[ic] panting after the first stair-ramp

Marco Cacchiani marco@sirius.pisa.it
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 13:12:34 +0200 (CEST)

hi all,

After a lot of wandering finally I found MiniVend (InterChange), a really
impressive piece of software that I'm going to elect as standard for my
web-based e-commerce applications.

Honors to Mike Heins and Akopia, that let us have such a good tool.

The problem:

After downloading the software, in few minutes I managed to install it on
one of my linux boxes and in less than one hour I could see the (not so)
simple catalog at work on the server.

But once the easy stuff was done I faced with the hard reality: MiniVend
is a really very-flexible/very-powerful tool (and this is a good thing)
but it is also a very-complex/very-hard-to-configure one.... and when I
started inspecting the (not so) simple catalog structure and leafing
through the 245 pages manual I got a little scared.

The (please) request:

What worries me most is that even the so said 'simple' catalog is a very
complex example.... It helps understanding the complex capabilities of the
software, but it is a really hard way to understand the essentials.

What I am (finally) asking is if someone can address me (and perhaps many
others in my situation) to any _really_ simple catalog to toy with.
Something really basic, where basic features aren't blurred by a complex
site structure or by elaborate HTML code, and where the databases are kept
at their very miminum.

Thanks to everyone who will help,
Hope I'll have my turn to help newbies in future :)


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