[interchange-i18n] Locale Directive in 4.9.x

Kirill Sapelkin znanie at rawbw.com
Wed Apr 9 18:17:00 UTC 2003

Hello Racke,

Still can't get shadow specs to work for me.  Archive search did not
yeild up any docs for me.

> However, I found a bug in the Shadow module, please upgrade to the attached
> one (latest CVS). With that, you can use:
> Database specs specs.txt TAB
> Database specs MAP detail ru_RU rdetail
> I tested that, but needed to add keys to my specs database file, otherwise on
ly one
> column will be displayed.
As an experiment I made a plain vanilla 4.9.7 DBM tools catalog, added

Database specs specs.txt TAB  #TAB is uppercase "T" "A" "B"
Database specs MAP detail ru_RU rdetail

to catalog.cfg, added 

[setlocale locale=ru_RU persist=1

to pages/index.html.  Replaced nl_NL with ru_RU in
products/locale.txt.  Doctered products/specs.txt as follows:

code	sku	sort	header	detail	rheader	rdetail
	os28069	000	Case material	çainted Steel	íÁÔÅÕÒÉÁÌ	óÔÁÌØ
	os28069	000	Hinge material	Galvanized
	os28069	000	Latch material	Stainless Steel
	os28069	000	Height	14"
	os28069	000	Width	24"
	os28069	000	Depth	10"

The effect that I get is as if no changes were made.  On screen we
Case material and çainted Steel.  It's not looking at the rdetail

So that's all I did.  Similar changes to products work fine.
Switching files from one to the other as in:

Database products ru_RU rproducts

does not work, neither in DBM or in mysql:dbi.

I'm may be missing some configuration somewhere. That's why I tried
the experiment above.  I like 4.9.7 because of the extensive
locale.txt but I would switch to another version to get Shadow to

Thanks for all your help.

--Kirill Sapelkin znanie at rawbw.com

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