[interchange] Created tag REL_5_8_0

David Christensen interchange-cvs at icdevgroup.org
Fri Jul 19 17:09:21 UTC 2013

The unsigned tag 'REL_5_8_0' was created.

Tagger: David Christensen <david at endpoint.com>
Date: Fri Jul 19 12:08:53 2013 -0500

    Interchange 5.8.0 release

Changes since the last tag 'DEB_5_7_7_2':

David Christensen (6):
      Only apply GDBM filters if they are not already installed
      Revert "Only apply GDBM filters if they are not already installed"
      Force scalar context for is_yes and is_no
      Update WHATSNEW, copyright, version in preparation for new IC 5.8.0 release
      MANIFEST updates
      stamp release date

Greg Hanson (1):
      Added ID attribute to "pseudo" state dropdown so both actual state value and display can be updated via jquery

Jon Jensen (12):
      Add new database configuration attribute PREQUERY.
      Update credit card type detection
      Fix rare error with DowncaseVarname handling of GET/POST parameter names
      Ignore build files from newer Perl versions
      Extend PREFIX-include to work in hash-based loops
      Increase size of socket read for much better performance
      Add simple tag to generate user-friendly passwords
      Fix broken ContentEditor references to missing lexical $table
      Show Digest::SHA status in UI's Administration > Perl Information tab
      Expand on Interchange 5.8 upgrade notes
      Add emacs major mode for ITL
      Minor tweaks to upgrade notes

Josh Lavin (9):
      Eval the Encode::PERLQQ module, to avoid errors when it and Encode are not present
      Fix logging messages for Jobs so ErrorDestination can redirect them
      Set MV_PASSWORD cookie to be secure if set from a secure page
      Keep logic of 'defined' for commify filter, so [filter commify.0] works.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange
      Add new DBI sub, foreign_hash().
      Allow setting of 'HttpOnly' on cookies, using Pragma. Patch by Mike Heins.
      Update Payflow payment module.
      Allow passing params to error tag, which are replaced (same functionality as [warnings]). Useful for localization.

Justin La Sotten (1):

Lele (1):
      Update README

Lyn St George (3):
      Update Worldpay payment module to version 1.0.2.
      Add Cardsave payment module.
      Add HSBC payment module.

Mark Johnson (5):
      captcha refresh
      IC cache busting for captcha refresh.
      New UserDB option for read-only attribute
      Support for multiple lib paths from ENV
      Increase SEO value of more links.

Mike Heins (13):
      * Allow extra_fields to set and retrieve scratch values.
      * Remove extra line of code added when moving to git repository
      * Add enclair_db option to UserDB.pm. Allows logging of enclair password
      * Don't autovivify @fields, even if prior bug fix stopped
      * Back out previous change, exists for array is deprecated in
      * Don't autovifivy @fields array entries.
      * Add check to make sure tag won't die if hash reference is
      * Add routine that selects sha1_hex filter routine based on which
      * Use Vend::Util::SHA1 in UserDB.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange
      * Remove redundant checks for SHA module.
      * Add short description of files needed to install for distribution
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.icdevgroup.org/var/git/interchange

Peter Ajamian (7):
      Resolved ticket #328: MV_SESSION_ID broken with IPv6
      Fix regexp from recent commit.
      BUGFIX: Setting LOG_ERROR_CATALOG to 1 actually prevents logging to catalog
      Removed unused code from Menu.pm
      New "rawsort" attribute, fixed sort attribute whitespace problem.
      Allow gift certificates to be counted correctly as one item by [nitems] tag.
      Fix bug where hash keys are not properly escaped in uneval.

Peter Motschmann (1):
      Embed Safe 2.07 into Vend::Safe to avoid various problems with recent versions of Safe.

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (35):
      Merge branch 'DEB_5_7_7'
      Fix undeclared variable in standard's ncheck_category subroutine.
      Update to PaypalExpress 1.1.0, requires Date::Calc now.
      Fallback to credentials without sandbox_ prefix and fail properly if credentials are incomplete.
      Revert part of last commit not intended to go into the repository.
      Add DEFAULT_PAYMENT_MODE variable to standard's variable database.
      Apply fixes to German translation and add a few missing [L] tags.
      Remove PriceDivide from standard's locale database.
      Fix displayed price on stock_alert_added page.
      Add optional default for customer's country to standard's catalog.cfg.
      Enable UTF-8 in standard catalog.
      Show test order link on standard's front page only if MV_DEMO_MODE is set.
      Add missing [L] tags to standard's order pages.
      Apply fixes and updates to German translation for standard store.
      Fix cart title in standard's cart_display component.
      Fix typo in Vend::Payment::BusinessOnlinePayment's POD.
      Fix handling of extra_query_params in Business::OnlinePayment wrapper.
      Add tree-master attribute to [menu] tag.
      Add link-target attribute to [menu] tag.
      Fix hardcoded path to order counter file in standard's log_transaction.
      Revert accidentally committed Vend::Menu change.
      Fix undeclared variables in meta editor admin page.
      Remove undeclared @errors variable from order_delete_archive UI include file.
      Fix lookup string used for login failures in standard's locale database
      Add [L] tags to standard's receipt.
      Use more appropriate German translation for total cost.
      Use proper content type for HTML only emails.
      Replace broken check for Encode in [email] tag by looking at MINIVEND_DISABLE_UTF8 environment variable.
      Pass through AllowNote parameter to PayPal.
      Allow to override item tax calculation with tax value in $Items as tax rates may vary between items.
      Suppress error message in [assign] when using the documented behaviour of passing an empty string.
      Ensure that we use a UTF8 locale for strftime in [convert-date] tag.
      Encode contents of html attribute properly if email body is empty.
      Relax regular expression for UTF8 locale used in [convert-date] tag.
      Use Vend::Safe instead of vanilla Safe in UI::Primitive.

Steve Graham (2):
      enforce integer weights when writing to ups_cache database
      Add optional cache exprire variable as pointed out here: http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2003-June/033985.html

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