[ic] Preference for Pricing Scheme?

Loy Ellen Gross design@iinc.com
Fri, 1 Dec 2000 10:32:14 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Nigel Hathaway wrote:

>It seems that you can also bundle products into order groups if you
>structure the shopping cart differently, but I couldn't work out what the
>documentation meant.  

I posted the code to do order groups. Unless someone tells me it 
won't work, I'm assuming that I got it right. I guess I'll find out 
in the next 48 hours :-) Each kit in my table has a field with 
comma-separated sku numbers: these are the items included in the kit. 
Looping through these skus with the loop arg tag and hidden fields 
as I posted should define custom kits, yes?

>2. Remove columns like 'colour' and 'size' from the products table and
>create a new field called 'options'. This contains either:
>(a) *, in which case the SQL query in the options returns all records for
>the matching sku, or
>(b) a comma-separated list of names, in which case the SQL matches the
>'name' column and NULL sku. (could do: name1=[opt1,opt2], name2=[optx,
>opty]... - this may be considered syntactically complex)

>From my understanding of CommonAdjust, this can be done, although
my experience with CommonAdjust is not favorable. But I think
something like CommonAdjust ==opt1:pricing; ==opt2:pricing where
you specify tables, columns and keys will do it???

>3. In the products table, remove 'wholesale', and make 'price' mean price
>code and not actual price.

This is also doable according to the documentation, by putting
the ==opt:table into the price field. Now I'm getting way over
my head, I think, but this may be what I'm looking for...

On the larger issue...

I know you are on the right track, but my problem is that I need
to do this in the next five days and I can't install a beta product
on a live server with paying clients. Not a Good Thing(tm) :-)

So I need assistance with the current product: given what is coming
out in future versions, are there any recommendations as to how to do 
both kit and item pricing that will be more or less compatible?

Really appreciate the input!

  -- Loy

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