[ic] SOLVED: interchange server is not available

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
31 Aug 2000 01:30:58 -0400

Doug Alcorn <doug@lathi.net> writes:

> Can someone please give me something else to check?

There were three guys riding in a car: a mechanical engineer, an
electrical engineer, and a software engineer.  The car quits running,
so they pull it over to the side of the road.  The mechanical engineer
says, "This car is a mechanical creation, I will go take a look at it
and figure out why it isn't working."  So, he gets out, pops the hood,
and spends several hours to no avail trying to fix the problem.  

The electrical engineer says, "Look, there are a lot of circuitry in
this car.  Let me check and see if there something wrong with the
wiring."  So he spends several hours trying to troubleshoot the
electrical system of the car.

After a while the software engineer says, "Hey, I know! Let's all get
entirely out of the car and then get back in.  Maybe that will help." 

The moral of this story is that I deleted everything that had to do
with minivend in the univcell home directory.  I deleted all the
minivend stuff out of /home/http/cgi-bin and /home/http/html.  I
dropped the databases out of MySQL.  I purged as much stuff from
univcell that was related to minivend as I could think of.  I then
used bin/makecat to create the universal catalog from scratch.  What
do you know?  It works this time.
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