[interchange-i18n] How to start with Japanese translations?

Interchange User inter at myoccasion.com
Sat Sep 7 14:33:01 UTC 2002

Hi, I'm new to this need to translate our site to display Japanese 
(ie, text description and all) for both the public store and the 
admin module.  Like to know how I can kick-start in equipping myself 
with these knowledge, esp in the following areas:

1) What are the major steps to kick-start?  I assume the following:
	- add UI_LOCALE in ui.cfg
	- edit locales/ja_JP.cfg accordingly to all the English text we're 		
Is that it?  Am I in the right track?

2) I saw in admin/login.html that we need to add UI_LOCALE in ui.cfg 
for the language selection list box to appear at the admin login 
screen.  I've tried adding this line to ui.cfg (I'm using v4.8.5):

Variable UI_LOCALE       ja_JP

but still the selection box did not appear.  Is that the correct way?

Much thanks for any pointers!!

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