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David Christensen interchange-cvs at icdevgroup.org
Mon Jun 13 04:52:08 UTC 2011

The unsigned tag 'REL_5_7_7' was created.

Tagger: David Christensen <david at endpoint.com>
Date: Sun Jun 12 23:12:13 2011 -0500

    Release 5.7.7

Changes since the last tag 'DEB_5_7_6_2':

Daniel Browning (8):
      Document UserDB encryption method parameters in source code comments.
      Add salted md5 password support to UserDB.
      Promote UserDB encryption methods from anonymous subs to named methods.
      Enable case-insensitivity in UserDB for unencrypted passwords.
      UserDB password debug logging of marginal usefulness.
      Enable case-insensitivity in UserDB for indirect_login.
      Allow name="0" in Content-Disposition header.
      Disallow name="" in Content-Disposition header.

David Christensen (11):
      Move MYSQL_ENABLE_UTF8 to a connection-level attribute
      Add checks for MV_UTF8 in global variable space
      Remove extraneous "my" declaration which was causing unnecessary noise in the logs
      Add MSIE and Gecko UA strings to the default list of NotRobotUA patterns
      Fix encode_special_entities filter to prevent heredoc parsing error
      Additional missing EOL fixes
      Fix a bug in read_cookie's code path when using the single-arg form
      update WHATSNEW
      Improvements to the timed-display usertag
      add additional da.po file
      update copyright dates and version numbers for release

Gert van der Spoel (12):
      sorder field correction to match region settings
      Update WHATSNEW
      Change EI to IE to match the country.txt code for Ireland
      Update WHATSNEW
      Remove newline from errormessages to be able to parse locale of it
      Update WHATSNEW
      updating core and retired core
      Fix parsing TemplateDir at startup with multiple dirs on one line (RT# 318)
      Fix for processing GDBM files while using UTF8
      Updated WHATSNEW
      Reducing a warning message when using vlink.pl
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange

Greg Hanson (5):
      * Modify table editor to prevent double-increment of counter file
      Added line missed on 20100410 commit to allow selection of return route after adding new item via flex_editor
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://greg@git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange
      Allow country_select widget use with Autofill programs
      Add better ability to set file umask from various upload locations

Jeff Boes (1):
      Add BounceReferralsRobot directive

Jon Jensen (16):
      Add numeric ordercheck
      Rename numeric ordercheck to numeric_strict, and add laxer numeric check
      Added path_only attribute to the [area] tag
      Sync manifest
      Prevent internal server errors caused by very long X-Track response headers
      Disable UserTrack and TrackFile by default; add warning to traffic report
      Remove register link (RT #32)
      Allow image tag width and height attributes to override getsize
      Add new robot User-Agent http://panscient.com/
      Tolerate trailing space in US zip code in multizip profile check
      Trust only the last hop before a trusted proxy, when multiples exist
      Add new pragma url_no_session_id to suppress session IDs in generated URLs
      Keep using URL session ID & counter in admin
      Add new pragma cache_control to set HTTP Cache-Control response header
      Enhance TrustProxy to handle multiple chained proxies
      Remove outdated CVS tags

Josh Lavin (9):
      Fix CookieLogin for indirect_login
      Prevent user creation problems for UI orders when password from zip is not long enough or non-existent.
      Prevent bareword errors in email.tag when MINIVEND_DISABLE_UTF8 is set
      Prevent email.tag from sending plain-text emails as MIME
      Fixed typo in Cart.pm
      Add SearchToolbar to NotRobotUA in robots.cfg.
      Fix for image.tag when using makesize and extra parameters
      Option to allow Authorize.net's "hold for review" orders, via Fraud Detection Suite
      Fix bug in Cart.pm affecting prefixes on MaxQuantityField

Mark Johnson (2):
      Support PayPal billinginfo and useraction
      Test regex match in picture_format()

Mike Heins (6):
      Rely on DBI to provide quoting when necessary, prevent problems
      Use proper write ($WDBI) handle for deleting a record.
      Retract bad variable pulled from a branch.
      Fix problem with lookup_exclude discovered by Andrew Baerg, which
      Hard code UrlJoiner because changes to postprocessing for MV_HTML_4_COMPLIANT
      Change UrlJoiner variable call to work if it is set, or substitute

Peter Ajamian (13):
      prevent warning when label is undefined
      Give some sort of informative error message if we crap out loading the locale db
      Update WHATSNEW
      Allow sorting of forum entries.
      WHATSNEW entry for forum sort attribute.
      Don't try to optimize an or search where we don't have all the sql specs.
      Update WHATSNEW.
      Updated WHATSNEW
      Allow cutomization of "DO ANOTHER" HTML block in the table editor.
      Update WHATSNEW
      Fix typo
      Strip bad characters from affiliate source.
      Update WHATSNEW

Rok Ružič (3):
      Prevent [import] from using a temporary file for inline data.
      Prevent startup failures with environment variable MINIVEND_DISABLE_UTF8 set.
      UTF-8 enhancements for [email] tag.

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (34):
      new changelog entry for 5.7.6 release and Tie::ShadowHash dependency fix
      fixed detection of labels for [loop acclist=1] so 0 is recognized as label
      add description on FULL_URL setting to interchangeconfig's POD
      Fix misplaced =back in interchangeconfig's POD.
      Add filter for encoding HTML 2 special entities "&<>.
      Fix regression on formerly working ActionMaps with hyphen in ActionMap directive,
      Fix bug with composite keys and options in the $key argument in the
      Throw configuration error on missing database table while parsing AUTO_SEQUENCE directives.
      Keep Documentation and Version information out of server memory and structure files.
      Fix usertag override check silently ignoring usertag routines specified by MapRoutine.
      Print "...failed." on catalog configuration errors and remove duplicate error message.
      Add nodiscount attribute to [subtotal] tag.
      Add configuration time warning on overriding subroutines.
      Refrain from updating latest_subtotal session key on [subtotal nodiscount=1].
      Move initialization of UrlJoiner and UrlSplittor globals to global_directive_postprocess function.
      Prevent parser from eating false values in tag body (#341).
      Fix sorting by properties in Swish search.
      Merge branch 'DEB_SQUEEZE'.
      Add proper MIME headers for UTF-8 plain text emails.
      Ensure proper encoding for HTML data in [email] usertag.
      Fix crash in [email] tag with two attachments, e.g.
      Add preserve_times attribute to [cp] tag.
      Prevent [email] tag from crashing on missing attachments.
      Fix URL splittor when MV_HTML4_COMPLIANT is enabled.
      Update copyright date in Vend::Config module.
      Fix very slow redirects from within Autoload (RT #342).
      Add robot DotBot (http://www.dotnetdotcom.org/) to RobotUA.
      MSNBot has been renamed to BingBot. Thanks to Justin La Sotten for the report.
      Allow code references to be stored into the session depending on the
      Fix bug in [email] tag with reply and html attributes used in conjunction.
      Increase the ridiculously large number of SOAP_StartServers to 150.
      Ensure that &set always succeeds within a profile check.
      Fix [charge] to not populate $Vend::Session->{errors}{mv_credit_card_valid}
      Add entry to debian/changelog for upcoming 5.7.7 release.

Steve Graham (1):
      Fix for adding items to cart with options shows expired page message.

Ton Verhagen (1):
      Link parameters would be broken because of a spli on equal sign.

mike (1):
      Prevent possible SQL injection problem.

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