Christopher Saint-Amand csaint-amand@platform.net
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:16:11 -0400


What exactly is the CYBER_SECRET variable in the minivend configuration

I've got CyberCash setup and Interchange setup, but am still having trouble
integrating the two.  CyberCash gave me a "secret hashcode" but it's like a
25 length string of characters and numbers, which is very different from
"test-secret-fdc" and other things I'm seeing in examples that appear to be
financial institution identifiers.

I'm also getting this: error in my catalog error.log: bpb8KRwv: - [31/August/2000:14:14:44 -0500] bdub
in/bdub/process.html Fatal error on charge operation 'mauthonly': open2:
exec of
 #MCK_SHARED_DIR#MCKencrypt failed at
_2.pm line 405

I've followed the instructions and hints from other posts, but can't seem to
get past this...  Any help would be much appreciated.