[ic] No "Image" and "Thumb" field

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 13:43:30 -0400

Quoting Samvel Kocharjan (samgk@mail.ru):
> Hi All.
> I just intalled IC on my system with both demo catalogs (Barry & Simple).
> When I try to add an item there aren't  image and thumb fields  in Simple
> configuration, but there are in barry config.
> What it can be? Help me plz.
> And one more.... What is the best way to add an items if i wanna to make it
> on windows system and upload to unix ready tables.

There is no thumb used in the "simple" demo. The image field should be just
as in barry if you replied "y" when asked whether a symlink should be added.

The symlink links the images direectory to
the catalog directory. On a default RedHat 6.x system installed from
RPM it would be done with:

	cd /var/lib/interchange/simple
	ln -s /home/httpd/html/simple/images .

Probably the best thing to do to remove "thumb" is to change the 
preferences value UI_ITEM_FIELDS and remove thumb. I think the 
default is

UI_ITEM_FIELDS	description image thumb comment size color sku price weight category

Just remove the "thumb".

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