[ic] Setup Problems

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.net
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 18:03:15 +0100

>Done with installation. If my reading of your input is correct, you
>should be able to access the demo catalog with the following URL:
>        http://www.digitalvisionsentertainment.com/barry
>In any case, you should get direct access at:
>        http://www.digitalvisionsentertainment.com/cgi-bin/barry

your executable is /cgi-bin/barry/barry.pl

(which produces a 500 error)

giving that you have a cgi-bin, it should usually be /cgi-bin/barry

I suggest you run the install again and prepare your locations before hand
by reading the docs.

you could use the rpm - this sets up ic and creates the two demo catalogs
under the default server.