[ic] How to make changes take effect?

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
29 Aug 2000 05:10:35 -0400

I know this is a newbie question, but I can't find the answer in the
docs.  In fact, I'm really having trouble groking the whole layout of
all the files.

I'm trying to customize the banner bar with my own logos and stuff.  I
edited the config/logobar and changed the <img src="banner.gif"> to
<img src="mylogo.jpg"> after copying my logo to the images directory.
That didn't appear to do anything.  Then I remembered reading that
some changes won't take effect until after you restart the server.
So, I restarted the server and the banner still didn't change.

In fact, now I can't seem to get into my catalog.  I had created my
own catalog based on 'barry' and was able to get into it as both
administrator and a normal user session.  I was able to run the
administrator UI to add some pages and categories and stuff.  After
restarting, the error.log in the interchange directory says that the
'barry', 'simple', and my own catalog have been configured and started
up OK.  I also get the "START server" message in the interchange
error.log.  The error.log in my catalog directory doesn't have
anything except for messages about the changes done through the
administrator a few days ago.  The problem is that when I try to enter
the site off the index page or administer the site off the index page
I get an error message about the interchange server being down or the
traffic level is too high.  Of course, when I do a 'ps' on my box I
can see the miniven process with the same ID as in the
interchagne/error.log.  My httpd/access.log shows a successful page
with nothing unusual.  So, where can I find error messages about what
is going wrong?

While I'm asking newbie questions, I have one more.  What is the
general procedure for making changes to the whole site.  I want to do
stuff like make my own color scheme.  I see that there are settings in
the catalog.config file.  After editing those settings, should they
take effect after a server restart?  I'm really the server sys admin
and site design/html guy.  I would like to use XEmacs as much as
possible.  I expect the admin staff to use the UI for maintaining
products and prices after I get it all running.

Well, I lied before.  /This/ is my last question.  I made a page that
didn't include __RIGHTSIDE__, and the UI_CONTENT area doesn't extend
all the way to the right edge of the banner bar.  Is there an easy way
to fix this?

Thank you for your patients and answers.  It's humbling to be a newbie
 (__)  Doug Alcorn (mailto:doug@lathi.net - http://www.lathi.net)
 oo /  "It's too late for paradise"