[ic] Java Servlet port of tlink or vlink

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 20:05:01 -0400

Quoting garyc@datacenterdirect.com (garyc@datacenterdirect.com):
> Howdy,
> I was wondering if there was an EJB or Java Servlet port of the
> tlink/vlink components of minivend?  Because of the need of a
> middle-tier application server for other things, running the cgi-bin
> component isn't doable, but connecting to the daemon from Java is...
> anyone have any thoughts?  Thanks!

If you know Perl at all, there is a tlink.pl which should give you
an idea of the protocol. The tlink.c will give the C version of
such a thing, and it would not be difficult to translate either.

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