow file removal with uploadhelper widget (#180).
      compatibility fix for Perl 5.8.8
      get rid of HTML comments

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (22):
      removed unused parameters for shipping/subtotal/salestax
      Removed rarely used mass_setting admininstration page.
      Added job group name to error message on missing catalog.
      fixed crash occuring with empty AutoModifier
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://racke@git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange
      fixed typo
      Correct detection of broken getppid() for Perl 5.10.0 (RT #286)
      ISBN check can be advised to accept ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 numbers only.
      skip annoying warning if supplied charset only differs in character case
      Fixed cross site scripting exploit in account creation (#306).
      include strip_html filter into distribution
      change column settings analogous to Postgres ones (#307)
      added newline in order to suppress file and line output in error message
      UI: Keep ui_new_item present in the form (#31).
      pragma dml=strict appended to catalog_before.cfg in Debian
      check whether directory is allowed before, not after path expansion
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://racke@git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange
      fixed typos
      fixed permissions
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://racke@git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange
      documented David's fix for #258
      bumped up version number and date

Ton Verhagen (106):
      Added more translations.
      Changed from and reply-to email address to __EMAIL_SERVICE__
      Removed some superfluous code
      * Added new component 'news' to eg directory
      *** empty log message ***
      Removed dbconfig and replaced by dbconf.
      Added missing wildcard character in cp -r command and fixed some typos
      Delete wrongful named directory dbconfig
      Added translations added.
      Added more translations.
      Added missing endtag </tr>
      Added more translations, on-going process.
      More translation strings added.
      Revision of 'Build menu tree from database table' section
      Added Results page selection via component.
      Added a new configurable results page component.
      Removed some code that caused table-organize
      Started localization of the foundation demo.
      Localization foundation cont'd
      Localization foundation demo cont'd
      Localizing foundation cont'd
      Localization foundation cont'd.
      Localization foundation cont'd
      Localizing foundation cont'd
      Continued effort translating foundation demo.
      Localization foundation cont'd
      More translation preparation foundation demo.
      More translations.
      Preparation for translation.
      Localization foundation cont'd
      More translations for foundation.
      More translations.
      Added missing quote.
      Some more preparations for translation.
      Fixed type in option name: parent_directory_message.
      Prepared region files for translation.
      Prepared region files for translation.
      Prepared more region files for translation.
      Prepared more region files for translation.
      Prepared more region files for translation.
      Prepared some special pages for translation.
      Modified update_locales so localization tags in
      Replaced all [L]...[/L] tags with [msg]...[/msg] tags
      Replace [msg] tags bij [L] tags in regions files.
      Aliased [L] tag to [loc]
      Modified include_form code on General Tab of item_edit page
      Added Levies to the 'show only' list.
      Fixed two small bugs in the levies routine.
      Cleaned up some html.
      Prepared pages for translation.
      Added some more translations.
      Added directory 'include' to list.
      Added missing quotes.
      More preparations for translating foundation
      Dutch translation files for foundation
      Added Dutch translation files.
      Preparing for Dutch translation.
      Added new filter: words
      Added missing 'next' statement in new filter words.
      Widget imagedir:
      Fixed errorneous call to list_images routine.
      Added missing table variable in db lookup for pref_group.
      Added missing user and password to SQL DUMP COMMAND.
      Allow wildchar(*) in Swish search spec.
      Added some translations.
      Added some much needed translations.
      Added translations.
      Added and improved Dutch translations.
      Made description of menu item 'Tables' a
      More Dutch translations cont'd
      Dutch translations continued.
      Translations cont'd.
      More i18n work.
      Some more i18n effort.
      Improved translation work.
      Localize missed page title.
      i18n cont'd.
      Last remaining spots localized for this page.
      More translations...
      Allow row_template for non database items.
      Commented out 'duplicate' assignment.
      Enable overall options when template is
      Fix proper reference.
      Renamed some parameters so they correspond with
      Remove superfluous <select>...</select> tags
      Add option to exclude individual products
      Correct misspelled words.
      Add code to tax_vat function to enable proper
      Variable MV_ROBOT_EXPIRE is obsolete.
      Renamed function tag_postal to calculate.
      Fixed dead links to account.html page.
      Added UPS support for countries ouside the US.
      Accidently nutralized part of Mike's previous commit.
      Add simple replacement filter of &euro; items
      Delete superfluous filter.
      Added a feature to the currency tag in order to display
      Apply Mike's patch:
      Added filter lspace2nbsp.
      Documented addition of lspace2nbsp filter.
      Added Net::SMTP support as per Peter's patch (Apr 29, 2005).
      Extended Net::SMTP support.
      Fixed problem with FCK Editor where it was only possible
      Allow rounding of negative numbers
      Added new tag: child_process.
      Make filter output valid code.



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