[interchange-i18n] Thanks Racke

Kirill Sapelkin znanie at rawbw.com
Sat Apr 26 14:48:01 UTC 2003

>> thanks for help me in change mi currency works fine, but how can i change=
>>  mi
>> language to spanish,=0D
>Look at products/locale.txt.  It is a tab delimited file.  The top
>line is locale codes and the rest of the lines are some settings in
>different languages.  So if two tabs over is Spanish, put all of your
>Spanish text in the column two tabs over.  


I forgot to say:  It seems that the products/locale.txt in interchange
4.9.7 has many more lines (over 400) than 4.9.6.   Though I've just
started working on it, it seems to me, that  most of a Spanish page
could be done right there, in locale.txt. 

>The icdevgroup site has "Interchange I18N Features", it explains the
>language set up.  It deals with locale database in paragraph 1.6.  
>> i got to transalate the html pages?, =0D
>Perhaps in some places.  Maybe the Comment.
>> can be done automatic?=0D
>No,  but it's probably not to hard.
>> and where i can found images in spanish?=0D
>> =0D
>> thanks god bless you!!!=0D
>Good luck.
Kirill Sapelkin
znanie at rawbw.com

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