[ic] Configuration - MySQL login fails during install

Humberto T Reyes htreyes@earthlink.net
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 12:22:11 -0700


Is your mysql on the same box or a different one?

Are you able to connect to mysql using the basic client?

It looks like you may not have given the proper access in Mysql--take a look
at that and see if it helps.

Good Luck,


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I got Interchange 4.5.5 on a Mandrake 7.1, Perl 5.005, MySQL 3.22.23.
It's installed under a user other than nobody, and during the creation of
mysql file it cannot login. I've tried a normal user and root with the name
and password but never been able to create the sql file.

Though if I do it manually sql runs fine.

I go to my install dir /usr/local/minivend and run bin/makecat.
During the configuration I use defaults. This is what I got:

 "Found system commands to run.

 "Since you selected the MySQL option, you need to create
 a database named "test_barry". In a default MySQL
 configuration, any user may create and drop and modify
 test_* databases, but some administrators disable this.

 "run "mysqladmin create test_barry"? ....[y]
 mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
 error: 'Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO)'

 "Command returned error code 1: No such file or directory

I'm out of ideas now. Does anyone know what's going wrong?


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