[ic] multi-tiered item db?

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:01:20 -0400

Quoting Doug Alcorn (doug@lathi.net):
> I am setting up a site that has a somewhat complex item catalog
> (although I think it is fairly common).  Basically, the item
> categories have three tiers and the lowest level is common for all
> combinations of the upper two tears.  Specifically, we sell
> accessories for other products.  So product X from manufacturer Y will
> have an accessory of type Z.  In addition product A from manufacturer
> will have an accessory of type Z.  These two accessories are
> individual products and not compatible with the products from other
> manufacturers.
> So, what I really want to do is query the customer for what
> manufacturer and product they have and then limit their shopping to
> products that are compatible with that product.  I have already
> written the JavaScript to dynamically update a drop down list of
> products based on the selection in a drop down list of manufacturers.
> I need to have the html <body> tag call onload="initialize()".
> I figure if I add a table for manufacturers and another table for
> products where the products have a unique id then I just need some
> place on the item table to list which product it is compatible with.

Interchange allows you to add fields at any time; there should be
no side effects. You can structure it however you want....

> Would all of this require the modification of the interchange perl
> modules themselves, or can it be done within my catalog?  It seems
> like the admin UI would have to change to support these new fields on
> the new item page.  I would appreciate you experiences with similar
> type catalogs.  BTW, I grok perl/SQL fairly well.

No, the UI is flexible in that regard. You can set the Knar value
UI_ITEM_FIELDS to determine the fields to display in the item editor.
(UI_ITEM_BREAK determines where the lines between sections go, setting
the ui_break_before variable).

In addition, you can make flex_editor calls such as found in 

<A HREF="[area
		item_id=[loop-data userdb username]
		page_title=Customer: [loop-data userdb fname] [loop-data userdb lname]
		ui_data_fields=username company fname lname address1 address2 city state zip country email phone_day phone_night
		ui_return_to=mv_arg=[cgi customer]
	]"><u>[loop-data userdb fname] [loop-data userdb lname]</u></A>

This URL calls the database editor with the named fields in ui_data_fields.

At any time, you can copy pages from lib/UI/pages/admin into the pages/admin
in your own directory to make custom versions that override the distribution
ones. You only need copy the page you want to override; the rest are automatically
picked up from lib/UI/pages.

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