[ic] routing with an old session freshly read in

Mathias Picker mathiasp@venus.virtual-earth.de
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 19:04:01 +0200 (CEST)

After my problems with reading in sessions successfully solved (thanks,
Mike and Stefan) , I now have the old session read in, and try to
process the order.


  my $safe = new Safe;
  my $sess_string = $Tag->file("tmp/$tempid");
  $Vend::Session =  $session_ref;

  if ($tempstatus eq "success") {
  	$Vend::Session->{'values'}->{'mv_order_report'} = "../etc/report";

 	my $MyCart =  $Vend::Session->{carts}->{main};
        my ($ok, $order_no);
        ($ok, $order_no) = Vend::Order::route_order(
	"main log copy_user",
  	# order_report, update_order_number, track_order, send_mail;

in a global user tag gives me an order with the correct items and
totals, but without customer information (address, shipping). Any hints
how to set this?

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