[ic] Just ported to Interchange from Minivend 4.04

Mikel Smith granola@maserith.com
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 10:25:01 -0700

The install went smoothly.  Sample stores work fine.

I'm migrating an old store that was based on the 'simple' example.  I
went through the new configuration file and synced it up with the old
one, migrated over the 'pages' directory and the database.  Also the
changes that were made in the 'config' directory.

The store comes up fine and everything appears to work (including the
new admin interface), but when I try to 'checkout' after building a
shopping cart, I get the following:
/cgi-bin/safaristore/process.html Runtime error: Can't use an undefined
value as an ARRAY reference at /www/interchange/lib/Vend/Interpolate.pm
line 4774.

I'm looking through the different files I can think of and getting
nowhere.  Any ideas on where to look for this problem?  Since initially
seeing the problem, it has cropped up in a few other places as well
(Orders and Customers links in the admin interface).

Any help appreciated.