[ic] tag loop-exec (not documented yet?) questions plus bug report.

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 14:47:40 -0400

Quoting Jonathan Clark (jonc@webmaint.net):
> Does anyone have any pointers on usage of the [loop-exec] tag?
> This is used in the barry catalogue to generate left and top links and does
> not appear to be documented at the moment.
> I need to be able to set the class= in the link depending on where the links
> are (left nav, right nav, etc).
> What does the bar_link attribute mean?
> I have been unsuccessful so far in finding references to it in the docs (and
> the minivend mailing list archives are currently off-line)
> Also, one to report. On a No Link type category entry, the tag produces a
> trailing </A>. Tested on IC 4.5.5 / Redhat 6.1 / bundle interchange

We will be documenting this soon.

Basically, [PREFIX-exec routine] allows you to call a compiled subroutine
inside a loop, item-list, search-list, etc. This is much faster than
using [perl] or [calc] regions. The routine can be defined inline:

	[PREFIX-sub bar_link]
	 # Put some perl code here

or be preloaded as a Sub in catalog.cfg.

The bar_link routine in use is in INTERCHANGE_ROOT/catalog_before.cfg.
If you copy it to your catalog.cfg and modify it, it will only apply
to your catalog while the other is still in force for others.

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