[ic] Preference for Pricing Scheme?

Loy Ellen Gross design@iinc.com
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:55:18 -0500 (EST)

For you pricing gurus out there; I've done the basic research and am
looking for an experienced opinion:

I have around 400 items for sale (both kits and individual):

- Kit A contains one each of products X, Y and Z for $39.95

- Kit B contains one each of products W, X, Y and Z for $69.95

- Products W, X, Y and Z are also available individually at 
  various prices without the Kits: e.g. Product X: $14.95, etc.

- and also available as multiples after the initial Kit has been
  purchased, e.g. the first product X is included in Kit A, but a 
  second product X is $14.95 even with Kit A.

OK. I know I need Order Groups - not a problem. I can use 
[loop arg="[item-field related]"] to pull all items together and 
build the code on the fly for a one-click, multiple item order 
using something like: 
  <FORM ACTION="[process-target]" METHOD=POST>
  <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_todo VALUE=refresh>
  <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_group VALUE="1">
  <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_item VALUE="[item-code]">
  [loop arg="[item-field related]"]
    <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_item VALUE="[loop-code]">
  <INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Order Kit A">

Pricing: I know I can do this with CommonAdjust, using an attribute 
field "status" and setting that field based on which other products 
are in the cart... and I know I can do it on the fly with 
[discount [item-code]] perl here [/discount]. Perhaps there is even
a third way that I haven't found.

Are there any preferences among scriptors with experience? My thought 
is that since I'm going to have to drop to perl anyway to count 
the number of instances of items W,X,Y,Z in the cart that I 
might as well use discount. That may also stem from the fact that 
although I believe I understand CommonAdjust, I've never been able 
to actually get it working :-)

Performance issues? Legacy issues? Simplicity issues?

[Pie in the sky] Sample code?

Thanks much!

  -- Loy

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