[ic] panting after the first stair-ramp

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 14:37:00 -0400

Quoting Marco Cacchiani (marco@sirius.pisa.it):
> hi all,
> After a lot of wandering finally I found MiniVend (InterChange), a really
> impressive piece of software that I'm going to elect as standard for my
> web-based e-commerce applications.
> Honors to Mike Heins and Akopia, that let us have such a good tool.
> The problem:
> After downloading the software, in few minutes I managed to install it on
> one of my linux boxes and in less than one hour I could see the (not so)
> simple catalog at work on the server.
> But once the easy stuff was done I faced with the hard reality: MiniVend
> is a really very-flexible/very-powerful tool (and this is a good thing)
> but it is also a very-complex/very-hard-to-configure one.... and when I
> started inspecting the (not so) simple catalog structure and leafing
> through the 245 pages manual I got a little scared.
> The (please) request:
> What worries me most is that even the so said 'simple' catalog is a very
> complex example.... It helps understanding the complex capabilities of the
> software, but it is a really hard way to understand the essentials.
> What I am (finally) asking is if someone can address me (and perhaps many
> others in my situation) to any _really_ simple catalog to toy with.
> Something really basic, where basic features aren't blurred by a complex
> site structure or by elaborate HTML code, and where the databases are kept
> at their very miminum.
> Thanks to everyone who will help,
> Hope I'll have my turn to help newbies in future :)

There is the "basic" demo which can be found in the minivend 4
distribution, or now at:


Just copy the basic-demo-0.01.tar.gz to your system, untar in your
Interchange software directory (/usr/local/interchange, for example)
then run makecat and select "basic" as the template type.

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