[ic] Time out errors

Hans-Joachim Leidinger hans-joachim.leidinger@home.gelsen-net.de
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:47:24 +0100

Soheil Shaghaghi wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I just installed minivend software, and everything runs great, except a few
> problems I have been having.
> 1. I add new categories in the admin, and applied changes. They don't show
> up in the user section.
> 2. When I change something, and click on "Apply changes", 8 of 10 I get the
> following error message:
> "WARNING: Reconfiguration may have timed out."
> I looked at the log files, and see this message:
> "WARNING: POSSIBLE BAD ROBOT. 51 accesses with no 30 second pause."
> Can someone please tell me what I can do to fix these?
> Soheil
[DEL a lot of waste]

Are you using IE? I get this message (BAD ROBOT) often with IE. Try it
with NS.


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